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How to Prepare for UCEED 2022 Drawing Test – IIT Bombay will conduct the UCEED 2022 on January 23, 2022. Candidates will be tested on their ability to visualize and therefore solve the problem given by creating the appropriate design. Hence, it requires very thorough preparation. UCEED 2022 The entrance exam contains two parts – Part A and Part B. Part B of UCEED 2022 is the drawing test. In the drawing test, the candidates are given a scenario and then they have to draw the scene. Since this is a subjective test, the candidate’s chance of scoring the marks depends on their creativity. To improve the creativity of UCEED 2022 candidates can refer to the following tips provided by some exam experts.

How to Prepare for UCEED 2022 Drawing Test

Candidates appearing for the exam should have the right aptitude for design and practice hard to ace the exam. Every year, more than 12,000 students sit in the exam to fill only 179 seats offered by the UCEED participating colleges. Hence, the competition for this design entrance exam is very high. Candidates can refer to the preparation tips for the drawing test mentioned below given by experts and analysts to ace the UCEED 2022 Examination.

Improve your Free Sketching Skills

Candidates must spend as much time as they can get to practice and inculcate the habit of freehand and figure sketching. This is highly essential as sketching with instruments or any other equipment is not allowed in the exam. Students must get themselves acquainted with basic sketching instruments such as 2 grades of pencil, H-grade for rough work and light drawings whereas B-grade for rapid work and shading. Along with this students must ensure that the designs made by them are environmentally friendly and convey their thought process accordingly.

Develop Creative and Innovative Skills

Candidates should have the correct knowledge about 2D or 3D shapes, pictorial representation along with practical and everyday mechanical and scientific concepts. Students should think out of the box and in-depth for encapsulating every unique detail which can help them ace the drawing test in UCEED 2022 exam. Candidates must note that before they start drawing, they should have a fair idea of ​​the position of the image and can draw some markings on the sheet given to them to visualize it better.

Go through Comic Strips

Students must go through different comic strips available in daily newspapers or online to understand the format of storytelling. Comic strips are a great way to understand the art of telling a narrative using only drawings. They also aid in the development of candidates’ higher-order skills like analysis, evaluation, and inference which are essential for a design student. Hence, aspirants should study at least 1 comic strip a day to analyze and understand the concept behind the drawings.

Sharpen Observation and Visualization Skills

One of the key skills of students that are tested in the exam is their observation & visualization skills. Candidates are advised to closely observe their surroundings anytime, whether it is on a ride home or during day-to-day activities. In the end, they should draw or sketch what they saw during the day. This exercise uses candidates to recall memory and develops their observational skills. Remember to notice every intricate detail about anything you see and appreciate the thought behind it. These skills can help the candidates in the drawing section of the exam tremendously.

Devise a Structured Study Plan

Before starting with the preparation, candidates must go through the detailed exam pattern and syllabus for the current session. They should make a note of all the topics that need just basic revision and those which need to be studied in detail. Divide these topics either day-wise or week wise alternating between difficult and easy topics to stay motivated and focused. This will help you make a detailed study plan or timetable. Students can do this for each subject and must not restrict themselves to only the topics that are prescribed.

Candidates can refer to the following youtube videos to prepare for the UCEED 2022 drawing test.

Particulars Link
Basics of Design Drawing by Kaphal Studio Click here
How to Start Drawing by Dad Think Labs Click here
PERSPECTIVE DRAWING by THiNC Institute of Design Click here
Design sketching daily practice for NID/UCEED/CEED/NIFT by Addylabs Click here

UCEED 2022 Study Materials

It is always advisable to study from books recommended by the toppers and analysts only as they are reliable. Some of the good books that can guide in the UCEED 2022 Preparation are –

Name of Books Link
UCEED B.Des Entrance Test Books and Revision Series Buy Here
UCEED Mock Test Series Buy Here
UCEED (B.Des) Study Pack for 2020 Buy Here
UCEED Design Environment & Social Awareness In Design Perspective Buy Here
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations Buy Here

FAQs on How to Prepare for UCEED 2022

Ques. How to prepare for UCEED 2022 Examination?

Ans. Students should practice questions from each section and make a study plan or timetable to manage their time accordingly. Candidates can follow the points given in the article above to prepare properly for the UCEED 2022 Examination.

Ques. Is there any negative marking in the UCEED 2022 Examination?

Ans. No, there is no negative marking in the NAT and the drawing section. But the MSQ section has a negative marking of 0.19 along with the MCQ section which has a negative marking of 0.71.

Ques. What is the type of questions that will be asked in the UCEED 2022 Examination?

Ans. There will be 69 total questions asked in the UCEED 2022 exam. There will be four types of questions – MCQ, MSQ, NAT, and a drawing question. All the questions have to be answered as no internal choice is given in the paper.

Ques. What are the best books to prepare for UCEED 2022 Examination?

Ans. The books mentioned in the article above are specifically designed to help the students appearing for the UCEED 2022 Examination in their preparation. Students can refer to these recommended books to study the major and important topics.

Ques. How many sections are there in the UCEED 2022 Examination?

Ans. The UCEED 2022 Exam is divided into two parts – section A and B. Section A has topics like Visualization and spatial ability, observational ability, Environmental and social awareness, Analytical Reasoning, Language, and Design thinking. Section B includes the Drawing part.

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