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How to Prepare for NID 2022 – Candidates can learn how to prepare for NID 2022 by checking out proper strategies and mind-maps from this page. NID Design Aptitude Test (DAT) is a national-level entrance exam for admissions into UG and PG Design courses. The highest weightage in NID 2022 is given to the drawing related questions, problem solving skills, and other lateral thinking concepts. Scroll down to check out the best tips to prepare for NID 2022, syllabus and important books, exam pattern and recommendations by toppers and much more.

How to Prepare for NID 2022

NID 2022, is conducted in pen and paper mode ie offline basis in 23-34 test center across India. It is also important to be thorough with the syllabus of NID, and make schedule accordingly. Here are few tips and tricks to pass with flying colors

  • If you’ve out-of-the-box ideas but your sketching is not up to the mark then you don’t have to really worry about it. NID asks for a balance of skills. NID can ignore minor flaws in your sketches. Just make sure that the sketches you make image what you have in your mind.
  • Prepare to show your creativity in any way : Weird questions can be a great chance for you to show your creative skills. Therefore try to answer in a more creative way.
  • Know the design symbolism and conventions well: Make sure that you are familiar with the design terms such as gestalt principles, meaning of colors, applications of different materials, etc, as well as design symbolism like speech bubbles, zoom in gestures, graphical symbolism, etc.
  • Do not use wet media such as sketch pens or water colors. Use dry media which includes color pencils, pastels, etc.
  • Have your own unique sketching style. There are many unique techniques which you can find during your practice sessions. Make sure you develop a unique style by practicing it and working hard on it.
  • NID Exam paper is too lengthy, therefore plan your sketches first, don’t rush into sketching anything without a proper plan.

How to Prepare for NID 2022 by Toppers?

One of the best ways to prepare for any Entrance Exam is to know how toppers prepared for the exam. Here are few tips by the toppers which might help you a lot.

NID Toppers Preparation Tips
Krishna Gilda
NID DAT 2020, AIR 1, MDes
The decision to make a portfolio and an SoP before the NID Entrance Exam was the best strategy that helps a lot to prepare for the entrance exam.
Pramod Priya Ranjan
NID DAT 2020, AIR 5, MDes
To keep the quality of sketching good and up to the expectations is the most difficult part. Usually, NID DAT papers are lengthy as compared to the time allotted for the exam.
Dipra Arora
NID DAT 2021, AIR 2, BDes
Keep learning, reading and researching about a wide range of topics so as to implement them in the theory as well as sketches.
Khushi Purohit
NID DAT 2021, AIR 1, BDes
Prepare for NID the way IITians prepare for JEE. Observe everything in your surroundings. Sketch daily.

NID 2022 Syllabus

The syllabus of NID 2022, is not definite and is exhaustive of the following important topics.

For B.Design , M.Design Prelims Lateral thinking
Design awareness
Exercises on imagination
Graphics & pictograms
Principles of composition
optical illusion
Innovation & creation
Inspiration & design development
Natural & geometrical form
memory drawing
Drawing Fundamentals
Innovation in design
Theme development
Creative thinking & writing
Natural & geometrical form
Imagination and doodling
Color psychology & optical illusions
Elements & principles of design
Understanding light & shade
3D visualization
Design theory
Developing observation
Good design vs. bad design
Colour, pattern & texture
Form & function
visual logic
Color terminology
Presentation techniques
picture analysis
Story pictures
Usage of color in compositions
Use of measurements, scale & proportions
Expression & emotion
Developing themes & color associations
For B. Design / Design Mains Creative thinking, Interview tips, Importance of body language, Doodling, Audio & visual exercises, Model making, Evolving ideas, Mock interview, Past studio test & interview questions, Questions generally asked in an interview, Material manipulation, Guidance on portfolio making

NID 2022 Exam Pattern

For Prelims: The pattern of the NID exam changes every year and this pattern is as per the sample papers and previous year question papers.

Exam Duration 3 hours
Medium of Language english
Maximum Marks 100 marks
Maximum Questions 26 questions
Types of Questions Objective type and Subjective type of questions

For Mains: The overview of the mains examination for NID DAT, be checked from the table below

Exam Duration 3 hours
Medium of Language english
Maximum Marks 100 marks
Mode of exam Offline

Important Books to Prepare for NID 2022

Here are a few top-rated books for the preparation of NID 2022.

Important Books Buying Links
Guide for NIFT/NID/IIFT 2022 Buy Here
NID Mock Test Series 2022-23 (B Design Pattern) Buy Here
NID Admission Test Previous Year’s Papers Buy Here
NID Entrance Books & Test Series- B Des Buy Here
NID Study Pack Entrance Exam 2022 Buy Here

So, this is all about the tips for cracking NID 2022, we hope these tricks might help you to excel in your main examination and bringing glorifying colors to your home. With a proper mindmap and study plan, clearing NID becomes a bit more easier and gives you a legitimate lead against all your competitors.

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