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How to Prepare for NCHMCT JEE 2022 – To achieve good marks, students can check tips and tricks on How to Prepare for NCHMCT JEE 2022 from this page. It is very important for a candidate appearing for NCHMCT JEE 2022 to have a proper idea of ​​the exam pattern for a better preparation. National Testing Agency (NTA), conducts the NCHMCT JEE 2022 exam for allotment of seats into B.Sc. ( hospitality and hotel administration ) course. Ever year near about an average of 30,000 to 35000 students register to appear for the exam. Scroll down to check out the exam pattern, syllabus, and how to prepare for NCHMCT 2022 subjectwise.

How to Prepare for NCHMCT JEE 2022

NCHMCT JEE 2022 is an exam held at national level. The total time duration for the exam is three hours. Shown below are the topper tips on how to prepare for NCHMCT JEE 2022.

How to Prepare for NCHMCT JEE 2022 – An Overview

Preparation tips helps a candidate to make a good strategy for the exam and design a good time table and study plan for the exam. It helps the candidate to know about what they are going to face and of how to face it.

  • The most important tips for the preparation of NCHMCT JEE 2022 is to make a proper time table. it will help you for the roadmap for your preparation journey. It should be made in such a way that you give enough time for each subject.
  • It is also important to have a good study material when they are preparing for the exam. They should try to study from the best books and sources available.
  • While books may help you for the knowledge of the topic, mock tests are very important for scoring good in the exam. it helps the candidate to analyze the performance and the preparation they had done.
  • Regular revision is also very important during the preparation of any exam. It helps in keeping every topic in the mind and making a good hold on the topic.
  • Keeping care of the health and rest should not be neglected. An ill body or an exhausted mind would result in bad efficiency only.

How to Prepare for NCHMCT JEE 2022 Subject Wise?

This is how you can ace every subject in NCHMCT 2022 examination.

Preparation for English language

It consist of areas like idioms, comprehension, vocabulary, phrases, spotting errors etc. For scoring good marks regular practice and efficiency is really important. Also revision of grammar rules is something one should not forget.

Preparation for General Knowledge and Current Affairs

The topics here are history, economics, civics, general science and geography. for current affairs reading of newspaper regularly is very crucial. Reading editorials summary will also be beneficial.

Preparation for Logical and Analytical Reasoning

It tests the candidate’s analytical ability. It will also help them to get understanding about the relationship, logical and structural conclusions. it also helps in deductive reasoning.

Preparation for Aptitude for Service Sector

It consist of situation related questions to check candidate’s IQ, SQ, EQ. For the preparation of this section candidate can go through different blog posts related to Hospitality Stalwarts.

Preparation for Mathematical Aptitude

It consists of question like profit/loss, percentage, algebra, average, etc. It is made to test the candidate’s numerical ability. For the preparation of this section, candidate should clear their mathematical concepts and formulas.

NCHMCT JEE 2022 Exam Pattern

  • NCHMCT JEE 2022 is a computer based online exam. It is objective in nature consisting of multiple choice questions.
  • It is a bilingual exam which can be given in both English or Hindi language.
  • The total time duration for the exam is three hours.
  • The exam consists of five sections. these sections are: Analytical aptitude and numerical ability, general knowledge and current affairs, aptitude for service sector, reasoning and logical deduction, English language.
  • The exam also has negative marking. 4 marks are given for every correct answer and 1 mark is deducted for every incorrect answer. For any answer that is unmarked, no marks will be added or deducted. The exam has a total of 200 questions.

NCHMCT JEE 2022 Syllabus

Knowing the syllabus for the exam is also very crucial before the preparation of NCHMCT JEE 2022, By knowing the syllabus of the exam, the candidates will get an idea about the topics they need to study and focus on. The following are the topics

  • Numerical Ability
  • Logical Reasoning
  • english
  • Aptitude Service Sector
  • General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Important Books for NCHMCT 2022

For the preparation of NCHMCT JEE 2022, candidate can check out these books which are recommended by various toppers and teachers. Reading these books will help candidate to secure good marks in their exam.

English Language Plinth to Paramount by Neetu Singh Buy Here
General Knowledge and current affairs Arihant General Awareness by Manohar Pandey Buy Here
Numerical Ability and Analytical Aptitude: Quantitative Aptitude by RS Aggarwal Buy Here
Reasoning and Logical Deduction: A modern approach to verbal and non-verbal reasoning by RS Aggarwal Buy Here

About NCHMCT JEE 2022

NCHMCT JEE 2022 is an exam held at national level, for the admission of the candidates wanting to get higher education in hotel management and catering and hospitality. It is an exam conducted by NTA every year. It is a moderate level exam which helps in getting student admission in top prestigious colleges for hotel management.

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