How to Prepare for MH CET Law 2022- Preparation tips, strategy and Best Books


How to Prepare for MH CET Law 2022- Maharashtra Common Entrance Test for Law or MH CET Law is a state-level examination conducted by the Directorate of Higher Education, Maharashtra for seeking admissions into the 3 and 5 year law courses offered by the colleges and Universities in Maharashtra. MH CET Law 2022 is a moderately competitive exam and around 40,000 students appear for it every year. MH CET 2022 is a hard nut to crack if you are seeking the top law colleges and candidates must go through the syllabus and best books for preparation. Also, aspiring candidates must start preparations as early as possible and go through the right preparation strategy to qualify for MH CET Law 2022. The detailed syllabus, strategy, and best books are mentioned in this article, therefore candidates must go through the following sections.

How to Prepare for MH CET Law 2022

Before proceeding towards the MH CET 2022 Planning and preparations, candidates need to be aware of the MH CET Law 2022 Exam Pattern and syllabus. MH CET Law 2022 Exam pattern and syllabus will give candidates an overview of the entire exam and will guide them in the proper preparations. The Exam pattern of MH CET Law 2022 is mainly divided for 3 year and 5 year LLB courses. The exam will be conducted in the online mode and the format will be MCQ Type. A total of 150 questions will be asked in the exam. The total time of 2 hours will be allotted and the medium of paper will be English and Marathi. 1 Mark will be awarded for every right answer and there will be no negative marking. Candidates can refer to the following exam patterns for 3 year and 5 year LLB Courses.

MH CET Law 2022 3 Year LLB Course Exam Pattern

Sections No. of Questions
Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning 30
General Knowledge including Current Affairs 40
Logical and Analytical Reasoning 30
English 50
Total 150

MH CET Law 2022 5 Year LLB Course Exam Pattern

Sections No. of Questions
Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning 40
General Knowledge including Current Affairs 30
Logical and Analytical Reasoning 40
English 30
Mathematical Aptitude 10
Total 150

MH CET Law 2022 Preparation Tips

After knowing the detailed exam pattern and syllabus of MH CET Law 2022, candidates need to look for the best preparation strategy and follow it. Just like every other law exam, this exam also needs practice and effort. The difference between both the program is that MH CET Law 2022 5 year LLB contains Mathematical aptitude while the 3 year LLB course does not contain mathematics. The detailed and comprehensive strategy is given below for each section :

This section tests the basic legal aptitude and reasoning skills of the candidate. The questions are mainly asked from the law propositions and statements from which candidates have to derive conclusions. The tips are as follows:

  • Select Good Books for legal aptitude: Good books are essential for this section’s preparation. Candidates must choose the books which cover all the major topics related to law aptitude and legal awareness. As this section tests the basic legal skills by drawing out the conclusions and choosing the right answers.
  • Read Legal Passages and comprehend them: Read legal passages and comprehend them in order to get the better understanding of the law concepts and facts. Basic law aptitude is checked through this section and candidates must focus on understanding and having thorough knowledge of law related facts and judiciary.
  • Stick to the Syllabus: Candidates must stick to all the important topics and concepts included in the syllabus. Legal topics and facts should be kept in mind and considered while preparing. The syllabus for this section is moderate and requires practice and time.
  • Maintain a daily Schedule: Candidates need to stick to the well planned schedule as per their convenience and study regularly. Try to cultivate the habit of studying two law subjects parallel to each other to cover the syllabus on time. Give more importance to the law subjects and topics in your schedule as this is a law based exam.
  • Improve Legal Awareness: Candidates must improve their legal awareness and understanding regarding the law concepts and terms in the syllabus. As this entrance exam tests the legal awareness in a candidate, therefore candidates should be fully aware about the recent as well as important law proceedings and famous judgements.
  • Take MH CET Law 2022 Mock Tests to check your performance: Take mock tests from time to time so that you become fully aware of the exam and exam pattern. After completing a subject or a topic, candidates can take mock test to keep a track of their learning progress. Any preparation is incomplete without solving practice papers, so candidates are advised to take regular mock test series available online.
  • Make short notes: Candidates must know that this section is completely theoretical and to gain mastery over the content like facts, propositions, statements, you need to make short notes while studying every legal topic so that candidates are able to derive and reach a legal argument which is correct.

MH CET Law 2022 General Knowledge including Current Affairs Preparation

This section tests the general awareness of a candidate and it asks about the recent happenings around the world as well as our country. Therefore the candidate’s knowledge of recent happenings and general knowledge should be strong. The following tips will help:

  • Keep yourself updated about the current affairs: This will help you in the general knowledge section as all the knowledge about the recent happenings will be asked. Magazines and newspapers will help in preparation of this section.
  • Improve the General Knowledge: This can done by reading the general knowledge books and enhancing the knowledge about History, General Science, Economics, and Current Affairs. This is very scoring if candidates keep them updated about the latest news. Lucent’s general knowledge is the best book for enhancing general awareness for any law based entrance tests.
  • Read Newspapers: Reading habit should be cultivated in candidates in order to enhance the day to day happenings around the world and our Country. Highlight the important articles and news and revise them regularly to memorize them.

MH CET Law 2022 Logical and Analytical Reasoning Preparation

This section contains 40 questions in the paper. This section usually tests the basic logical ability of a candidate to find answers, identify patterns, understand relationships etc. The tips are :

  • Develop logical thinking: Candidates are required to develop the critical thinking for this section by solving and practicing as many questions as they can. This will acquaint candidates to the different questions and concept, thereby developing the logical and reasoning ability.
  • Work upon Weak Areas: Candidates might be strong in one subject or topic and weak in the other. Since the questions from this section are very uncertain, so candidates must strengthen their weak topics by practicing it daily and taking help from online as well as offline sources.
  • Discover and Analyze Questions: By solving questions of reasoning and analytical reasoning, candidates should analyze each question and its solution thereby, reaching or deriving conclusions, which is the main factor. Candidates must learn to assimilate and utilize the information given to find their solutions by comprehending, identifying and analyzing them to enhance reasoning skills.

