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Great news for doctoral students looking to pursue their postgraduate research in Germany: the 2022 DAAD Scholarships applications are open. International students passionate about resolving pressing environmental issues, such as the degradation of natural resources, will be delighted to hear about this scholarship programme.

As part of the DAAD Graduate School Scholarship Programme, the United Nations University for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-FLORES) is offering a doctoral researcher opportunity for international graduate students to conduct research under one of three topic areas with the guidance of supervisors from UNU-FLORES and Technische Universitaet Dresden (TU Dresden).

For more information or to check if you’re eligible for these scholarships, read on:

DAAD Scholarships

UNU FLORES blends science with policy in their philosophy towards education — allowing their work to have a policy impact on the United Nation and its Member States. Source: Joe Klamar/AFP

UNU DAAD Scholarships 2022: Important things to know

Available research projects

Research projects under the DAAD Scholarship programme aim to facilitate UNU FLORES’s mission to resolve a global environmental issue: tackling sustainable use and integrated management of environmental resources in developing and emerging economies.

The first research project assesses the complexity and challenges facing food systems in rural agricultural areas affected by climate change. Students will develop and test a decision support framework to evaluate the sustainability of water reuse and biodiversity to reduce food provisioning risk.

The second research project will analyse the environmental, socio-economic and governance implications of the coal phaseout in Columbia. From this analysis, graduate students will contribute to discussions on energy transition and regional development strategies, and adapt them to the requirements of specific coal regions.

Lastly, the third project will focus on the water-soil-atmosphere nexus in rain-fed and irrigation farming within arid regions — a term to characterise areas with a severe lack of available water. The project will investigate spatial patterns of rainfall and groundwater-based irrigation in arid regions using remote sensing.

Duration and remuneration

The DAAD Scholarships will pay a monthly stipend of 1,200 Euros for the duration of the doctoral research. As a baseline, graduate students will be under a one-year agreement with UNU FLORES. You can renew this agreement depending on your work performance and the completion of specific milestones. The combined duration shall not exceed four years.

While the doctoral programme is free, a semester fee of approximately €250 to €300 must be paid directly to TU Dresden for enrolment. The DAAD  can also provide health insurance and introductory German classes, notes its website. If you are a DAAD scholar, you will be enrolled as a student based in Dresden, Germany.

DAAD Scholarships

Applications for the DAAD scholarships will close on July 10, 2022. Source: Issoud Sanogo/AFP

Eligibility requirements

All the research projects require graduate students to have a master’s degree with at least a grade 2.5 or equivalent according to the German system in a field related to the research project.

Graduate students should have strong theoretical and practical knowledge of the research area they plan to undertake. In some projects, specific technical knowledge will be mandatory.

Here are some general requirements to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • You must have completed your master’s degree before you embark on your doctoral journey
  • Your master’s should not have been completed more than six years from the time you are nominated for the scholarship
  • You should have at least two years of experience in a relevant field
  • Have experience conducting inter and transdisciplinary research
  • Have experience in drafting reports, communicating with stakeholders, and have strong writing and presentation skills
  • You should demonstrate strong conceptual abilities and can plan and conduct fieldwork
  • You must be flexible with the ability to establish priorities and work within prescribed timeframes
  • You must be proficient in English, and knowledge of another UN official working language will be advantageous

DAAD Scholarships 2022 deadline

Applications for the DAAD Scholarships will close on July 10, 2022. Click here for application details.

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