How to Prepare for CUCET 2022 – Tips for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, Biology – Exams 2022


How to Prepare for CUCET 2022 – More than ninety thousand students appear for CUCET every year, so you have to choose a correct way of preparation to crack the exam. Through this exam, candidates can take admission in various UG, PG and Integrated courses. CUCET examination is conducted by National Testing Agency every year. Students need to focus on CUCET 2022 preparation strategies which increase the chances of high scores. If you haven’t already started preparing, you need to set a mind to preparing for this exam now. Candidates who will have a perfect study plan to crack CUCET will definitely succeed in the exam. So here are some important general tips for preparing for CUCET 2022, tips by category, and much more. Scroll down to know the guideline.

How to Prepare for CUCET 2022

To prepare better for CUCET, you need to know the CUCET 2022 exam pattern before anything. CUCET 2022 is a computer-based exam. Candidates can refer to the following information given on this page for common preparation tips to prepare for CUCET 2022.

CUCET 2022 Exam Pattern

The exam pattern for CUCET 2022 consists of the details related to the exam structure & question pattern, exam mode, exam duration, marking scheme, the number of questions, etc. Check the CUCET 2022 Exam Pattern below.

  • Examination Mode – The CUCET 2022 examination will be held in online CBT mode.
  • Duration of Exam – Total duration of this examination is 120 minutes.
  • Type of Questions – All questions are MCQ based.
  • Total number of questions – Total 100 (25 questions in general aptitude and 75 questions in domain specific test) questions are asked in this examination.
  • Marking scheme – Students can get 4 marks for each correct answer.
  • Negative Marking : -1 mark for each wrong answer in this CUCET examination.

Preparation Tips for CUCET 2022

To prepare for CUCET 2022 candidates need to follow a preparation plan. We have provided some tips below.

  • Know the syllabus correctly – One of the keys to success in exams is to know the syllabus thoroughly. The CUCET 2022 syllabus will have important topics and units from which questions will be asked in the entrance exam. Students have to learn the topics and units to cover while preparing for the entrance exam. Once the candidates know the syllabus of CUCET 2022, they can proceed to plan the study.
  • Create a study plan – It is important to create a study plan to prepare an effective way to crack CUCET The study plan for CUCET 2022 should be designed in such a way that the whole day is divided equally for all the major topics. Also, there should be one time slot per day for correction and for sample papers and mock test practice.
  • Get to know the CUCET test pattern well – Familiarity with the environment makes it easy to test or deal with any situation. In this context, the CUCET 2022 exam pattern helps students to become familiar with the type of questions asked, the duration of the exam.
  • Important Books – Candidates should start with their CUCET preparation with some important books as the exam has questions based on the class 12th syllabus. NCERT book is very helpful for all subject in this examination. After this book, aspirants can take up other important books mentioned on the page.

How to Prepare for CUCET 2022 – General Aptitude

  • Students have to apply basic intuition and problem-solving skills to attempt this section. For this, you can attempt several mock tests.
  • You can practice the previous years’ question paper. Candidates should remember important equations, formulas, values ​​etc.
  • Data interpretation questions are asked every year, so make it a habit to solve them regularly. Questions related to graphs, pie charts and figure based questions should be addressed frequently.
  • YouTube proves to be a good alternative because you will find many solved examples here. However, topics are scattered and most of your time will be wasted trying to find and cover important qualifying topics. The good thing about this is that the videos are easy to understand and you will remember them for a long time.

How to Prepare for CUCET 2022 – English

Students need to prepare well in English for this test. Check out the preparation below for this test.

  • Candidates have to practice every day according to all the syllabus of English.
  • In addition, you have to practice daily basis to reading comprehension.
  • You will need to try several mock tests and practice the previous year’s question paper for this test.
  • For the comprehension part, you must read newspapers. By reading the daily newspaper, you can practice not only comprehension but also vocabulary, sentence structure, paragraph completion, error identification, close test etc. You can also acquire writing skills by reading the newspaper every day.
  • For the grammar part, you must read a grammar book. Don’t go for a hard one, from the beginning. This can make it difficult for you to understand complex rules.

