XAT 2017 Question Paper (PDF)


XAT 2017 Question Paper with Answers – Get here solved question paper of Xavier Aptitude Test that was held in the year 2017. Candidates appearing for XAT or any other MBA entrance exam can prepare using previous year question papers of XAT exam, This question paper contains 72 questions in Part I and 25 questions in Part II. Further in Part I there are three sections namely A, B, C. The question paper is accompanied with answer key. MBA aspirants who are preparing for MBA Entrance Exams will be helped by the solved paper here for improving their preparations.

XAT 2017 Question Paper

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Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) 2017 question paper is available here after the exam has been conducted across all test centers. Candidates can prepare the XAT exam by preparing the Previous Year Question Papers. Click on the below link to get the solved Question Paper of XAT 2017.

Download XAT 2017 Question Paper with Solutions PDF Here , Click here to download XAT 2017 Question Paper.

XAT 2017 Question Paper with Solution PDF

XLRI XAT 2017 Question Paper

Exam pattern of XAT 2017

Check the Exam pattern of XAT 2017 from the below table.

Paper Section Subject Number of Questions Time
Paper I Section A Verbal and Logical Ability 24 170 minutes
Section B Decision Making Ability 21
Section C Data Interpretation and Quantitative Ability 27
Total in Paper I 72
Paper II General Knowledge 25 35 minutes
Essay 1
  • All questions are of equal marks. One-fourth of a mark is deducted for each incorrect answer.
  • Leaving a question unattempted results in a deduction of 0.05 mark. However, this deduction will not apply for a maximum of 12 unattempted questions. The negative marks for unattempted questions shall be deducted proportionately across the three sections.

Answer Key of above question paper of XAT 2017

Qs Ans Qs Ans
1 B 37 A
2 B 38 E
3 E 39 A
4 B 40 E
5 C 41 D
6 E 42 A
7 A 43 C
8 D 44 B
9 C 45 D
10 E 46 D
11 D 47 B
12 C 48 B
13 C 49 A
14 A 50 B
15 D 51 C
16 D 52 C
17 B 53 C
18 C 54 D
19 A 55 E
20 D 56 A
21 E 57 D
22 A 58 E
23 E 59 E
24 B 60 C
25 E 61 E
26 D 62 A
27 C 63 E
28 D 64 D
29 B 65 A
30 C 66 A
31 D 67 C
32 B 68 B
33 B 69 A
34 A 70 E
35 C 71 D
36 E 72 B

Answer Key of above question paper of XAT 2017 – GK Section

Qs Ans Qs Ans
1 E 14 A
2 B 15 A
3 B 16 D
4 E 17 C
5 D 18 D
6 B 19 A
7 E 20 C
8 B 21 D
9 B 22 A
10 E 23 A
11 D 24 E
12 B 25 C
13 C
  • General Knowledge marks would be used only for the final selection and not for shortlisting candidates for interview / GD.
  • Each question has five alternatives. Answer each question by darkening the appropriate bubble against the question number on the answer sheet. For example. if your answer to question number 1 is B, completely darken the bubble B against the question.
  • Mark all your answers only on the (OMR) answer sheet. Use the margin in the test booklet for rough work. No other piece of paper is permitted for rough work.
  • Use only blue or black ball point pen for marking answers on the OMR answer sheet. Do not use gel pens or ink pens.

Preparation Tips

Students preparing for XAT exam can prepare their exam by solving previous year papers. Previous year papers help the student to get idea about the exam pattern. Students must prepare the frequently asked questions first as they are most likely to be asked again in the exam. Previous Year Question Papers can help the students to get good score in exam.

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