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How to Prepare for JEST 2022 – The common phrases like JEST is a tough exam and the syllabus is very vast do not hold ground if one follows the right preparation strategy. Like Nelson Mandela has rightly pointed out, “It only seems impossible until it’s done.” With a first-hand preparation strategy, one can clear the JEST 2022, and that too with good marks. Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST) 2022 will be held on March 13, 2022. The entrance exam offers admission in Ph.D / Integrated Ph.D Program in Theoretical Computer Science or Physics or Neuroscience or Computational Biology in the leading institutions of India. Check this page to know about the strategy on how to prepare for JEST 2022,

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How to Prepare For JEST 2022

Preparing for JEST 2022 is not a frightening task if you learn what, when, and how to prepare for the test. Having a sound knowledge of the syllabus and the question weightage are the two points that will help you in your preparation for JEST 2022. Here are some simple but crucial preparation tips that you should not miss if you wish to appear for the exam.

  • Have a clear understanding of the concepts: The syllabus of the JEST is quite vast, and therefore, one cannot cover the topics by mugging up. One needs to have precise knowledge of the concepts in order to solve the questions accurately. The fundamental concepts make one retain the concepts for a longer time.
  • Consistency is The Key: The key to crack the JEST 2022 is consistency. The topics/syllabus in the exam requires multiple revisions for the best results. It can only be possible if one learns daily.
  • Previous Year Questions: One of the most trusted mantras in any exam is the analysis of last years’ questions. They can prove to be of great importance if you lack a sense of clarity on the layout of questions in the exam. Solving the questions from the past year will make you understand the demand of the test.
  • Solve mock tests: Practice makes a man perfect and this sums up everything. You cannot fail if you have made sincere attempts at winning. JEST mock tests are readily available on various websites. Forget not to test your preparation by giving as many mock tests as you can.
  • Limited and Genuine Sources: A major mistake that the students are likely to commit during their preparation is buying multiple books but reading none. If you have plenty of reading material, chances are you will end up reading nothing. Therefore, it is advisable to have definite sources but authentic and effective ones.


JEST 2022 Physics Syllabus

The syllabus prescribed for the JEST Physics exam is broadly categorized into six major topics. Here is a detailed description of the JEST Physics 2022 Syllabus,

I. Mathematical Methods

  • Curvilinear coordinate systems
  • Linear algebra, Vector algebra, and vector calculus tensors
  • Elements of Sturm–Liouville theory and Linear differential equations
  • Complex analysis
  • Special functions
  • Elements of probability theory, error analysis
  • Laplace transforms
  • Fourier series and Fourier transforms
  • Elementary properties of discrete group

II. Classical Mechanics

  • Newton’s laws
  • Conservation of energy and momentum
  • Collisions
  • Generalized coordinates
  • Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations of mechanics
  • The principle of the least action
  • Symmetry and conservation laws
  • Kepler problem
  • central force problem
  • Small oscillations and normal modes
  • Special relativity in classical mechanics

III. Electromagnetism & Optics

  • Electrostatics and magnetostatics, boundary value problems
  • Multiple expansion
  • Fields in a dielectric, conducting, diamagnetic, and paramagnetic media
  • Faraday’s law and time-varying fields
  • Displacement current
  • Maxwell’s equations
  • Energy and momentum of electromagnetic fields
  • Propagation of plane electromagnetic waves
  • Reflection
  • Refraction
  • Electromagnetic waves in dispersive and conducting media
  • diffraction
  • Interference
  • Polarization

IV. Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

  • Physics Laws of Thermodynamics
  • Work and heat
  • Thermodynamic potentials
  • Elements of kinetic theory
  • Maxwell’s relations
  • Statistical ensembles
  • Partition function
  • Classical ideal gas, harmonic oscillators
  • Classical and quantum statistics
  • Fermi and Bose gases
  • Black body radiation
  • Statistics of paramagnetism

V. Quantum Mechanics

  • Uncertainty principle
  • Schrödinger equation
  • Central potentials, a hydrogen atom
  • Orbital and spin angular momenta
  • The addition of angular momenta
  • Matrix formulation of quantum theory
  • Unitary transformations
  • Hermitian operators
  • Variational principle, time-dependent perturbation theory, time-independent perturbation theory

VI. Electronics

  • Basics of semiconductor
  • pn junctions, diodes, transistors
  • LCR circuits, rectifiers, amplifiers, active filters, and oscillators
  • Basics of OPAMPs and their applications;
  • Basics of digital electronics

Best Books For JEST 2022

Here is a list of books that you can refer to prepare for JEST 2022 exams.

Importance of JEST Sample Papers

The students appearing for JEST 2022 can find the sample papers on the official website of JEST. The sample papers are made available by the exam authorities themselves. Have a look at the key pointers given below to know the significance of sample papers.

  • Last Minute Saviour: Amidst the chaos of last-week anxiety, when nothing makes sense, what to read and what not to read, Sample Paper is nothing less than a savior to the applicants. Solve these questions to see if you lack preparation and polish it during the time that is left. If you go about solving these papers with accuracy, you are all set for the exam.
  • Best Way to Analyze your Preparation: The sample papers are made as per the syllabus prescribed. Therefore, there are maximum chances that the questions in the exam will be on the same line. Thus, if you solve the papers with sincerity, you have already come halfway to your selection.
  • Makes One Accustomed to the Exam Pattern: The sample papers are structured on the same pattern as the entrance exam. Therefore, if one solves the sample papers, they already know about the mark distribution in the exam. It also helps to get adapted while solving the questions in the time frame.

Download JEST sample papers here – Physics, Theoretical Computer Science

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FAQs On How To Prepare For JEST 2022

Question 1: How to prepare for JEST 2022?

Answer: Have a good preparation strategy, make a time-table, focus on revision and keep yourself updated with the syllabus for the exam.

Question 2: Can I prepare for JEST 2022 in 1 year time?

Answer: Yes. 1 year time is enough to prepare for JEST 2022.

Question 3: What is the best way to start preparing for JEST 2022?

Answer: First, have a clear knowledge of the exam syllabus and the exam pattern. Then make your preparation strategy by keeping it in mind.

Question 4: What is the syllabus of JEST Physics 2022?

Answer: The syllabus is divided into five broad topics -i)Mathematical Methods, ii)Classical Mechanics, iii)Electronics, iv)Quantum Mechanics, v)Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics.

Question 5: Where can I find the sample papers for JEST 2022 exam?

Answer: The Sample Papers are available on the official website and on this page.

Question 6: Why are sample papers important while preparing for JEST 2022?

Answer: The sample papers provide a blueprint of the entrance exam paper. Therefore, the best way to prepare well for the exam is by solving the sample papers from previous years.

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