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How to Prepare for IIAD 2022 , By utilizing the relevant resources and effective planning, students can qualify IIAD 2022 exam easily. IIAD 2022 is an aptitude based test, also called, IDAT Or IMAT, based on the course you are applying for. However, for that candidates can follow the tips and tricks on how to prepare for IIAD 2022 given on this page. For that, you need to know the exam pattern firstly, and then do effective planning to qualify the exam, and lastly, implement it. Scroll down to gain knowledge of few tips and look at the exam pattern, important books, and other information about IIAD 2022,

How to Prepare For IIAD 2022

Following are some tips and advices, for IIAD 2022 exam preparation.

Test papers

You can go through previous year question paper, mock tests and sample papers, to increase your speed and accuracy at the final IIAD 2022 Exam.


You can practice via tables, venn diagrams, charts and figures, in order to enhance your visual understanding potential.


The exam is a design based entrance, where you need to be creative. So, I will recommend you to unlearn the concepts you have learned, and try to create new ideas.


Try to self assess your weaknesses and strengths. After assessment, work hard to strengthen your weaknesses and polishing your strengths.

How To Prepare For IIAD 2022 Subject Wise

Following are some subject wise tips and tricks for IIAD 2022:

Logical Reasoning

  1. Attempt puzzles
  2. Solve logical series
  3. Use lateral thinking and common sense and present alternative perspectives to simplify every issue.
  4. Solve riddles, which are based on blood relations and family tree.

Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

  1. Focus on Important Topics.
  2. Practice Previous Year Question Papers.
  3. Make a strategy for attempting the section in final examination.
  4. Give specific time to the section on daily basis.
  5. Appear for Mock Tests.
  6. Review the solved questions regularly.
  7. Analyze your weaknesses and work smartly on them.

Important Topics For IIAD 2022

Logical Reasoning

  1. Sequences of numbers, shapes, figures and letters, etc.
  2. Inter-object relation test
  3. Find odd one out
  4. blood relation test
  5. Identifying geometrical shapes and patterns
  6. Complete the sequence and series
  7. Identifying the Cubes and its patterns
  8. general awareness

Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

  1. Shapes construction
  2. creative designing
  3. Imaginative story creation
  4. Essay writing
  5. Incomplete figure tasks
  6. Description of a scene
  7. Story writing,on the basis of a picture
  8. Drawing and sketching
  9. General Awareness

IIAD 2022 Exam Pattern

The exam pattern for IIAD 2022 is as follows:

Mode of the Exam: IIAD exam will be conducted in both, online mode and offline mode.

Language: IIAD exam will be taken in English language.

Types Of Questions: Multiple-choice questions
Objective type questions, Drawing Skill Test
And Designing Descriptive questions

Number of Sections: Two sections, Section-A & Section-B

Total Marks: 200 marks

Duration of Exam: IDAT will of 2:30 hr and IMAT will be of 2 hr duration.

Marking scheme: 1 marks will be given for every correct answer and there is no negative marking in IIAD 2022.

The IIAD Entrance exam has two components, IDAT and IMAT,which vary on the basis of the course you are applying for. Refer to the table given in this section to know about your course requirements:-

Course Name Exam Rounds
Fashion Design IDAT
Communication Design IDAT
Interior Architecture & Design IDAT
Fashion Business Management IMAT and personal interview
Fashion Communication IDAT
Fashion Design IDAT and personal interview
Fashion Business Management IMAT and personal interview

IIAD 2022 Syllabus

The questions in IIAD 2022 are to be framed from the following subjects:

IDAT The IIAD Design Aptitude Test (iDAT) is a written test designed to test a candidate’s creative and visual ability, cultural awareness and logical thinking. The IDAT exam includes visual tasks, writing tasks, one-word answers and multiple choice questions, all.

IMAT The IIAD Management Aptitude Test (iMAT) is a written exam designed to test an applicant’s language, logical reasoning and creative thinking. The IMAT exam includes multiple choice questions and writing tasks, as well.

Personal Interview personal interview is an opportunity for students to have a face to face interaction with IIAD, so that their suitability can be assessed. Through this, IIAD can guide the students about how the program can meet their goals and interests.

Section Content Marks
Section A Logical Reasoning 100
Section B Creative Thinking and Problem Solving 100

Important Books for IIAD Exam Preparation 2022

Some important books you can use, to enhance your preparation of IIAD 2022 are the following:

Book Name Buy Here
Logical Reasoning by RS Aggarwal Click Here
Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal Click Here
Quantitative aptitude by RS Aggarwal Click Here
How To crack test of Reasoning(Revised Edition) Click Here
Creative Confidence by Tom Keller Click Here

About IIAD 2022

IIAD entrance exam is conducted by Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD) in collaboration a University of London, to provide admission to aspirants in UG and LG design based programs offered by it. IIAD entrance exam is a 120 minute long written exam for IDAT where candidates are evaluated on the basis of their drawing and designing skills. The IIAD 2022 will be conducted on 29 Jan, 2022 in online mode.

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