NEET 2023 Preparation Videos Chapter Wise (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)


NEET 2023 Preparation Videos have been published by top NEET faculty across the country. Now, students can watch NEET 2023 / 2024 Lectures, one shot videos, PYQ solutions, and more anytime, anywhere. Moreover, all the videos are free. For all the topics of physics, chemistry, biology that are a part of the NEET syllabus, there are hundreds of videos available online. What we have done here is that we have picked up the best videos for each topic and compiled them in one place for you. So if you are preparing for NEET 2023 or NEET 2024, then you can watch these videos to learn the topics, and ace the NEET exam.

NEET 2023 Preparation Videos

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We have listed the videos in the order of NEET exam syllabus. Some of the videos are as playlists, including multiple lectures on topics and sub-topics of the chapter. Whereas some videos are one-shot videos that compile all highlights of the chapter in a single video.

NEET 2023 Preparation Videos for Biology

NEET 2023 Preparation Videos for Physics

NEET 2023 Preparation Videos for Chemistry

About NEET Preparation Videos, and Free Online Classes, and Lectures at your fingertips!

NEET is undeniably one of the toughest exams in India. And looking at the test takers to seat available ratio, it may well be one of the most competitive exams in the world. And what makes it even more critical is that this exam decides the future doctors of the nation, the ones who will sustain the health ecosystem of a nation with more than 1 billion population.

If you are here that means you too dream to be a doctor. Congratulations, you are on path to a very noble profession.

Now when it comes to NEET exam preparation, it is an uphill battle. You need to master biology, physics, as well as chemistry. Your syllabus is mainly the class 11 and 12 syllabus of these subjects. And the base is set by studying NCERT. However, only reading NCERT is not enough. You need to master the basics, polish the concepts, be adept at solving MCQs, and know the ins and outs of all the topics.

Due to the growing competition, NEET coaching centers are now running across the nation. However, not all students can avail coaching classes. Some either do not have the time or facility or resources to do so. In this scenario, self studies are of top-most priority. Moreover, even those who do take tuitions or coaching for NEET, have to devote a lot of time and resources on self studies. Self-studies ultimately play a crucial role in your success in NEET exam.

Now the good news that in the age of fast paced internet and social media, you don’t have to shell out anything to get access to lectures and study material even of the top-most NEET faculty of India. This is because many coaching institutes have now made a lot of their classes live on youtube. For all the topics of NEET syllabus, you will find many videos available online.

The need for a list of NEET Preparation Videos

However now there are too many videos to choose from. Therefore what we have done here is that we have compiled the best of the best video lectures of the top NEET teachers in India. On this page at Aglasem, you will see topic-wise videos to complete your entire NEET syllabus.

For some of the topics, you will see that there are playlists – which means there are more than one videos to complete the topic. In addition, we have also provided one-shot videos for most topics. In the one-shot videos basically one video covers the entire topic.

Hope that this list saves your time and you can utilize that in your NEET 2023 preparation. Moreover that this list helps you in preparing all the topics for NEET 2023 exam. And if you are in class 11, then this list will help you in preparing for NEET 2024.

If you want videos of any specific topic for NEET 2023 / NEET 2024 preparation, then do let us know. Also, if you feel some particular video is not upto the mark then also please feel free to tell us.

If you liked this list of videos to prepare for NEET 2023 / NEET 2024, then please let us know in comments below. It will help us prepare more such good content for you.

Best of luck! Ace NEET!

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