NEET PG 2022: Important and High Yield Topics To Study For This Exam


National Board of Examination for Medical Sciences (NBEMS) has planned on conducting the NEET PG 2022 examination on May 21, in a single shift from 9 AM to 12:30 PM, The National Eligibility Entrance Examination (NEET) PG 2022 will be held in the computer-based mode at centers across the country. Registration for the exam concluded on March 25 and now candidates are left with only a month’s time to prepare.

Candidates who have successfully filled and submitted the NEET PG application form will be issued the admit card on May 16 as per official notification. The NEET PG admit card can be accessed and downloaded online through the official NBEMS site at,

NEET PG 2022 Important Topics

With merely a month’s time left for the entrance exam, now is the time to revise and revisit important topics from the NEET PG 2022 syllabus. To make matters simple, here are some important and high-yield topics from each subject. These topics ought not to be missed by candidates wishing to ace the entrance exam.

  • Physiology General Physiology, nerve muscle, CVS, respiratory system, kidney, GIT, endocrine & reproduction, CNS, special senses, environmental physiology
  • Anatomy , cranial nerves & nuclei, brachial plexus, root values ​​& dermatomes, arteries & branches, nerve supply, peritoneal anatomy, embryology, osteology, neuroanatomy, perineum, histology, thorax
  • Biochemistry – metabolism (including glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, Krebs cycle, ETC, lipoproteins, genetics, vitamins & deficiencies, DNA replication, enzymes (classification, kinetics, isozymes)
  • pathology , cell injury, inflammation, neoplasia, haematology, genetics, respiratory system, genetics, immunity, GIT, CVS, kidney, male & female genital tract, CNS, liver, endocrine
  • Pharmacology , pH, pKa, ionisation, first & zero order kinetics, AChE inhibitors, antihistamines, PCM & aspirin poison, K sparing diuretics, oral hypoglycemic agents, parkinsonism, local anesthetics & mechanism, bronchodilators, etc.
  • Microbiology , bacteriology (strep/staph classification, staph toxins, typhoid toxins, etc.), parasitology, virology, mycology, immunity
  • Forensic Medicine – forensic thanatology, autopsy, human identification, asphyxial deaths, forensic traumatology, forensic toxicology, sexual jurisprudence, forensic psychiatry, legal procedures & law, blood stains
  • Preventive & Social Medicine – epidemiology, history of medicine, health disease, vaccines, cold chain, communicable diseases, social sciences, health economics, demography, contraception, health communication, biomedical waste management, etc.
  • General Medicine – ECG, V-Fib, pericardial diseases, classification of shock, pneumoconiosis, pneumothorax, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, barter syndrome, gordon syndrome, approach to malabsorption, etc.
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology – imaging, infections, tuberculosis, amputation, traumatology, oncology, PCOS, infertility, STI, obstetrics, prenatal diagnosis, etc.
  • Pediatrics normal growth, immunisation, genetic disorders, neonatal reflexes, infant of diabetic mother, nephrotic syndrome, rickets, scurvy, etc.
  • ENT – embryology of ear, anatomy of middle ear, complications of CSOM, blood supply of nasal septum, allergic fungal rhinosinusitis, nasal polyps, juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma, muscles of larynx, vocal folds palsy, carcinoma larynx, etc.
  • Ophthalmology retina, conjunctiva & cornea, neuro-ophthalmology, procedures & surgeries, glaucoma, tumors, myopia, hypermetropia, cataract, etc.

Apart from this, it is advised to take a quick look at some NEET PG previous years’ question papers to figure out whether any important sections have been missed and address them. The conducting agency will release the NEET PG results, cut off marks and merit list, most likely in June 2022, after which the counseling round will be conducted.

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