JEE Main 2022: The Strategy To Get 100 Percentile in First Attempt


The National Testing Agency (NTA) is presently inviting online applications for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main 2022. examination dates were revised by NTA and now the JEE Main Session 1 will now be conducted on April 21, 24, 25, 29, and May 01 and 04, 2022, With nearly a month’s time left for the examination to begin, it is important to gear up one’s preparation for securing a 100 percentile score. Hence, here are a few tips that should be religiously followed.

1. Selecting Topics

This is the first step to getting a good JEE Main 2022 score. Candidates must know which topics they stress more on during the preparation stage. Hence, some important topics from all the required subjects are given below. It must be noted that these are some of the most important topics.

  • Physics – Heat and Thermodynamics, Ray Optics, Electromagnetic Waves, Semiconductors, Error & Instrument Analysis, Gravitation, Wave Optics, Photoelectric Effect, etc.
  • Chemistry – Atomic Structure, Gaseous & Liquid State, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Nuclear & Surface Chemistry, Chemical Bonding, d-block elements, Coordination Compound, Alkyl Halides, etc.
  • Mathematics – 3 Dimensional Geometry, Vectors, Determinant & Matrices, Sequence & Series, Straight Line, Circle, Probability Distribution, Definite Integral and Area under the curve, etc.

2. Timing

Ideally, it is advised to stop studying any new topic at least six to seven weeks prior to the examination. During this time, one should focus more on mock tests and revision. In case the syllabus is not complete, then one should choose wisely and study only the most important topics. If one has completed the syllabus by now, then they should start attempting full-length mock tests and also analyze them without fail.

3. Previous Year Question Papers

Candidates must solve at least 15 years of previous year question papers of JEE Main. However, while solving them, it is advised to set a timer. This will help in proper time management and improving one’s speed. Other than that, one can also refer to coaching materials and also solve the examples.


The primary textbook for preparing for JEE Main 2022 is the NCERT. Not only for Chemistry but also for Physics and Mathematics, NCERT textbooks can be of great help. According to educators, focusing on the basics is important. There must be conceptual clarity of at least 75% of the syllabus. Moreover, repetition of topics and concepts during revision can help in getting a perfect score in the exam. Candidates must keep in mind that they should not leave behind the JEE-specific chapters.

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