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How to Prepare for SCERT Odisha 2022 – Preparation plays a very vital role in any exam. Candidates need to have a proper strategy to prepare well for the exam. A planned study and preparation are very necessary to score good marks in the exam. By having good preparation strategy candidates will be stress-free and will not panic at last. With SCERT Odisha 2022 approaching, here we have provided some tips on how to prepare for SCERT Odisha 2022, with help of which candidates can score fairly well.

How to Prepare for SCERT Odisha 2022

Many candidates take part in this exam, which makes this exam highly competitive in nature. The preparation for any exam needs to be done in a very good manner, to score good marks. Here we have provided some of the tips that candidates can follow for SCERT Odisha.

SCERT Odisha 2022 Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Having a clear knowledge of exam patterns is a must. The exam will be held in online mode, ie in Computer Based Test. The exam will be for 1 hour 30 mins. The questions will be asked in MCQ types. A total of 90 questions will be asked B. Ed, BPEd, D.EI.ED in the exam. For every correct answer, 1 mark will be allotted. For every wrong answer, 0.25 marks are deducted. More than one response to a question shall be considered incorrect and a negative mark will be awarded.

How to Prepare for SCERT Odisha B.Ed 2022

There shall be two sections in the Odisha B.Ed exam. Part One consists of language part (English), general English, reasoning, teaching aptitude, etc. In the second part, candidates who select section A (Arts) and section B (Science) will have to prepare for the respective groups.

  • To prepare for Part I, candidates should keep a clear knowledge of current happenings around them. Along with this, they should also practice a lot of reasoning questions, to prepare for resoning section. Candidates shoud develop a habit of reading new paper daily, to improve their english comprehension. Some of the good books for it is also availble in the market. Candidates can take help of it.
  • To prepare for the second part, candidates who select science section, will have to answer questions form bio section, mathematics and physical science. In that order, candidates should solve daily questions for mathematics. To prepare for bio section, candidates can make notes from the boosk and then can memorise it.

How To Prepare For SCERT Odisha 2022 BPEd

In SCERT Odisha, candidates will have to prepare for two sections, Paper I and Paper-II.

  • For part one, question will be asked from sections like general awareness, resoning, teachnjg aptitude, etc. For this sections, candidates should read and study daily new papers. By reading news papers, candidates will be updated related to the current happenings and events. For resoning, they should practice daily brain storming questions.
  • For part two, candidates will have to prepare from current affiars, physiology and hygine. To prepare for this, candidates should be aware of the current happenings. For physiology and hygine, candidates should watch videos, make notes, read good factual information about the subject.

How To Prepare For SCERT Odisha 2022 D.EI.Ed

In D.EI.ED, there shall be two sections, like B.Ed and BPEd. Part one shall be the same as B.Ed and BPEd.

  • To prepare for the first part, candidates shoud keep themselves updated of all the current happenings. For this, they should read daily newspaper, watch daily news. Reading daily news papers boosts up will help in keeping the record of current happenigs. Along with this
  • To prepare for the second section, candidates will have to prepare from the sections like languages ​​(odia, english, urdu, olchiki). To prepare for this section, candidates should solve daily maths questions and solve resoning questions as much as they can. Along with this, they can also read and make notes for this, which will help in memorizing later.

SCERT Odisha 2022 Important Books

Some of the important books for SCERT Odisha are as follows. Candidates can refer to this for their reference:

SCERT Odisha 2022 Exam Preparation Tips

Given below are some of the tips, that candidates can follow to fetch good marks in the SCERT Odisha exam:

  • Follow a schedule: It is very important to develop a proper schedule. By having a proper schedule, candidates will be able to be hassle-free and prepare in an efficient manner. Following the time table is very strict.
  • Start with the difficult section first: It is very important to prepare for the difficult section first. Candidates do this mistake of keeping the difficult section for last. They should always prepare difficult section first.
  • Follow the syllabus: Following the syllabus is a key to ace the preparation. A clear knowledge of syllabus is important as by it, one gets to know, what to study and how much to study.
  • Practice the Previous Year Question Paper: Solving the previous year qusetion paper is essential as it gives you a fair idea about how the question will be asked, difficulty level and what is the pattern of the exam. Solving the question paper also helps in analyzing the preparation level.

FAQs On How To Prepare for SCERT 2022 Odisha

Q. How do I prepare for SCERT Odisha 2022?

Ans. Candidates must try to prepare for exams as early as possible and must try to prepare their schedule accordingly and start following it on the daily basis. Candidates must study the previous year’s Question Papers and try to solve the complete paper within to pace up their speed.

Q. What is SCERT Odisha for?

Ans. SCERT Odisha is a 2-year diploma course for the post of primary teachers in the state of Odisha. he SCERT Odisha is organized for excellent level training programs for the new entrant and teaching workforce. Candidates who want to pursue courses like BPEd, B.Ed, M.Phil, D.EI.ED.

Q. In which mode SCERT Odisha will be conducted?

Ans. SCERT Odisha will be conducted in online mode.

Q. How many sections are there in SCERT Odisha 2022?

Ans. There shall be two sections in SCERT Odisha in every paper

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