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NEET 2021 Question Paper – The question paper pdfs for NEET 2021 and answer key is available now. You can download the NEET 2021 question paper for the exam held on September 12, 2021. NEET is an offline exam, hence, there are multiple copies of question paper. These are distinguished via a paper code. The NEET question paper 2021 pdf is released code-wise for all the languages ​​in which the exam is held. NTA has released NEET exam paper officially at In all, NEET 2021 is held in 13 languages ​​and there are 24 question papers. Candidates can download it all from below. Know more details on NEET 2021 question paper here.

NEET 2021 Question Paper PDF

Here you can check NEET Question Paper pdf in Hindi and English language. For other languages ​​please check the links given below this NEET UG Question paper. Answer Key of the these NEET Question Papers are also given below.

NEET 2021 Question Paper in Hindi

NEET Question Paper 2021in all languages.

Download NEET 2021 question papers uploaded by NTA from the table below:

NEET Previous Year Question Papers

Check the previous year NEET question paper given below.

How was NEET UG 2021 Paper?

As per the analysis given by the students, NEET 2021 was of ‘Easy to Moderate’ difficulty level. Most of the students who appeared for the exam looked happy and ecstatic that the paper was of moderate difficulty level. Biology was based entirely on NCERT, Physics was of a bit lengthy and difficult, whereas, Chemistry was moderate and NCERT based.

NEET 2021 Analysis – PHYSICS

  • There were some tricky questions from Optics, Semi-Conductors, and Photoelectric Effect.
  • About 70 per cent of the Physics paper was dominated by the Numerical questions.
  • There were no controversial questions and just four to five tricky questions in sections A and B.
  • Overall the paper was lengthy.

NEET 2021 Analysis – CHEMISTRY

  • It was of easy to moderate’ level.
  • Questions were based on NCERT figures, facts and their tables.
  • There some large number of questions from numerical and statement-based.
  • Three questions were based on graph and five questions from ‘matrix match type’.
  • The paper was not lengthy in comparison to physics.

NEET 2021 Analysis – BOTANY

  • The paper was ‘easy to moderate’ level.
  • Students cold have found only a few question tricky and difficult to solve.
  • Questions were based on NCERT syllabus and majorly were factual in nature with a few concept-based questions.

NEET 2021 Analysis – ZOOLOGY

  • The paper of Moderate level.
  • Students may have found ertain questions easy in the firt look but they were twisted.
  • One of the surprise question was on Earthworm which only those who had studied NCERT books could have answered.
  • From the Biotechnology section, atleast 11-12 questions were asked.
  • The Zoology section was highly NCERT centric, however, 3-4 questions required deep understanding.
  • Approximately four questions were asked from Locomotion and Movement in the Human Physiology unit.

How to Download NEET 2021 Question Paper?

To obtain the official NEET 2021 question paper, the candidates can follow the steps:

1st step: First of all, go to the official website,

2nd step: Now, in the current events, check the question papers available.

3rd step: Carefully check the code and language.

4th step: Now, download the pdf that appears on the screen.

Codes in NEET 2021 Question Paper: The question paper of NEET contains a code. It is mentioned on the top of question paper. These set codes change every year.

NEET 2021 Question Paper Codes

The paper codes for NEET 2021 are combination of letters and numbers. Last year, the paper codes for NEET were E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6 F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6 etc.

This year, the paper codes are: M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6, O1, O2, O3, O4, O5, O6, P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6

Languages ​​in Which NEET 2021 Question Paper will be Available

The medium of NEET 2021 question paper are as follows:

  • english
  • Hindi
  • Assamese
  • Bengali
  • Gujarati
  • Malayalam
  • Kannada
  • Marathi
  • Odia
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Urdu
  • Punjabi

Significance of NEET 2021 Question Paper

The importance of NEET 2021 question paper is:

  • It can be used to know the exact questions asked during the exam.
  • The candidates can use the question paper and answer key together to get a rough about NEET 2021 score.
  • The question paper can be used for practice for the students who are appearing for the exam in the next session.

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Question Paper Pattern of NEET 2021

Check the question paper pattern of NEET 2021 from below.

Duration: The candidates are given 3 hours to complete the question paper.

Type of questions: The test comprises multiple-choice questions.

Subject from which questions are asked: Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Botany and Zoology).

Sections: There are 2 sections in each subject.

Total marks: The test is of total of 720 marks.

Pattern of questions: Each subject has 2 sections; In Section A and Section B. In Section A, there are 35 questions and in Section B, there are 15 questions. Out of these 15 questions, the candidates have to attempt any 10 questions.

Distribution of questions

Subjects Sections No. of questions Marks
Physics Section A
Section B
Chemistry Section A
Section B
botany Section A
Section B
Zoology Section A
Section B
Total 720

Structure of NEET 2021 Question Paper

NEET 2021 question paper structure can be checked from below.

On the first page of the question paper, there are a set of instructions mentioned such as time in which paper has to be completed, how to mark answers, marking scheme of the test, paper code, language of the question paper etc.

NEET 2021 Question Paper
  • In the second page and later pages, there are questions.
  • Each question has 4 choices.
NEET 2021 question paper

NEET 2021 Answer Key

NTA releases NEET answer key at The answer keys are released for all the codes. NTA displays the provisional answer keys in pdf format. The challenges can also be made against the provisional answer key, if the candidates find any doubts in the answer keys.

After the submission of the challenges, the subject experts go through the challenges submitted and release the final answer key.

How to Use NEET 2021 Question Paper and Answer Key to Calculate the Scores?

The candidates can get an idea about their probable NEET 2021 score using the question paper and answer key together. Check the steps given below to calculate the scores.

1st step: First of all, download the question and answer key as per your respective code.

2nd step: Next, open them together and start cross-checking the answers.

3rd step: Use the marking scheme given below to calculate the scores.

  • Add 04 marks for each correct answer.
  • Deduct 01 marks for each incorrect answer.
  • Un-answered questions will lead to 0 marks.

NEET 2021 OMR Answer Sheet

After the exam, NTA also releases the scanned images of OMR answer sheet and recorded responses at The candidates are given the opportunity to submit the representations against the OMR answer sheet by paying a non-refundable fee of Rs 200 (per question challenged). Representations submitted by the candidate shall be verified by NTA and data will be updated in the record.

FAQs on NEET 2021 Question Paper

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Ques. How can I get NEET 2021 question paper?

Ans. You can check NEET 2021 question paper given above on this page or download it from

Ques. What type of questions are asked in NEET?

Ans. The paper comprises multiple-choice questions.

Ques. How many sets are there of NEET question paper?

Ans. Usually there are 4 sets of question paper which are further divided with numbers such as E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6 etc.

Ques. In which languages, NTA will release NEET 2021 question paper?

Ans. The question paper of NEET 2021 will be available in 13 languages; English, Marathi, Hindi, Odia, Assamese, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Gujarati, Urdu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Kannada.

Ques. How can I calculate marks using NEET question paper?

Ans. In order to calculate the marks, first of all, download the question paper as per your respective code and then download the answer key. Now, start cross-checking the answers. Add 04 marks for each correct response and deduct 01 marks for each incorrect response.

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