Nagaland Board Announced Class 8 and Class 9 Final Examination Dates 2022-23


As per the latest notification released by Nagaland Board on 17th Sep 2022, the Class 8 and Class 9 Final Examination 2022 will be conducted in two phases in offline mode.

Phase I of both classes will be conducted from 26th Sep to 1st Oct 2022. The board will provide question papers of all the subjects to the schools for class 9, however for class 8, the board will provide question papers to government schools, whereas the private schools shall prepare their own Question Paper based on assessment pattern and conduct exam with same routine.

Graph papers will be needed in Maths and Music Manuscript exams, therefore it is recommended that schools should keep it ready.

The question papers of class 8 and class 9 subjects will be as per the division of topics and makrs uploaded in the Board’s portal. But for class 9 social science and maths it will be as per rationalized syllabus.

Only 50% of the total marks will be set for Phase 1 examination in all the subjects.

The duration of phase 1 examination will be 90minutes for core subjects and 60 minutes for vocational subjects.

The minimum qualifying marks in different subjects for Phase 1 and Phase 2 examination is given below.

Full Marks Qualifying Marks
40 16
35 14
25 10

Students must secure minimum qualifying marks in each subject for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 examination.

The schools will carry out the internal assessment in all the subjects and record marks for inclusion in the final results preparation.

The consolidated marks of Phase 1 and 2 with the internal assessment marks shall be submitted together to the Board’s Office after the conduct of Phase 2 examination.

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