What is the secret to scoring 100%ile in CAT? Know it from CAT Topper Sanuj Mittal


Sanuj Mittal is one of the few with the coveted CAT 100 Percentile badge. One does not just get lucky when it comes to being a CAT 100 Percentiler, and Sanuj Mittal gives testimony to the fact that hard work pays off really well.

Straight from the Delhi Technological University (DTU, Delhi) to being a CAT Topper, it must have been a great journey.

Aglasem correspondent Pranjali Rastogi caught up with this hero among MBA aspirants, and he shared some tips for success and holds up a bright light for the future CAT test takers.

Name Sanuj Mittal College of Graduation Delhi Technological University
CAT Percentile 100 percentile Target B-Schools IIM A
Sanuj Mittal CAT 100 Percentile Topper Interview

Common Admission Test (CAT) 2015 – Sanuj Mittal’s Scores

Subject Scaled score Percentile
VARC 79.13 99.16
DILR 86.59 100
QA 80.04 99.84
Overall 245.76 100

Sanuj’s father is a banker and his mother is a teacher. His sister who is a year older for an MNC.

College Days

You are pursuing Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Branch from DTU, one of the best Engineering colleges. How is experience there?

It has been a roller coaster ride, the four years of college but the experience has been fun throughout. I have made really good friends and learned a lot during my days here.

On what motivated Sanuj to appear for CAT

Is there any specific reason you want to pursue MBA?

I always had CAT in the back of my mind, so I appeared for it at the first chance I got.

Does the topper know before results are announced that he will win this race?

Share your feelings after cracking CAT 2015. Were you sure of acing the CAT Exam?

I was somewhere confident of securing a percentile somewhere around 99% but 100 percentile was a shock to me as well. I knew I had a decent enough paper but never did I expect 100.

Which B-School does the CAT 100 Percentiler prefer over others?

Which all IIM’s you are aiming and what are your future plans?

IIM A would be the first preference

Regarding CAT Preparation

According to you what is the best time to start CAT Preparation? And on an average, how many hours a day did you study?

I started somewhere around January. More the preparation, the better. But you need rigorous practice of a bare minimum of 2-3 months.

What was your analysis of the CAT 2015 exam?

The exam was neither too tough nor too easy. The LR DI section was difficult than expected but the other two sections were on expected lines.

Should students take coaching for preparation?

I did take coaching classes and started around January.

Coaching doesn’t guarantee you success but it provides you the necessary competition among your peers to check your level of preparation and then proceed accordingly.

How did you balance your college studies and CAT Exam preparation together?

I took my coaching on weekends and college on weekdays. So it was pretty much balanced between the two.

Which books/ study material did you refer to for CAT preparation?

I prepared from the material provided by the coaching institute. I didn’t refer any other book.

For CAT, which topics should be studied from books, and what should be studied online?

Topics pertaining to Quantitative aptitude contain a few basic concepts which you need to be familiar with. Those can be prepared from books. Other sections require you to practice questions which can be done from both the books as well as online.
But since the CAT is online, practicing questions online helps.

Any tips/ advice to aspiring CAT test takers?

Practice as much as you can by giving mock papers on the pattern of CAT to be more familiar with the exam day feel. Be calm and composed on the day of CAT and do not go with a biased mindset.

Exam day experience

On the exam day, what was your experience like?

It was a big day for me. There were nerves involved but once the paper started, the nerves settled and it was back to business. Thus, it is very important to keep your calm and attempt to the best of your ability without thinking much about anything else.

GD PI Preparation

What is your preparation strategy for the upcoming GD & PI session?

I plan to give mock sessions for the different processes involved, that should help me with being better prepared on the D Day. Reading newspapers for updating yourself also parts an important part of preparation

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