Maharashtra HSC 12th Physics Question Paper with Answers (Available)


Maharashtra HSC 12th Physics Solved Paper 2022 – Students can check Maharashtra HSC 12th Physics Solved paper from here. The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, MSBSHSE has conducted HSC Physics exam on March 10, 2022 at various affiliated centers across the state. It has been released by subject experts and coaching institutes. Students can use the answer key to cross-check their answers and calculate their probable marks in the exam. Check more details on Maharashtra 12th Board Physics Paper solution 2022 from the page below.

Latest: Maharashtra HSC Physics answer key 2022 is now available. Check it from the page below.

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Maharashtra HSC Physics Answer Key 2022

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The HSC board physics examination was conducted for a total of 70 marks. Students who appeared for HSC Physics exam on March 10 can check the complete paper solution. Keep refreshing the page as we are adding questions and answers.

Ques1. The first law of thermodynamics is concerned with the conservation of _____
Ans. energy

Ques2. The average value of alternating current over a full cycle is always _______.
Ans. zero

Que3. The angle at which maximum torque is exerted by the external uniform electric field on the electric dipole is:
Ans. 90 degrees

Ques4. The property of light which does not change when it travels from one medium to another is _____
Ans. frequency

Ques5. The root mean square speed of the molecule of a has is proportional to _____
Ans. T

Que6. The unit Wbm-2 is equal to ____
Ans. tesla

Ques7. When the bob performs a vertical circular motion and the string rotates in a vertical plane, the difference in the tension in the string at horizontal position and uppermost positions is _____
Ans. mg

Ques8. A liquid rises in glass capillary tube upto a height of 2.5cm at a room temperature. if another glass capillary tube having radius half that of the earlier tube is immersed in the same liquid, the rise of liquid in it will be _____
Ans. 5 cm

Ques9. In Young’s double slit experiment that two coherent sources have different amplitudes. If the ratio of maximum intensity to minimum intensity is 16:1, then the ratio of amplitudes of the two sources will be ______
Ans. 4:1

Q10. The equation of a simple harmonic progressive wave traveling on a string is y = 8 sin (0.02 x – 4t) cm. The speed of the wave is _______
Ans. 200cm/s

(i) Potential gradient (P) = v/r
(ii) VC = Rn/ D
(iii) It is not necessary to see the photoelectric effect with red light, because red light is of long wavelength, so its energy is low, it is not enough to pull electrons
(iv) The Boolean expression for Exclusive OR gate (X-OR gate) is A B.

Maharashtra HSC 12th Physics Exam 2022 Video Solutions

Students can check the video solutions for Maharashtra Board Class 12 Physics Paper 2022 from the table below.

Maharashtra HSC 12th Physics Solution Provided by Check Paper Solution Here
Physics Gyaan Click here

How to Download the Maharashtra HSC Physics Answer Key 2022

Class 12th Maharashtra Board students wishing to know the procedure to download the physics answer key can refer to the procedure mentioned below. Students are advised to follow every step in order to easily download the answer key.

Step 1: Visit the official website of MSBSHSE at or click on the direct link mentioned above.

Step 2: Locate the “Latest Notifications” section on their home page.

Step 3: Search for “Maharashtra HSC answer key 2022” link. Click on that link.

Step 4: On clicking the link, students will be directed to the official answer keys page. Find the “Physics” answer key on the page and click on it.

Step 5: Students must note that there were 4 sets in the examination. Hence they must select their appropriate set.

Step 6: Answer key pdf will be displayed on the screen. Download the pdf for future reference.

Maharashtra HSC Physics Exam Pattern

The MSBSHSE sets up the HSC Physics exam pattern for class 12th students. According to the official paper pattern Theory exam will be conducted for a total of 70 marks whereas practical examinations will be conducted for a total of 30 marks. Candidates wishing to check section wise marks distribution of the physics exam can refer to the table mentioned below:

Type of Questions Question number No. of Questions Marks per question Total Marks
MCQ Q no. 1 (i to x) 10 1 10
VSA Q no. 2 (i to viii) 08 1 08
SA-I Q no. 3 to 14 12 2 24
SA-II Q no. 15 to 26 12 3 36
LA Q no. 27 to 31 5 4 20
Total , 47 , 98

Maharashtra HSC Physics Exam Syllabus

Candidates wishing to know the Maharashtra board HSC Physics exam syllabus can refer to the official website of MSBSHSE or directly access it by referring to the article mentioned below. Class 12th HSC board students must check the Maharashtra HSC Physics exam syllabus in order to check answers for direct textbook questions. Refer to the official answer key and compare the answers written in the textbook for a better understanding of concepts.

  • Rotational Dynamics
  • Mechanical properties of Fluids
  • Kinetic theory of Gases and Radiation
  • Thermodynamics
  • Oscillations
  • Superposition of Waves
  • Wave Optics
  • Electrostatics
  • Current Electricity
  • Magnetic field due to Electric Current
  • Magnetic Materials
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • AC Currents
  • Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
  • Structure of Atoms and Nuclei
  • Semiconductor Devices

Maharashtra HSC Physics Exam Unit Wise Weightage

HSC Board class 12th students can easily check the physics chapter wise weightage by referring to the table mentioned below. Candidates must note that the weightage of their question paper was 98 whereas they only have to solve 70 mark questions for full marks.

Chapter Name Marks with Option Marks without Option
Rotational Dynamics 7 5
Mechanical properties of Fluids 7 5
Kinetic theory of Gases and Radiation 7 5
Thermodynamics 7 5
Oscillations 5 4
Superposition of Waves 6 4
Wave Optics 7 5
Electrostatics 6 4
Current Electricity 6 4
Magnetic field due to Electric Current 6 4
Magnetic Materials 5 4
Electromagnetic Induction 7 5
AC Currents 6 4
Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter 5 4
Structure of Atoms and Nuclei 6 4
Semiconductor Devices 5 4

How to use Maharashtra HSC Physics Answer Key?

Maharashtra HSC Physics Answer Key is generally delivered by the

Official board, MSBSHSE, to guarantee straightforwardness between the board and the class 12th students. Genuine utilization of the answer key is extremely useful for an applicant’s development. To know more about how to use answer key, students can follow the below referenced steps.

Step 1. Prior to checking, students should ensure that they download the correct answer key of their corresp[onding set from the link referenced above or from the official site of the board by following the steps referenced above.

Step 2. Open the physics answer key PDF, read it out thoroughly then start comparing. Note down all the correct matches in a paper and the corresponding marks to the question as distributed on teh question paper.

Step 3. Try not to deduct marks for unanswered or erroneous answers.

Step 4: Calculate the total marks by summing up all the marks noted down on the paper.


The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is a legal and independent body laid out under the “Maharashtra Secondary Boards Act” 1965 (corrected in 1977). Most significant task of the board, among few others, is to direct the SSC for tenth class and HSC for twelfth class examinations.[1] It is the most famous training board as far as enlistment in secondary school in India solely after the Central Board of Secondary Education.


When was the Maharashtra HSC Physics exam conducted?

It was conducted on March 10, 2022

When will the MSBSHSE release the HSC Physics answer key?

The board is expected to release the Physics answer key a month after the conduction of the exam

Where will the Maharashtra HSC Physics answer key be released?

The HSC Physics answer key will be released on the official website of MSBSHSE mentioned above.

How to use Maharashtra HSC Physics Answer Key?

Students are advised to refer to the above mentioned steps to actively use the HSC Physics answer key

How to download the Maharashtra HSC Physics answer key?

Students can download it directly by accessing the link mentioned above.

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