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SCERT Assam 2022 – Before appearing for any exam, it is very essential to have a good preparation strategy. Good preparation leads to good fetching of marks. A planned preparation and study for SCERT Assam will not only help in studying but also candidates will be stress-free. With SCERT Assam soon approaching, we are here to help you out with some tips and how you can prepare for SCERT Assam 2022, Read down below to know more about the Assam SCERT Preparation.

How to Prepare for SCERT Assam 2022

As per the fact, SCERT Assam is highly competitive in nature. Every year lakhs of candidates appear for it. From this, it is quite clear that the competition level is high. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for SCERT Assam in a correct and appropriate manner to score well. Here, we have tried to give some preparation tips, that may help in the preparation procedure.

SCERT Assam Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2022

It is very important to be well aware of the exam pattern and syllabus of the exam in which candidates are going to appear. The SCERT Assam will be for 02 hours and will be held in offline mode. A total of 100 questions will be asked in the exam in the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) type. In SCERT Assam, there shall be two sections, in the SCERT Assam exam. Candidates will be awarded a 01 mark for every correct answer and a 0.25 mark is deducted for every incorrect answer. If more than one response is marked by the candidate, it will be treated as an incorrect response and hence 0.25 marks shall be deducted.

Candidates can check the distribution of marks from below,

Topics Marks
Section I
General English 10 marks
General Knowledge 15 marks
Reasoning 10 marks
TOTAL 35 marks
Section II
General Mathematics 15 marks
General Science & EVS 15 marks
Social Science 20 marks
Language (Assamese/Bangla/Bodo) 15 marks
TOTAL 65 marks

How To Prepare For SCERT Assam General English 2022

The section for general English shall be for 10 marks. For the general English section, candidates will have to prepare from very basic topics like vocabulary, tenses, verbs, prepositions, adverbs, synonyms, antonyms, etc. For the candidates who are beginners or mid-level learners, regularity and consistency are a must. The language English demands regularity for learning it properly. The syllabus for English is very basic and can be easily covered if proper time is given. Candidates can also take help from the various youtube tutorials available.

How To Prepare For SCERT Assam General Knowledge 2022

For General Knowledge, the candidates must be well aware of all the current happenings and events. General Knowledge Questions related to sports, news, politics, history, general science, etc will be covered in this section. Candidates can take the help of any yearbook to prepare for this section. Candidates should daily read newspapers and keep a track of the news in order to prepare for this.

How To Prepare For SCERT Assam General Mathematics and Reasoning 2022

Reasoning and mathematics are the two most important sections of the SCERT Assam. The reasoning section will have questions from logical and analytical reasoning and patterns. The reasoning is one such section that is highly scoring and candidates can gain good marks if they prepare well for this section. To prepare for the mathematics section, candidates must try to solve more and more questions from sections like fractions, HCF, Percentage, Measurement, Ratio, proportion, geometry, etc. The maths section is also very basic and the questions area sked from 10th and 11th level. A lot of tutorial videos and books are available, and help can be taken from them.

How To Prepare For SCERT Assam General Science and Social Science 2022

The section for general science and social science is also very basic. It will have questions from sections like Natural and Social Environment, Factors influencing the environment, Causes of environmental degradation: Air, water, sound, and soil pollution, Bio-diversity, Environmental Issues: Flood, erosion, earthquake, deforestation, population explosion, Environmental protection- Constitutional provision, Protection Acts, Role of individual and local bodies, NGOs, and Government, Different states and characteristics of matter, physical and chemical change, chemical reaction, etc. The topics are the ones already studied in class 10th and 11th. It will be repetition and revision of the topics already studied.

Important books for SCERT Assam 2022

Some of the books for SCERT Assam that candidates can consider are as follows:

SCERT Assam 2022 Exam Preparation Tips

Given below are some of the tips that candidates can follow to prepare well for the SCERT Assam:

  • Make a time table: It is very necessary to make a proper time-table before starting with the preparation. By having a time table it becomes easy to give proper time to each section equally. There’s no confusion and you get enough time to prepare twice for every topics and section.
  • Prepare the difficult section and topic first: It is always advised to start with the difficult section first. By starting with the difficult section, candidates have enough time left at the end to revise it. At time candidates keep the difficult topic for last and then there is not enough time left atalst to revise it. Therefore, it is always advisable to study with the difficult ones before.
  • Follow the syllabus: Candidates should follow the syllabus rigoursly to prepare well for the exam. A clear kowledge of the syllabus is essential to know what to study and the important topics as well. Know the syllabus well before starting off with the preparation.
  • Enhancing the thinking skills: Candidates should enhance their thinking and logical skills, as SCERT Assam exam will have questions from Culture, History, social science, mathematics etc. The focus should be on the current affairs, science, history, etc included in teaching course. Learning these will help in answering the questions faster.
  • Solve Previous Year Question Paper: Solving the previous year question paper is important as it gives you a fair idea about how the question will be asked, difficulty level and what is the pattern of the exam. Solving the question paper also helps in analyzing the preparation level. Solve and practice the previous year question paper as much as yoy can. It also increases the speed for the actual day of the exam.

FAQs on How To Prepare For SCERT Assam 2022

Q. How can I apply for DLED in Assam?

Ans. Open the official website of State Council Of Educational Research And Training (SCERT), Assam. Fill out the application form at the given link for DElEd Admissions. Candidates should carefully go through all the instructions and check the eligibility criteria, then proceed to fill out the application form.

Q. What is SCERT Assam?

Ans. SCET Assam is organized for candidates who are permanent residents of
Assam and aspiring to take up teaching at the elementary level as a profession may apply to
appear in the Pre Entry Test (PET) for admission into 2-year Diploma in Elementary
Education course NCTE recognized Teacher Education Institutes of the state.

Q. How do I prepare for Assam SCERT?

Ans. Some of the preparation tips for Assam SCERT are given on the page above. Candidates can follow the same for their preparation.

Q. In which mode SCERT Assam will be conducted?

Ans. SCERT Assam will be conducted in offline mode. ie pen and paper mode.

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