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How to Prepare for PPBNET 2022 – Punjab Post Basic Nursing Entrance Test (PPBNET) is conducted by Baba Farid University of Health Sciences. It is conducted for admission into Post Basic B.Sc Nursing course. “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”. This is a quote by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. So, start your preparation as early as possible. You will be able to score well in PPBNET 2022 only if a good preparation strategy has been followed. Good preparation avoids any last-minute trouble for any candidate. If you are prepared well for the examination, it would boost up your confidence at the time of the examination and would greatly affect your result. You should prepare and study for your exam with proper planning and technique to get the best result. Check this article to know about the strategy on how to prepare for PPBNET 2022.

How to Prepare for PPBNET 2022

Thinking that you will be able to score well enough in the examination is how you should start preparing for PPBNET 2022. Keep a positive mindset, follow the syllabus, keep your eyes on the exam pattern. Check the preparation tips for PPBNET 2022 given below.

Know the syllabus: Going through your syllabus is a very important part before you start preparing for any exam. Knowing what topics to study would help you find the right study materials. It would also make you understand what important topics need to be covered to score well in the exam. PPBNET 2022 will have questions from General Nursing and Midwifery. You should have basic knowledge from what you have studied previously.

Making a Time Table: Make a proper schedule. Start with 2-3 hours of study in the morning. Have your breakfast, do any activity to relieve yourself, and get back to study again after that. Make sure to take a walk in the evening, play a game or spend some family time in your day.

Taking short breaks: Studying doesn’t mean you have to sit in your room and learn and write all day. Try taking short 5 to 10 minutes breaks after every hour. Grab a snack or roam around in your house for a while. This would make you stress less and learn more.

Highlighting Important points: Never forget to have a pencil while you study. Underline important points or lines while studying. You can also write down points in short if you like. This would make you remember more about a certain important sub-topic or part of that subject.

Solving Papers: It is never easy to complete the whole syllabus and then start solving papers. Thus, start doing questions as you study topics. Mock papers and previous years papers would help you a lot. They even have the same exam pattern which would make you understand how you need to divide your time while solving the paper on that day.

Staying Positive: While preparing for an exam, many students might get stressed or start thinking negatively. You have to avoid any self-thinking about not scoring well in the exam. Focus on your schedule and just keep going. Never lose your hope.

Last Minute Tips for PPBNET 2022

The last minutes before any examination can be very stressful for any candidate. The most important thing for you in that time period is to not panic about the exam and stay focused. Here are some last-minute preparation tips for all the candidates appearing for PPBNET 2022.

  • Go through notes: Candidates need to understand that the last hours before any examination are very crucial. You should go through the quick notes and read through important points before the examination. You should avoid going the full notes or the whole chapters. If there is any topic that you are doubtful about, you should read about that topic again.
  • You might want to take a longer break: The candidates try studying everything at the last moment and then get stressed up before the examination. Thus, you shall consider taking longer breaks. This will help you relax your mind and concentrate in the exam.
  • Turn off any source of distraction: There are many distractions you might come across to like your mobile phone, laptop or any other electronic device. It is advised to avoid them. If you want to study, go towards handwritten notes or maybe books.
  • Sufficient sleep: It is very important that all candidates take care of how much sleep they are getting just before the night of the examination. If your sleep is not enough, you might feel sleepy during your exam. This can effect your efficiency and thus your result evidently. So, get the proper sleep before the exam day.
  • Avoid last minute hassle: Prepare all the required materials the night before the exam. Avoid rushing around, finding things and stressing over them just before the exam. Collect all the things that you need like admit card, stationary, etc. and keep them safely together to take next day for the exam.

PPBNET 2022 Exam Pattern

The Examination Pattern can easily be checked by the candidates on the official site of Baba Farid University of Health Sciences. Knowing the exam pattern can help the candidate know how they should prepare for the exam, how should they mark answers in the exam and how will the Examination be conducted. Check PPBNET 2022 exam pattern given as follows:

  • The Examination will be conducted in offline mode.
  • PPBNET 2022 will be held in English language only.
  • All questions in the examination will be multiple choice type.
  • Candidates will have to mark answers in the OMR sheet provided to them.
  • The OMR sheet would have 5 ovals. The first 4 ovals are for the 4 options provided. If the candidate does not wish to attempt any question, he/she should mark the 5th oval in the OMR sheet.
  • There will be no negative marking as such for incorrect answers in PPBNET 2022. However, if the candidate does not mark the 5th oval for the questions he/she has not attempted, 1 mark will be deducted.

Books Recommended to Prepare for PPBNET 2022

Following are some books that you should refer to for the best results in PPBNET 2022. Find topics from these books, study them, make notes and solve questions.

FAQs on How to Prepare for PPBNET 2022

Ques. How long will it take to prepare for PPBNET 2022?

Ans. Preparing for PPBNET 2022 depends on you. With proper preparation and a schedule, you can prepare for PPBNET 2022 in very little time.

Ques. What is the first thing I should do to start preparing for PPBNET 2022?

Ans. You should first check your syllabus for PPBNET 2022. Next, you should check your exam pattern and then, buy books according to it.

Ques. What if I get stressed out while studying for PPBNET 2022?

Ans. Taking short breaks and doing any leisure activity you like would make your stress go away in no time.

Ques. What is the frequency of PPBNET?

Ans. PPBNET 2022 happens once a year.

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