What is NTA Score in JEE Mains? How is Percentile Calculated?


In the wee hours of July 11, 2022, National Testing Agency (NTA) announced the JEE Main 2022 session 1 result. Results were announced through the online mode, on the official website jeemain.nta.nic.in. Candidates can check their score using their Application Number and Date of Birth. While checking their exam result, candidates have or will come across a term called ‘NTA Score’. This score will be used for assigning a unique rank to each candidate in the final merit list. So, this figure plays a crucial role in deciding a candidate’s future, in terms of selection for JEE Advanced 2022.

NTA Score & Its Significance

The paper 1 of JEE Mains 2022 holds a total weightage of 300 marks. So, each subject has been allotted 100 marks (raw score). However since the exam has been held on multiple days and shifts, the raw score is converted to NTA score, or percentile, to eliminate differences in difficulty level in the sessions. The raw score in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics have thus been converted into NTA score. Even the total marks are converted into NTA score. This score is then used to decide the merit position of each candidate.

Essentially, NTA score is the figure calculated using the process of normalization. Through normalisation, NTA will compare a candidate’s scores across various sessions using percentile equivalence.

The percentile score obtained in each session will then be combined to determine the overall NTA score. This score will be used to for the final merit list. Since only one session of JEE Main 2022 has been conducted, the NTA score is equal to percentile score.

The NTA score will differ after candidates appear for the JEE Main 2022 session 2. The second phase is all set to be conducted from July 21 to 30, 2022.

How is percentile score determined?

The percentile score is defined as the relative performance of all aspirants who take the test. The raw marks obtained in JEE Main 2022 session 1 will then be converted into a figure within the 0-100 scale using the formula given below –

100 x (No. of candidates who scored equal to or less than the candidate in the session)/(Total no. of candidates who attended the session)

It is important to remember that the overall percentile score is not equal to the percentile score obtained in each subject. It is also not the equivalent of percentage obtained in the exam.

As regards JEE Main 2022 session 1 cut-off is concerned, candidates who score equal to or more than the lowest percentile will be deemed qualified. Of course, the final cut-off for each category shall be decided post session 2.

Recommended PDF, Procedure to be adopted for compilation of NTA scores for multi-session Papers

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