JEE Main 2022 Postponed? Educators Discuss 2nd Session Postponement Possibility


Amidst the rising demands from the student community regarding the postponement of the second session of the JEE Main 2022 exam, educators have now started to share their opinions. The backdrop behind this development is that the two sessions of the exam fall consecutively. While the first session is scheduled for April, the second session will be held in May. Due to this, demands for postponement of the second session have started to increase.

The dates for the first session of JEE Main 2022 have been revised due to the clash with the state board exams. However, even after postponement, it is seen that the CBSE board exams fall in between the two sessions. So far, there has been no official update regarding the postponement of the exam from the conducting authority.

What do educators say?

According to a video released by V2 Academya Twitter campaign regarding the postponement was run on March 27. However, the decision regarding the outcome of that movement is pending until April 01. The video also claims that if both sessions of the examination are postponed, then the JEE Advanced 2022 examination might also get postponed.

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A video released by a JEE educator explains that there is a probability of the postponement of the second session of the exam. However, the matter needsinterference of the education minister. The main issue is not the CBSE exam dates since it is very unlikely that the board will change the exam dates at this point. The sole demand is for a gap between the two attempts. Hence, the safe time for holding the second session of JEE Main 2022 is during the last week of June, 2022.

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What do students think?

Aspirants have now taken to Twitter and have already started requesting postponement by tagging the various stakeholders. They demand that the second session should get postponed by at least a few weeks so that they get time to give their best in the exam. Also, the NVHM exam has already been postponed by a month which could hint toward the JEE Main 2022 postponement.

JEE Main 2022 Postponed

This time, instead of four attempts, there will only be two attempts in the JEE main 2022 exam. Due to this, students seem to be disheartened. With clashing dates and a hectic schedule, the only demand is for the postponement of the second session of the exam by at least a few weeks.

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