Nigerian students’ pranks leaves classmates in pain


Playing pranks on your classmates might seem like a harmless way to get some giggles, but according to YabaLeftOnline, one UK-based Nigerian student took it too far when his prank left his peers in pain. 

According to the online portal, the student allegedly took Aboniki – a popular methylated balm in Nigeria – to school and tricked his classmates into rubbing it in their eyes and faces. Some of them could barely see afterwards or were writhing in pain.

To add salt to the wound, the student reportedly filmed their reactions and created a video compilation of how they reacted to the ointment on TikTok. He allegedly admitted that he had asked them to rub it on their faces.

His actions sparked netizens’ ire who criticized him for pranking his colleagues despite knowing the effects of Aboniki once applied to one’s bare skin.

One internet user said, “This is not funny, that thing feels so hot and painful”. Several others commented that his actions could get him expelled from school.

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While pranks may be seen as a normal part of the student experience, it’s worth understanding that some pranks could lead to serious consequences. Source: Richard Bouhet/AFP

Playing pranks on classmates: How far is too far?

While pranks may be seen as a normal part of the student experience, it’s worth understanding that some pranks could lead to serious repercussions, from suspension to expulsion, for the prankster. Others may result in physical, psychological and emotional harm to the victim.

There have been many reports of pranks gone wrong, including those that resulted in damages to the school’s property or that ended up hurting others.

The Hindustan Times reported that one teacher in India sustained severe injuries to her spinal cord and limbs when students replaced her chair with a broken one, which collapsed when she sat. 

Metro 50 reported that a senior prank at a Texas high school got out of hand and caused thousands of dollars in damages and forced the school to end early for the year.

Seniors at Frisco’s Memorial High School had a prank approved by school officials that would involve sticking Post-it notes all over the walls. The prank, however, quickly strayed from what had been given the OK and turned into vandalism, school officials said.

Videos posted to social media of the vandalism reveal paint on the walls and clouds of smoke from fire extinguishers that were set off throughout the school, said the report. 

“Damage is estimated in the thousands of dollars and includes paint on the walls, destruction of furniture, discharged fire extinguishers throughout campus and more,” administrators said in a statement to Fox 4.

The school said it is also working with police to identify the students involved in the prank gone wrong. Students could also face possible criminal charges.

Ultimately, while playing pranks on your classmates may not start with ill intentions, it’s also useful to take a step back and think about the possibility that someone could get hurt if you’re not careful.


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