Postpone NEET UG 2022: 3 Compelling Reasons Why Students Want NEET To Be Postponed


Amid the NEET UG 2022 registration process, Twitter has witnessed a surge in comments with the hashtag #PostponeNEETUG2022. As per official information, the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) 2022 is all set to be conducted on July 17, 2022. Although the date does not clash with the upcoming Class 12 board exams 2022, candidates have other concerns. With these concerns in mind, students are waiting the entrance test to be postponed to a later date. This later date must fall in the August-September period, as expressed by several students.

The demand for NEET UG 2022 postponement is supported by three important reasons – 1. NEET 2021 Counseling2. Clash with JEE Main 2022 and 3. CUET 2022 exam date.

# NEET UG 2021 Mop-Up Round Ending in March 2022

Last year, the NEET UG examination was held across the country on September 12, 2021. Subsequently, results were announced on November 01, followed by the counseling session on January 19, 2022. The mop-up round ended in March 2022 and due to limited seats, several candidates decided to give the exam again. As confirmed by the National Testing Agency(NTA), the NEET UG 2022 exam is all set to be held on July 17, 2022.

This gives candidates barely 3-4 months to recuperate from the hectic counseling rounds and revise the 2-year syllabus again. According to students, the preparation time is not enough for candidates to revise the entire syllabus. To add to their perils, the NEET UG 2022 exam will be a one-time test, unlike the JEE Main 2022 exam.

# Clash with JEE Main 2022

As per the revised schedule announced by NTA, the JEE Main 2022 Session 1 exam is scheduled from June 20 to 29, 2022. Thereafter, session 2 is going to be conducted on July 21 to 30, 2022. While there is no exact clash between dates, the second session is scheduled just 4 days after NEET UG 2022.

The tightened exam schedule is sure to baffle students who are willing to appear for both exams. Usually, NEET UG is conducted at least a month after JEE Main 2022. A similar trend must be followed this year as well.

#CUET 2022 Conducted Around the Same Time

As of now, NTA has not announced the exam date for the Common Undergraduate Entrance Test (CUET) 2022. However, according to the official notice, it is likely to be conducted in the first or second week of July 2022. Here again, there There is no direct clash but a 3-4 day gap between CUET and NEET.

While preparing for NEET UG 2022, there are bound to be candidates willing to appear for CUET 2022 for backup courses like B.Sc., BMM, BMS, etc. So, such a close-knit schedule can affect the overall performance of candidates in the entrance tests.

Reitering the above-mentioned reasons, candidates are pushing for the postponement of NEET UG 2022.

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