JEE (Main) and IIT JEE (Advanced) Last Minute Preparation 2020 / 2021


The key to cracking any engineering entrance exam is a lot of hard work and sincere preparation. You must be wondering How to prepare for JEE (Main) and IIT JEE Advanced in the last few months? Perhaps you want to know the crucial last minute preparation tips. After all, despite your best efforts over the last two years, what you do in the last few days makes a lot of difference. Here we have compiled for you some important points to help you score high in the JEE (Main) and IIT JEE Advanced.

JEE (Main) and IIT JEE Advanced Last Minute Preparation

With little time left, how to revise for the exam?

  • This is the time when you need to pick up your self written notes and go through all important topics.
  • If in the past two years, you have not written notes, then pick up a book which has “Important Points of the Chapter” given.
  • Take JEE Main Mock Tests in a time frame and build up on your speed and accuracy.
  • You can also consult teacher / professors if you are still unsure about any particular topic in a subject.

Which topics to study ? Are there any topics from which more questions are asked?

From a study of all the JEE Main papers, it has been seen that almost one question is asked from each topic. Thus, there is no one particular topic or group of topics which could be left out.

Also for IIT JEE Advanced, there is no set trend. It may so happen that one year there could be two-three questions from the same topic, and the next year there would be none.

Maths is supposed to be toughest in JEE Main and IIT JEE Advanced. How to handle this?

Yes, it is true that most students find Mathematics to be the toughest section in JEE Main as well as IIT JEE Advanced. However, it is not impossible to score high in this section too. With practice, you need to understand tips and tricks to solve objective Math questions quickly and without errors. Mathematics is one subject where you cannot jump to answers simply by using memory, but using logic and practiced problem solving, it is quite easy to sail through the questions.

If you find the section difficult, then we urge you to not give up. It is important to score well in Math to get a high score in JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Follow these tips on the day of exam,

  • Do not hurry in questions in Mathematics Section. Simple errors like basic calculation can lead to a wrong answer.
  • If you get time to revise your answers, definitely do it for the Math section.
  • If Maths is not your strong subject, then go a little slow and steady while answering the questions in this section. Even if going slow leads to leaving out a few questions, it is okay. There is negative marking, so better to miss a question than answer all wrong.

This article is a part of the series on JEE Main and JEE Advanced Preparation. If you have any queries on JEE (Main) and IIT JEE (Advanced) Last Minute Preparation, you can ask in comments below,

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