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All the candidates looking for tips and tricks on how they can prepare for IIFT 2022 in a better way can find all their answers here. This exam has no age bar, no restrictions, you just need a strong will to do the preparation. But having the will is not the only tool you need in order to crack the exam, you need smart strategy, scheduled hard work, preparation tips, and study material.

IIFT question paper is divided into mainly four sections Quantitative Analysis, Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Logical reasoning, and General Awareness. The candidate needs to focus on each of the subjects individually with a whole concentration and a smart plan in order to crack IIFT 2022. After qualifying the test, the candidates can take admission into MBA (IB) program in the campuses situated in Delhi, Kolkata , and Kakinada.

How to Prepare for IIFT 2022?

As per the official brochure, the question paper is going to be objective type, it will contain MCQs type questions only. The question has four sections of Quantitative Analysis, Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability, Data Interpretation and Logical reasoning and General Awareness.

Preparing well for IIFT is not enough so you must know the tips and tricks to ace the exam. Here are some tips from the candidates who appeared for IIFT exam in the previous years.

Make your own section limit to complete the paper on time: As there is no sectional time limit, candidates will have to make their own strategy for allocating the time to each section in a balanced way. The exam is of 120 minutes, so here is the basic time allocation for each section prioritizing as per number of questions and marks. Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability carries the most questions which means more marks so the candidate must focus on that section, then move to Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, then to Quantitative Analysis, and lastly General Awareness which is of least marks.

Pre-Set your Weak and Strong Areas: The candidate must know their strong and weak areas before appearing for the exam. Then they should prioritize the strong areas first and then focus on weak ones. To elaborate it better, if your weak area is Quantitative Analysis but your strong area is Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability, so you should focus on the reading comprehension first as it carries more marks and will not consume much time of yours.

Start learning smartly: Let us talk about the General Awareness section, so to prepare for this section, you need to read the newspaper every day to know current affairs, but many of us find it really boring, right? Well, you just need will to learn, we have an alternative for everything. In this case, instead of reading the newspaper, you can listen to the news daily through podcasts or TV Shows whatever you like. You can even listen to the podcast while traveling to save time.

Solve previous years question papers: The candidate must not take previous years question paper lightly. All the questions might not be repeated, we all know but there is a chance of repetition of question if not directly, then in a modified form. So, the candidate should solve previous year question papers more and more. It will help you know the format of the question paper, types of questions, also you can figure out how questions have been modified into new forms over the years, this will really help you a lot to score better. You can also get the idea of ​​key topics, what are the most repeated questions over the year.

Practice a lot: If you carefully look at the IIFT syllabus, you will find out that every section is practice-based, you need to practice a lot to achieve that time limit. Practice solving comprehensions with a fixed time limit, if not at once maybe at twice or thrice you will solve it on time and this practice will sure improve your speed.

Reading Comprehension tricks: While reading the comprehensions keep notes on the important points, so that you don’t waste time in re-reading the same comprehension. The other best tip for reading comprehension section could be, read the questions first then read the comprehension. In this way, you can find the answers in your first reading only.

Some General Preparation Tips for IIFT 2022

Apart from preparation tips, these are some general tips to keep in mind before appearing for the exam.

  • Do not rush into answering the question due to time limit. Understand the question first correctly the move forward to answer.
  • Do not lose confidence, especially in Data Interpretation sections, as it is a bit difficult than others.
  • While reading the comprehensions keep notes the important points, so that you don’t waste time in re-reading the same comprehension.
  • Prepare from mock test, it will help increasing speed and give you a sense of prepration.
  • Have a positive mindset before sitting for the exam. Positivity leads to success.
  • The candidate must sleep for at least 7 hours, the night before exam.
  • Do not skip breakfast on the examination day, eat healthy, not too much but not too little.

IIFF 2022 Tips from Previous Years Toppers

The previous years toppers of IIFT have enlisted the following techniques to secure good marks in the test.

  • Know your syllabus – Be well aware of the syllabus. Check the sections from which questions are framed in the exam. Then, move onto setting a target to complete the syllabus.
  • Create a time table – After this, make a time table. It should be a basic daily routine list. This must include your study hours, break time, revision time etc.
  • Give mock tests – Solve mock tests frequently once the whole syllabus is complete. After giving every mock-tests, evaluate yourself. Find your weakest areas and strong areas.
  • Polish your vocabulary – Improve your vocabulary with the help of newspapers and vocabulary books available in the market. Try to learn new meaning of a word everyday.
  • Be woke: To know what is happening around the world, it is suggested to refer good current affairs books. Make the best of the Internet and read about the key events that are happening or happened in India or the World.

IIFT Exam Pattern 2022

Check the exam pattern for IIFT 2022 given below.

Mode of examination CBT (Computer Based Test), online
Medium of the exam english
Duration 120 minutes / 2 hours
Type of Questions MCQs
Total Sections Four
Negative Marking 1/3rd of the allotted marks

Marks distribution in IIFT 2022 Question paper (No. of questions given below is as per last year)

Sections Questions per section
Quantitative Analysis 25
Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability 35
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning 30
general awareness 20

IIFT 2022 Syllabus

No specific syllabus is released for IIFT by NTA. The institute only described details like the pattern of the exam, mode of exam, types of questions but not a defined syllabus. Here is the syllabus that is prepared according to the repeated questions in previous years IIFT exam.

  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability
  • Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning
  • General Awareness

IIFT Past Year Analysis

By analyzing the previous year question paper candidate can get a very clear image of the exam. The previous year IIFT question will be so helpful in knowing the type of questions and the nature of questions, key topics to study etc. So, we have given the past year IIFT exam analysis for reference purpose.

  • The overall difficulty level of the exam was moderate.
  • In the Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section, it had both basic and advance LR.
  • Data Interpertation and Logical Reasoning section was difficult compared to past years.
  • Speed ​​was the game changer factor in IIFT due to the Data Interpretataion section which had intensive calculation.
  • For IIFT level General Awareness, the candidate cannot rely at the end months of prepration you should start preparing for GK in the beginning itself.
  • Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability section is carried the most marks with moderate level difficulty which includes topics like synonyms, antonyms, foreign words, etc.
  • Reading Comprehension section was lengthy which consumed most of the time.
  • General Awareness and Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability had easy match the following questions.
  • The aim of the paper was not to test the candidate’s ability to solve difficult questions. But to test the ability of candidates to think quickly, reason logically and solve the paper within the time limit.

Coaching for IIFT 2022

Most of the candidates prefer coaching for any competitive exam, which is good. It is always helpful to have support and guidance by your side. Some prefer mentors who have already appeared for the exam and others prefer proper coaching institutes, but in most cases, candidates go for verified institutes.

But before choosing a coaching centre, here are some suggestions to consider.

  • Ask yourself first, do you really need coaching or self-study is sufficient? This question mostly depends on time limit because if you have plenty of time you can easily go for coaching and then save last few months for self-study, but if there are only few months left, you should be more focused on self study.
  • Before seeking for coaching consult with your teachers, faculty, any relative or friend who had already taken coaching for that particular exam. This will definitely help you to get the best coaching institute.
  • Do not completely relying on coaching. Self-study is the only key to success, always remember that.
  • Always opt for the institute which schedule test series, mock tests time to time. Most of the institute does provide an adequate amount of practices through test series and mock tests.
  • Set up your own milestone after you enroll in the coaching institute because remember this is your milestone achieve, so cooperate with the mentors so that they can help you get that milestone.

IIFT 2022 Preparation Books

Here are some books you can refer for IIFT 2022 preparation. Read the table below.

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