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How to Prepare for COMEDK 2022 – Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental colleges of Karnataka (COMEDK) conducts UGET exam every year. The UGET or Under Graduate Entrance Test is conducted to select candidates for admission in various engineering courses. The exam is conducted in online mode. The notification for the COMEDK 2022 exam will be released by the authorities soon. COMEDK 2022 is expected to be held in approximately 4th week of March 2022. Since, the exam is far away, now is the right time to start preparing for the exam. In this article, we are discussing everything you need to know regarding the COMEDK 2022 examination, from registration to preparation.

How to Prepare for COMEDK 2022?

The main issue with preparing for the COMEDK exam is starting the preparation. To start with your preparation, you must choose the right time to start. The exam needs at least four months of dedicated study to ace in the first go. As COMEDK 2022 exam is far away, so the students have enough time to prepare well. Now is the right time to start your preparation and master all the topics. Here are some tips and advices that will help you in preparing for your next COMEDK examination.

Get Acquainted with COMEDK 2022 Exam Pattern

The first step is to actually know about COMEDK exam pattern, the type of questions asked, and the difficulty level of the questions. COMEDK 2022 Exam Pattern is given below.

  • Mode of Examination- Online mode (Computer Based Test)
  • Medium of exam- English
  • Type of Questions- MCQs
  • Total Number of Questions- 180
  • Total marks- 180
  • Duration of exam- 3 hours
  • Sections- 3

See the table below for marking scheme of COMEDK 2022 exam.

Section Marks
Physics 60
Chemistry 60
Mathematics 60
Total 180

Stick to COMEDK 2022 Syllabus

The syllabus for the COMEDK exam is based on the syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics syllabus of Class 12. Syllabus for 10+2 is vast and not every topic is included in COMEDK. Thus, its always wise to prepare according to the COMEDK syllabus. ,

Refer to COMEDK 2022 Syllabus for Detailed and Downloadable PDFs

Brush Up Your Concepts

Deeper the roots, the taller the tree. If the basics of the syllabus are clear, you will easily grab all the important topics and they will stay in the back of your mind. So, start from the beginning and make a concrete base for building up your knowledge.

Revise and Practice a Lot!

Realize what is important for you and what is not. Based on that, make a list of all the topics which are longer and will consume up more of your time. This strategy has helped a lot of students in different examinations. Cover the longer topics simultaneously with the shorter ones. It will save you a lot of time for revision.

You should study all week and then, practice at the end of the week everything that you have studied. Do not study anything new on weekends but practice what you have studied all week. This will build your memory and practice power which is going to help you in the exam.

Take Mock Tests and Analyze Previous Year Question Papers

Some students make the mistake of leaving mock tests and practice sets for the end of preparation. But it is suggested by experts that if you are taking mock tests from the beginning, they will prove 50% more effective. You will know at the end of every week or month exactly where you stand on the preparation ground and how far you need to go for achieving what you are aspiring for.

Previous Year’s Question papers not only help in practicing the paper but also help in analyzing the type and level of questions that are generally asked in the exam. By comparing the PYQs, you will also be able to get an idea of ​​the repetition pattern of the exam. You will be able to analyze what questions from which topics are asked frequently. It will help you prepare effectively.

Click Here to take COMEDK 2022 Mock Test

Click Here to download the COMEDK 2022 previous year’s question papers.

Prepare from Good Books

It is also a must to have good and authentic sources in your hand if you are preparing for any competitive examination. Same is the case with the COMEDK 2022 examination. It is a tedious task to check all the authentic sources and see which experts recommend which books for a particular section. To save you a lot of time, we are presenting COMEDK Preparation Books which are recommended by toppers and experts for the exam. See the tables below for section-wise book list for COMEDK 2022.

Best Books for Physics

Book Name Buying Link
Physics for Karnataka CET and COMEDK by BASE Click here
Concepts of Physics (Vol 1 & 2) by HC Verma Click here

Best Books for Chemistry

Book Name Buying Link
Chemistry for Karnataka CET and COMEDK by Dr. Sonar Maruti H, YK Jayaramappa Click here
Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by RC Mukherjee Click here

Best Books for Math

Book Name Buying Link
Objective Mathematics (Vol 1 & 2) by RD Sharma Click here
Mathematics Book COMEDK by MR Hanumantharaya, HS Mahadevaiah Click here

FAQs on How to Prepare for COMEDK 2022

Will COMEDK 2022 be easy?

The difficulty of any examination depends upon the level of your preparation. If you have prepared well, you will find the exam easy. But unfortunately, if you have left any topic and have not prepared up to the mark, you are going to find the exam difficult. So, prepare well and the COMEDK 2022 exam is definitely going to be easy for you.

Is 2 months enough for COMEDK preparation?

Two months of preparation is not enough for any examination, let alone the COMEDK. If you study for more than 10 hours per day, then maybe, you will get desired marks. But if you want to finish your preparation well and without a hurry, you should devote at least four months of preparation time.

Is COMEDK exam tough?

The difficulty of any exam depends upon the preparation. But as per the students’ feedback, almost 80% of the questions in the COMEDK exam are of moderate difficulty level.

Is there any negative marking in COMEDK?

There is no negative marking in the COMEDK examination. For each correct answer, you will be awarded 1 mark, but no marks are cut for any incorrect answer. However, in the tie-breaking policy, it is said that the candidate with a lesser number of incorrect answers will be given preference.

Is NCERT math enough for COMEDK?

NCERT books are enough for covering all the important topics for the exam. But for practice, you may also refer to some other books like the ones mentioned above on this page.

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