MH CET Law 2022 English Preparation

A total of 30 questions are asked from General English including comprehension, basic grammar, and structure. The following tips are useful:

  • Learn Basic Grammar Rules: The main grammar rules are followed everywhere. General English is not very hard and becomes easy with all the right rules. Candidates need to refer to the good grammar books for the preparation and learn to apply some Grammar structures and usage in sentences.
  • Read Newspapers and novels: Newspapers help in building a good vocabulary and formulate grammar structures in your mind. Making Newspaper reading a habit will benefit the candidates in this section

MH CET Law 2022 Mathematical Aptitude Preparation

This section includes basic mathematical questions. This is based on mathematical terms and concepts. The following tips are essential:

  • Be Quick with tips and tricks: Tips and tricks will surely help the candidates in this section. Candidates must learn short tricks and tips for solving mathematical numerical.
  • Practice is the key: Candidates must perfect each of their solutions by practicing daily and maintaining consistency in the work. The answers and solutions will be meaningful only if they are accurate and precise. Candidates must focus on bringing accuracy in their solutions, especially when numbers and aptitude are involved.
  • Memorize Important Formulae: Often candidates get conceptual questions which demands the candidate’s basic knowledge and concepts. Especially in this section, candidates will have to rely upon certain concepts of Mathematics.

MH CET Law 2022 Syllabus

Candidates must be aware of the important subjects and topics in each section. The section-wise syllabus of MH CET Law 2022 is given below:

MH CET Law 2022 Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning Syllabus

  • Indian Constitution
  • Indian Penal Code
  • Legal Fundamentals and terms
  • Law Of Torts
  • Important Landmarks, Supreme Court Judgments
  • Legal Maxims
  • Family Law
  • Indian Contract Act

MH CET Law 2022 General Knowledge including Current Affairs Syllabus

  • Politics
  • General Science
  • Economics
  • Books and Authors
  • Major Industries in India
  • National & International Topics
  • Awards and Achievements
  • General Science
  • Geography

MH CET Law 2022 Logical and Analytical Reasoning Syllabus

  • Statements & Arguments
  • Blood Relationship
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Statements & Conclusions
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Analogy
  • Direction & Distance Test
  • Number Test
  • Syllogism

MH CET Law 2022 English

  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Sentence completion
  • Subject-verb Agreement
  • Spotting Errors
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • Analogies
  • English Grammar
  • One-word Substitution

MH CET Law 2022 Mathematical Aptitude Syllabus

  • Number system
  • HCF and LCM
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Probability
  • clocks & Calendars
  • Functions
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Interest
  • Profit, Loss and Discounts
  • Percentage
  • Roots and Indices
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Time and Work
  • Average

MH CET Law 2022 Exam Day Instructions

Candidates can refer to the following instructions for the exam day :

  • Reach the examination venue early at least 40 minutes before the exam to avoid last minute rush and document verification.
  • Carry your admit card to the exam center as without an admit card and a valid ID proof you’ll be not given any entry.
  • Attempt the questions you find easy to save the time and do not waste too much of your time on a particular question
  • Try to attempt all the questions as there is no negative marking in the exam
  • Make sure you manage your time well so as to complete every question as time allotted is very limited.
  • Read carefully the exam day guidelines which are printed on your AIL LET 2022 admit card and make sure you don’t miss out on important documents or instructions.

MH CET Law 2022 Best Books

Candidates must choose wisely all the content and the subject matter. For this, they need to refer to the best books for the preparation. Candidates are generally confused in the legal aptitude and reasoning section. We have provided a list of the best books below based on the toppers strategy:

Books Buying Links
Legal Awareness and Logical Reasoning  Click Here
Quantitative ability by R S Agarwal Click Here
Analytical and logical reasoning by Peeyush Bhardwaj Click here
LLB Entrance Examination Guide Click Here
Legal Aptitude and Reasoning for CLAT by A. P. Bhardwaj Click here
Universal Guide to CLAT and LLB Click here
Objective Mathematics by R D Sharma Click here
Objective General English by RS Aggarwal Click here
Lucent General Knowledge Click here

FAQs on How to Prepare for MH CET Law 2022

Q. How many sections are there in MH CET Law 2022?

A. There are four sections for 3 year LLB Course namely Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning, English, Logical and Analytical Reasoning, GK including current Affairs and for 5 Year LLB course there are 5 sections which are same as 3 year course but also includes mathematical aptitude as fifth section.

Q. How do I prepare for GK and Current Affairs section in MH CET Law?

A. You can refer to all the topics in the syllabus and go through the Lucent’s GK book for study material. Also, read newspapers to enhance the knowledge about recent happenings and news.

Q. How do I prepare for Law Aptitude and reasoning Section for MH CET 2022?

A. For this section, candidates need to go through the entire syllabus first and then study all the legal terms and concepts. After studying law related topics from good books, go for the mock test series to acquaint yourself to the kind of questions. For more, refer to this page.

Q. What will be the format of the Question Paper of MH CET Law ?

A. The format of the MH CET Law 2022 is Objective type or MCQ based.

Q. What topics are asked in Legal aptitude and reasoning section for MH CET law 2022?

A. The major topics asked are Indian Constitution, Indian Penal Code, Legal Fundamentals and terms, Law Of Torts, Important Landmarks, Supreme Court Judgments, Legal Maxims, Family Law etc. For more details refer to this page.

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