NEET 2022: How To Prepare With Board Exams?


National Testing Agency (NTA) is all set to release the NEET UG 2022 application form soon, along with the information brochure. This would finally put an end to the anticipation and wait of students who have wondered about the exam date for months together. Both application and brochure will be released online, on the official website, The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) 2022 will be the only medical entrance exam for admission to courses like MBBS, BDS, AYUSH, etc. So, the stakes are high and time is limited as the exam is slated for June 2022.

Much to the dismay of candidates, central and state education boards are scheduled to conduct their board exams 2022 between the month of March and May. Of course, they can focus on their board exams and thereafter, resume their preparation for NEET 2022. However, experts and toppers don’t recommend this choice. So, instead, candidates can study for both exams using the following tips and tricks –

Study the theory; solve the MCQs

Class 12 students preparing for NEET 2022 examination can start by revising the theory aspect of each chapter. Later, they can solve chapter-specific MCQs to prepare for the entrance test. This practice is particularly useful for a theory-rich subject like Biology. In the case of Physics, numericals and formulas play a prominent role while in Chemistry, reactions and mechanisms hold importance.

Solve both types of PYQs

To prepare for Class 12 board exams 2022 and NEET 2022, students can resort to previous-year question papers. In case of the former, theory-based papers uploaded by CBSE can come in handy, along with sample papers. For the latter, students can solve previous-year NEET papers. So, every day, students can solve one theory paper and one MCQ-based paper.

Subject-specific useful tips

In addition to certain general preparatory tips, the following are some subject-specific tips that candidates can incorporate in their study routine to equally prioritize all subjects as well as both exams –

  • Reading a chapter from the NCERT Biology textbook (Class 11 and 12) while highlighting the important points to prepare for both exams.
  • Practice FIVE organic chemistry reactions, specifically the naming ones along with mechanisms to predict the final product. Additionally, reading theory-based chapters like Environmental Chemistry, Polymers and Biochemistry every day can help candidates register these chapters better.
  • Make a list of chapter-wise formulas in Physics and revise them every day. It is also useful to solve sums present in the NCERT textbook and NEET preparation books can help students ace both exams.

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