NATA 2019 Question Paper and Answer Key


NATA 2019 Question Paper and Answer Key – From this page candidates can download NATA question paper with answer key. For the upcoming exam, the question paper and answer key can be used for practice. National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) is held twice a year. In 2019, it was held in April and July, The exam is held in online mode and the question paper and answer key of NATA is uploaded after the exam is over by the Council of Architecture (CoA) itself. To download NATA 2019 question paper with answer key, scroll down.

NATA 2019 Question Paper and Answer Key

Note that the answer key for Part B of NATA exam is not uploaded as it is the drawing part that includes sketching. From the table below candidates can download NATA 2019 question paper and answer keys.

NATA 2019 Drawing Questions

Qs 1: Imagine that your size has been reduced in to 2 cm, and you are standing inside a pencil box that has a pencil, a pen, a scale, an eraser and a sharpener. Lid of the pencil box is slightly open. Draw what you would see.

Qs 2: It is raining and you are looking out of a window from your living room. The window is a wooden panel window with horizontal grills. You can see a playground with play equipment. Some children are playing in the rain and some kids are playing with paper boats in puddles. Beyond the playground there is a tea shop and a hospital. Draw the view using your imagination.

NATA 2019 Question Paper

From 2020 onwards the exam pattern of NATA changes. However, until 2019 the paper pattern of NATA was as follows:

The question paper has 2 parts, part A and part B. Part A is a computer-based test and part B is drawing, and thus held as a pen and paper-based test.

Part A

  • Part A had 20 questions from maths of 2 marks each and 40 questions from the general aptitude of 2 marks each.
  • Therefore, the total marks in part A of NATA are 120
  • And the total questions in part A is 60.

Part B

  • This is the drawing part with a total of 2 questions.
  • Each question carries 40 marks.
  • The total marks in this section are thus 80.

Total marks in NATA 2019 was thus, Part A + Part B = 200 marks

How To Prepare using NATA 2019 Question Paper and Answer Key for the Upcoming Exams

The candidates can check below a few useful tips to prepare for all upcoming NATA exams using the question paper and answer keys of NATA 2019.

Use the question papers as mock test:

One can create a real exam environment and use the question paper as mock papers. This assists in time management. One can calculate the time taken for completing the paper. This helps in gaining an insight into speed and accuracy.

Know the strengths and weaknesses:

One can analyze which topics they stuck the most on. Or what are the questions that trouble them most? Therefore, solving question papers can help with knowing their strengths and weaknesses about a particular topic.

Understand the exam:

Using the question papers of NATA, one can understand the exam. From the paper structure to the difficulty level of the question asked in the exam, and also the type of questions that come the most in the paper, all can be understood using the question papers of NATA.

Solving question papers make you confident for the exam day:

Since by solving the papers one already gets a pretty fair idea of ​​the exam paper and its pattern, there remains no surprises for the exam day. This makes you ready to face the question paper with boosted confidence.

Strategy for the exam day:

Also using the question paper one can plan on how to attempt the exam on the actual exam day. Pre-plan on which section to attempt first and how to manage time among the questions. This gives an extra edge to the candidates on the exam day and is also effective in managing time.

NATA Important Books For Preparation

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