MBA or M.Tech – Which way to go after B.Tech?


Deciding whether one has to go for MBA or M.TECH after 4 years of B.Tech is quite perplexing. Students may have dilemmas regarding the course they wish to pursue for higher education since both the courses offer good placements and stable career.

Hence, drawing a parallel between Master of Business Administration and Master in technology is important.

MBA –Master of Business Administration is a field which offers students job in non technical industries. MBA polishes student’s management skills and provides job opportunities in finance, consultancy, banking and similar fields.

However, M.TECH– Master in Technology provides students with technical qualification. Students pursuing M.Tech can get jobs in technical industries. M.TECH also leads students in academic and, research and development areas.

Years of completion 2year program 2 year program
eligibility Student can pursue MBA after completing bachelor’s degree in any discipline obtained through the 10+2+3 system Students must be science graduates ie they must have degree in B.TECH/BE/ BS/B.ARCH
Exam for admission in colleges of India CAT GATE
Exam for admission in foreign universities GMAT GRE
Type Regular, coresspondance and executive programs. Regular and correspondence programs.
Disciplines Marketing, finance, human resources, insurance, international, business, business systems, business administration operations, productions, health care, retail and sales, hospitality, e-business, consultancy. Aerospace Engineering, Biosciences & Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Earth Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science, Cross Departmental Program- Materials, Manufacturing and Modeling, Center of Studies in Resources Engineering, Energy Science & Engineering, Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, Systems & Control Engineering, Environmental Science & Engineering, Center For Technology Alternatives For Rural Areas.

MONEY is another factor which intrigues students to opt for MBA over M.TECH.

Many students live in a fallacy by believing that government jobs for M.TECH graduates do not pay well. Government organizations require employees with technical knowledge, therefore many M.TECH students get recruited with a fine package.



Students have the choice to either work in already established businesses and corporations or they can start their own by using their management skills. Also, they can work on banking and financial fronts.


An M.TECH student can go for higher studies and do P.HD or can even go for teaching. One can also get into Public and Private sector services.

A conclusion was drawn after comparing the two fields. Both the fields are entirely different, it entirely depends upon the student’s interest and motive that he chooses MBA or M.TECH. Both these fields are equally important and require focus and commitment. The only difficulty a student may witness is to choose the best available option. Below mentioned points may help you take a better decision.

Who all can go for MBA?

  • Interest in management
  • No interest in technical work
  • Interest in banking, finance, consultancy etc.
  • Interest in administration work
  • Wants to have their own business startups
  • Great in socializing and networking

Who all can go for M.TECH?

  • Great technical skills
  • Those who wish to do P.HD
  • Interest in teaching
  • Interest in Research and development.

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