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GATE 2022 Preparation – A student’s preparation is crucial while taking an exam. Preparation is the key to acing an exam. Students must set timetables and procedures for their preparation while preparing for an exam. A candidate’s ability to earn a high score will not be aided by simply studying for the exam. As a result, a candidate who wishes to do well in an exam must start studying early. A student who prepared well by following a correct plan and timetable performed well in a test when compared to a student who did not follow a good preparatory plan. GATE 2022 is scheduled on February 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th and 13th 2022. As candidates hardly have 7 days for the main exam, this article will help students prepare for GATE 2022 in 7 days.

How to Prepare for GATE 2022?

When the exam date is nearby and the students have less time to prepare, they tend to panic and leave hall of the topics. It is not always enough to have a thorough understanding of the syllabus. Candidates must also come up with a strategy. This page contains all of the essential information.

GATE 2022 Exam Overview

Exam Name GATE 2022
Governing Body Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur
Mode of Exam Online (CBT)
Duration of Exam 3 hours/ 180 mins
Number of Questions 65 questions
Total marks 100
Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions, Multiple Select Questions, Numerical Answer Type
Syllabus General Aptitude and Course wise subjects (look at the image for reference)
Marking Scheme Questions carry 1 mark and 2 marks
Negative marking: MCQ type question
1/3 mark will be deducted for wrong answer in 1 mark question
2/3 mark will be deducted for wrong answer in 2 mark question
No negative marking for MSQ and NAT

GATE 2022 Preparation Tips

Students who are taking the GATE 2022 exam should follow the instructions mentioned below in order to do well in the exam.

  • Preparing a timetable: Prior to beginning their studies, students must prepare a schedule. Students can better understand how to arrange their time to subjects based on the amount of time they have by creating a timetable. Students understand how to split their time between difficult and easy topics with ease. They can use the time they have available to divide it up amongst different topics and take equal breaks. To minimize any mistakes, the first step is to prepare a detailed schedule. This motivates students to study diligently for the exam.
  • Time management: Time management is important when it comes to taking tests. It’s critical to keep track of your time and complete the exam within the allocated time. As a result, students must devote attention to the subjects/topics they select within a set time range. This helps candidates to finish the section on time and allow for revision time. Students can avoid last-minute preparation by designing time for each subject and beginning exam preparation far ahead of time. However, if students have only 7 days for the main exam, they must devote all their days to the preparation of exam. They must ensure that they divide all the subjects of the exam equally within the time frame and prepare thoroughly. They must also ensure to take equal breaks to not stress themselves.

GATE 2022 Preparing Through Notes

In order to remember material, students must take notes and make sheets while studying. Making notes aids in the remembering information for students. Examinees can also revise swiftly from their prepared notes. Taking notes, as a result, can help students with last-minute revisions.

GATE 2022 Attempting Mock tests and Solving Previous Year Papers

It is essential for students to take as many practice tests and solve sample papers as feasible. Candidates will gain a better knowledge of the exam format and questions that will be asked on the main exam as a result of this. Students can use mock papers and sample papers to help them manage their time and finish the paper on time. Students can finish their main exam in the time allocated and avoid last-minute submissions. Candidates can find previous years question papers for GATE 2022 on the GATE official website Candidates can do well if the solve at least 2-3 papers a day in the last 7 days before the exam.

Other Important Tips While Preparing for GATE 2022

Good health: Candidates must not stress themselves as the exam date is nearby. Students must ensure to take equal breaks and keep a check on their health. Students must take proper care of their health at the time of exam. They need to get enough sleep. Students should not be stressed and should make preparations in advance. In order to concentrate properly throughout the exam, you must obtain enough sleep and eat healthily. Students must prepare as much as they can and not over do themselves as it is harmful for their health.

Confidence: No matter how late a candidate starts his/her preparation, he/she must have faith and confidence in themselves to do well in the exam. Positive mindset and belief is important before attempting an exam. Students must maintain their confidence and refrain from self-doubt. Nervousness makes it difficult for a student to perform well on an exam. It is never a good idea for an examinee to compare his or her preparation to that of others. When one compares oneself to others, one withdraws. As a result, self-assurance is just as important as exam preparation.

GATE 2022 Study Plan

As the main exam date is nearby and students only have 7 days for GATE 2022, the must devote all their time for preparation. Students are advised to make a study plan for the exam they are taking. A study plan is a timetable that helps an examinee allocate time for preparation appropriately. Candidates appearing for GATE 2022 must study from books recommended by experts and coaching establishments. To obtain a better comprehension of the time limit, he or she should attempt as many sample papers as feasible. They should take time to each segment to ensure that they are well-versed in the subject. Students who want to do well in the exam should listen to toppers’ interviews and follow their plans. The candidate will be confident in his or her abilities to take the exam if all of these tactics are applied.

GATE 2022 Exam Pattern

The candidates must be familiar with the exam pattern of the exam they are attempting. Students should have a thorough understanding of the distribution of marks, sections, marking scheme, and exam pattern in order to prepare efficiently for the exam. This permits students to set aside time for parts of the exam that require more preparation. The exam pattern of GATE 2022 is given below:

Mode o Examination Online (Computer Based Test)
Duration of Exam 3 hours/ 180 mins
Number of Questions 65
Total Marks 100
General Aptitude (common for all paper): 15 marks
Core subjects syllabus of the particular paper: 85 marks
Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions
Multiple Select Questions
Numerical Answer Type
Syllabus General Aptitude (common for all papers) and Core subjects of the particular paper chosen by the candidate
Marking scheme Questions carry 1 mark and 2 marks
Negative marking: MCQ type question
1/3 mark will be deducted for wrong answer in 1 mark question
2/3 mark will be deducted for wrong answer in 2 mark question
No negative marking for MSQ and NAT

GATE 2022 Syllabus

GATE 2022 will be conducted for a total for 29 papers. Syllabus for each paper is available to the candidates on the GATE 2022 official website Candidate attempting the paper of their choice can download the syllabus for each paper by clicking on the paper. Candidates can appear for one or two papers maximum according to their preferences. Candidates must choose the second paper from pre-defined Two Paper combination list which is available on the official website.

By clicking on the paper that the candidates wishes to appear for, a PDF file will be downloaded that contains the syllabus of that particular paper.

Best Books for GATE 2022

  • Oswaal Past 12 years solved GATE sample papers
  • S Chaand Quantitative Aptitude
  • BS Grewal Higher Engineering Mathematics
  • RS Aggarwal Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Pearson GATE Computer Science and Information Technology

GATE 2022 Preparation FAQs

Is it possible for me to prepare for GATE 2022 in 7 days?

Yes. Candidate must devote all his time to prepare for GATE 2022. He/she must first thoroughly know the syllabus that will be asked in the exam and divide his time accordingly. He/she must go through all the topics well and complete the topics he/she finds difficult first. Candidate must solve as many sample papers and take mock tests to have a grip on the exam.

Do I have to go to a coaching center to prepare for GATE 2022?

Going to a coaching center is not a must. However, if a candidate finds it difficult to study a topic by themselves, they can take the help of a coaching center. If the candidate is clear and thorough with topics, he/she does not require a coaching center.

Is General Aptitude for every paper?

Yes. Every GATE 2022 paper contains 15 marks of General Aptitude and 85 marks of core subjects related to the subject paper. It is necessary for students to prepare for General Aptitude as it is common in every paper.

Where can I find the syllabus for GATE 2022?

The syllabus for GATE 2022 is available to everyone on the GATE official website Candidates must click on the GATE 2022 paper they are attempting to download the PDF of the syllabus of that particular paper.

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