TAFE Queensland


The endurance she gained inspired Rehn to look for a life-bettering qualification. Upon googling “fitness education”, she discovered TAFE Queensland’s Diploma of Sport. Packing up and moving to Australia was an obvious choice.

She had visited twice before and had since dreamed of a longer third visit. The thought of breathing the same air as Chontel Duncan, an Australian fitness entrepreneur and Rehn’s first role model, was exciting as well.

Fresh out of the airport, sunshine, bulletin boards filled with exciting events and warm Australians helped validate her decision. “They are just the friendliest, most open-minded people you will ever meet,” enthuses Rehn.

At TAFE Queensland, she met international students who she was proud to call her peers. Together, they embarked on an educational journey of a lifetime. Here’s what she used to get up to as a student:

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