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How to Prepare for AIFSET 2022 – All India Forensic Science Entrance Test (AIFSET) 2022 is a national-level test that is held for admission into B.Sc Forensic Science program. The admission is sought into various participating universities. It is important to have a proper preparation strategy to crack AIFSET 2022, The syllabus involves a diverse range of extensive topics from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. The exam is conducted in MCQ- Objective choice format. Follow this article for preparation strategy, exam pattern, syllabus, and other topics necessary for the Preparation of AIFSET 2022,

How to Prepare for AIFSET 2022

The defined syllabus for AIFSET 2022 involves an in-depth analysis of the topics from the major field of sciences- Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics. The candidates should follow a static strategy to prepare for the examination.

  • Topic segregation: Divide the syllabus into three sections based on the level of subject matter and reading material as Basics, Intermediate, and In-depth to ensure an equal approach to the topics.
  • Sample papers: Analyze previous years’ sample papers to get a sense of the exam pattern and to plan your topics ahead of time.
  • Review the fundamentals: Because the fundamentals of Biology, Chemisry, Physics and Maths are easier to cover up, applicants are advised not to spend too much time preparing for the basics.
  • Mock Tests: Solving mock tests is the best way to cover all the topics in a short amount of time when preparing for any competitive exam. So, give mock tests frequently.
  • Section-wise Allotment: Prepare a subject-wise schedule based on the subject-wise topics for better output and good grades.
  • Time Scheduling: Keep a track on time while solving the MCQs and while practicing for mock to achieve the examination with best grades.
  • Case Study analysis: Go through case studies and crime cases for an updated analysis of subjects in regard with forensic sciences and history of crime scenes.
  • Read newspaper daily: Reading the newspaper daily will help in GK and General Awareness with update in current affairs and topics related to contemporaray issues.

Importance of AIFSET 2022 Sample Paper

It is important for the candidates to solve the sample paper of AIFSET 2022 in order to crack the exam. The sample paper contains sample questions that are helpful for the candidates to know the exam pattern.

After solving the sample paper, the candidates must evaluate themselves and see which questions are taking more time to solve. Then, focus on the weak topics and study them again.

Click here to download AIFSET 2022 sample paper.

Exam Pattern of AIFSET 2022

AIFSET 2022 follows a simplified format of exam pattern to conduct the assessment with ease. It is as follows:

  • Question Format: The examination is objective in nature.
  • No. of questions: There are 100 questions in total to answer in the examination.

Other details:

Examination Name All India Forensic Science Entrance Test (AIFSET) 2022
Official Website
Level of Exam National-Level
Question Format MCQs
No. of Questions 100

AIFSET 2022 Syllabus

The following topics are important to ace the exam and secure a position among the prestigious universities which offer admission via AIFSET 2022.

Unit 1

  • Living and Nonliving
  • Genetic Basis of Inheritance
  • Origin and Evolution of Life
  • Human Disorders
  • Animal Physiology

Unit 2

  • Cell Structure and Function
  • Plant Physiology
  • Reproduction in Plants
  • Ecology and Ecosystems

Unit 3

  • Units and Measurements
  • Mechanics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Light and Sound
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Modern Physics

Unit 4

  • The Atomic Structure
  • Chemical Bonding
  • States of Matter
  • Mixtures, solutions and Solubility
  • The Periodic Table
  • Water and Organic Compounds in
    the Environment

Unit 5

  • Forensic Science: Definition and history
  • Definition and Types of Crime
  • Police Organization
  • Crime Scene
  • General awareness and GK

Best Books to Prepare for AIFSET 2022

Refer to the books listed below while preparing for the AISFET 2022. Here are a few book recommendations:

FAQs- How to Prepare for AIFSET 2022

Q. How many questions are there in the examination?

Ans. There are 100 questions in the test.

Q. Which course does the AIFSET provide to the aspirants?

Ans. The Bachelor’s of Science: Forensic Science course is a three-year undergraduate program that is offered to the candidates after qualifying AIFSET 2022.

Q. How should one prepare for the exam?

Ans. In order to prepare for the exam, first of all, go through the syllabus and complete it on time. Then, solve sample papers to know what type of questions come in the exam. Also, keep revising the already studied topics regularly.

Q. What is the syllabus of AIFSET 2022?

Ans. The syllabus of AIFSET is the same as the syllabus of class 12th covering the main subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics.

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