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Common Entrance Exam for Design (CEED) 2022- CEED 2022 will be conducted by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay on 23 January, 2022. CEED 2022 will be conducted to provide admission in M. Des. And Ph. D programs. Qualifying CEED 2022 is the first step in the staircase of admission process to prestigious Institutes for designing. CEED 2022 includes two parts, Part A and Part B. In this page, we will be discussing about how you can prepare for your CEED 2022:-

1. Focus on Important Topics.

While preparing for CEED 2022, you should study the entire syllabus thoroughly, but give extra time and focus to few important topics, to ensure your maximum marks in CEED 2022.

For part AHere is the list of few important topics you can give more time to :-

  • General knowledge and current affairs
  • Art history and movements
  • Monuments
  • English vocabulary
  • Logical reasoning
  • Color theory
  • Typography
  • Popular logos
  • animation terms
  • Photography terms and techniques
  • Mirroring
  • lights and shadows

For Part BHere is the list of important topics, you have to give more time to:-

  • Perspective drawings of objects.
  • Human and animals figures.
  • Still life drawings.
  • Character study.
  • Product and automobile sketches.
  • 2D graphic designibg as of abstract, posters, logos, signages, etc.
  • Storyboards.
  • User interfaces of apps, websites, and gadgets.
  • Creative writing like stories, one-liners, etc.

2. Go through Previous Year Question Papers.

The candidates should practice previous year’s question papers. Previous year question papers consist of a lot of repetitive questions that are asked in the examination very frequently. By practicing PYQ papers, you will have sufficient knowledge of such topics. Moreover, they also help the candidate, in understanding the type of questions asked in the exam, level of the exam and exam pattern. Candidates can find Previous years question papers for CEED 2022 on official website of CEED, which is given on this page.

PRO TIP: Practice previous year question papers like a mock test.

3. Do not study anything out of syllabus.

Candidates should study only the relevant topics, which are given in CEED 2022 Exam syllabus, to avoid time wastage. For that, you have to check CEED 2022 syllabus first, which is available on official website of CEED 2022, which is, ,

4. Make a strategy for attempting the examination.

As CEED 2022 consists of 2 parts, Part A and Part B. Part A exam is of 3 hours, including 41 MCQ(total of 100 Marks) whereas Part B exam is of 2 hours, including 5 question (total of 100 marks) , it is very important for the candidates to know what section of the exam they have to attend first, based on their strengths and how much time they need to give to each section while Attempting the Exam, before the exam.

5. Appear for Mock Tests.

Practicing Mock Tests is the best way to analyze one’s weaknesses and strengths. They also help candidates in making their personalized time management and exam attempting strategy(we discussed about in point 4). We will recommend aspirants to give mock tests at least twice in a week. Candidates can also practice Previous Year question papers as mock tests.

PRO TIP: Analyze your incorrect and correct questions in The Mock test.

6. Revise The Syllabus Multiple Times

Revising CEED 2022 syllabus multiple times will help candidates to retain the syllabus more. Revising the syllabus Multiple times will help candidates to transform their Short term memory into long term memory, which will be super-helpful during the Final Exam.

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