How to Prepare for CUCET 2022 – Mathematics

  • Candidates need to apply basic insights and problem solving skills to try this section.
  • For the best preparation, you have to try mock test.
  • You can practice last year’s question paper in this mathematics section.
  • Candidates are advised to memorize important equations, formulas, theorems, values ​​etc.
  • You can start with RD Sharma (Subjective) for basics but don’t waste time solving unnecessary easy problems. You can also skip some lengthy proofs which are not at all required to crack.
  • There is no point in starting a new book if you don’t revise the previous ones. So keep revising whatever you have covered.

How to Prepare for CUCET 2022 – Physics

  • All candidates for CUCET 2022 are advised to avoid any confusion in understanding the basics of 10 + 2 physics subjects such as electronic devices, gravity, mechanics of solids and liquids, units and measurements.
  • It is suggested that you take references from previous year papers of CUCET Physics.
  • One of the most important parts is to remember to practice numerical problems and memorize important formulas, equations etc.
  • Instead of solving 2-3 books 1 time, solve 1 book 2-3 times. You can follow the book by DC Pandey of 11th and 12th. DC Pandey is a good book with questions of all levels.
  • Don’t just memorize the formulas, or in the end, you will end up confused. Understand the formula. Understand the derivation, application.

How to Prepare for CUCET 2022 – Chemistry

  • Candidates need to memorize important equations, formulas, values, etc. in chemistry and learn to implement them in solving problems.
  • Also, you must have a clear idea of ​​the basics of chemistry which is the key to getting high marks in the paper.
  • Candidates have to practice the previous year’s question paper of Chemistry department which can prepare them for the exam.
  • Chemistry needs tough revision. So look over inorganic and organic everyday for an hour so that you won’t think that you are forgetting things.
  • Chemistry contains three parts- Organic, Inorganic and Physical. It is important to have the right resource that will help you prepare all these three important sections of the subject. Keeping in mind the fact that especially for Chemistry the candidates must study NCERT first.

How to Prepare for CUCET 2022 – Biology

  • Candidates are advised to clear up any confusion to understand the basics of 10 + 2 Biology subjects like Cell Biology and Genetics, Biotechnology, Plant Physiology, Biology in Human Welfare etc.
  • You have to practice the previous year’s question papers Department of Biology.
  • You should assign a fixed number of chapters to each week and cover topics as per the schedule.
  • You must go through the Biology syllabus of CUCET exam. You must follow NCERT books to grab a thorough understanding of the basic concepts since most of the questions are based on NCERT Book concepts.

Best books for CUCET 2022

We have listed below some suggested books for CUCET 2022 examination preparation. Best books of every section is provided here.

Books Links
A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning
by RS Aggarwal
Click Here
Objective General English by SP Bakshi Click Here
NCERT mathematics book Click Here
NCERT Class 11 and 12 Physics Textbook Click Here
NCERT Class 11 and 12 Chemistry Textbook Click Here
NCERT Class 11 and 12 Biology Textbook
Click Here

FAQs for CUCET 2022 Preparation

Q. Which subjects will be included in CUCET 2022 syllabus?

Ans. The syllabus will be based on the papers of General Aptitude, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics.

Q. How to prepare for CUCET?

Ans- To prepare for CUCET, you should first be thorough with the syllabus. Your basic fundamentals in all three subjects should be clear. Apart from this, you should be aware of exam patterns, marking schemes, important topics to be covered, books to refer to, and much more.

Q. Can I crack CUCET if I prepare in 3 months?

Ans- Yes, you can prepare for CUCET in 3 months if you work hard.

Q. How to prepare for CUCET in the last months?

Ans- You should try to solve the maximum of CUCET sample papers and mock tests. Also, take the proper revision of all the important chapters. Avoid studying any new topics at the last hour.

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