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How to Prepare for TIFR GS 2022 – Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) conducts TIFR GS, a nationwide entrance exam for admission into Ph.D, Integrated M.Sc-Ph.D, as well as M.Sc degree in certain subjects. The programs are offered in various subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Computer & Systems Science, Mathematics, Physics.

Exam preparation is a long journey. People prepare for years to get selected. Though it is also an interesting journey, people go through many phases during this. Every candidate puts the same effort during the preparation but what decides the result, is dedication, self-motivation, and mental state. Candidates start their preparation enthusiastically but after a phase, some start losing hope and underestimate themselves. The one who is dedicated enough and believes in himself keeps moving and they are most likely to reach their goal and succeed. TIFR GS 2022 is an online examination. The candidates who get selected are required to appear for interviews and / or second written test held for the shortlisted candidates. Check the tips and tricks on how to prepare for TIFR GS 2022 from this page.

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How to Prepare for TIFR GS 2022?

One needs to have a proper strategy for preparation to crack any entrance exam. Here are some smart tips on how to prepare for TIFR GS 2022.

1. Understand exam pattern: Keep a track of exam patterns. Divide your time as per the number of questions and subsections present in the question paper.

2. Have good study material: Study the best books specified by the toppers. Books should be based on the syllabus. Refer to different authors and then choose the best one according to your understanding.

3. Appear for Mock tests: Practice previous year’s papers and understand the exam pattern. Rectify your mistakes and work upon your weak points.

4. Practice: Practice as much as you can as that will increase your confidence.

5. Make proper notes: Notes are very important for last-minute revision. Also, the Candidate should keep revising the old concept to keep a proper grip on it.

6. Be confident: Stay motivated throughout the preparation and have confidence in yourself.

Some General Tips on How to Prepare for TIFR GS 2022

It is necessary to follow certain tips and methods to qualify for the exam to prepare for the graduate school examination. Check the general tips on how to prepare for TIFR GS 2022 given as follows:

  • Knowing the dates: Remember exam dates and prepare accordingly.
  • Knowing the syllabus: Check the syllabus of your particular subject before starting the preparation.
  • Knowing books, Have good study material to prepare for the exam.
  • Understanding the exam pattern: Go through the exam pattern in advance so as to know the details about the exam.
  • time management: Prepare and follow an accurate time schedule.
  • Solving the previous year question papers: Solve the old questions and sample papers is also an important part of preparation.

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TIFR GS 2022 Admission Process

Check the selection process of TIFR GS 2022 from below:

  • Appear for online test (TIFR GS 2022)
  • Shortlisted candidates will have to then appear for interviews
  • Second written test of shortlisted candidates (depending on the program / subject)

Syllabus for TIFR GS 2022

Check the syllabus for TIFR GS 2022 for various subjects given as follows.


  • Algebra
  • Analysis
  • Geometry/Topology
  • General


  • Classical mechanics
  • general physics
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Heat, thermodynamics and statistical physics
  • modern physics
  • Mathematics related to Physics
  • electronics and experimental physics
  • Quantum mechanisms


The curriculum for the Chemistry Written Tests is identical to the typically standard curriculum for the B.Sc. and M.Sc. courses in any Indian institution. It examines the basic understanding and expertise in the fields of

  • Physical, organic, inorganic chemistry
  • Analytics
  • Electro and quantum chemical
  • Biopsy
  • Thermodynamics
  • specoscopy
  • Logic
  • Statistics
  • Mathematical techniques (NMR, fluorescence, IR, UV and x-ray).

Computer Science

  • Discrete Mathematics: Sets and Relations, Combinatorics (Counting) and Ele mentary Probability Theory, Graph Theory, Propositional and Predicate Logic.
  • Formal Languages, Automata Theory and Computability.
  • Data Structures and Algorithms: Arrays, Lists and Trees. Sorting and Searching, Graph algorithms. Complexity of problems and NP-completeness.
  • Fundamentals of Programming Languages ​​and Compilers: Control structures, Parameter passing mechanisms. Recursion. Parsing and type checking. memory management.
  • Operating Systems and Concurrency.
  • Switching Theory and Digital Circuits
  • Theory of Databases


The test shall be extremely basic and shall cover questions from the topics:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

Important Books and Websites for Indian TIFR GS 2022

Here are some books and websites for reference. Good study material will also help you during the preparation


FAQs on How to Prepare for TIFR GS 2022

Ques. What is the process of admission in TIFR GS?

Ans. You are required to first clear the online exam which is followed by the interview and then, a written exam is held for the shortlisted candidates as per the subject / program opted.

Ques. From where can I know the syllabus for TIFR GS 2022

Ans. You can check the syllabus from

Ques. How can I prepare for TIFR GS 2022?

Ans. You can buy books of famous authors and sample question papers for exam. Practice previous year questions to know the pattern and type of questions asked.

Ques. What are the tips to crack TIFR GS exam?

Ans. In order to crack this exam, revise the already studied topics. Solve as many numericals as possible. Prepare from the good books and give mock tests.

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