GATE COAP 2022 – Dates, Registration, Opening-Closing Rank, Seat Matrix


GATE COAP 2022 – IIT Bombay is soon going to start GATE COAP registration 2022. The information brochure and COAP 2022 dates for viewing and submitting the offers has been released. Candidates can check it all from below. The round 1 for GATE COAP will be start on 20 May and the last main round will be held in 17 Jun 2022, The dates for additional rounds is also out.

GATE 2022 qualified candidates who satisfy eligibility will first have to register for COAP. Only then they will be able to view offers and submit preference. IITs and IISc and even PSUs participate in GATE COAP. The offer shall be made to candidates who have a valid GATE score. Know more details on GATE COAP 2022 from this page.

Latest – GATE COAP 2022 information brochure is out. Click here to check,

Latest – GATE COAP 2022 shall be organized by IIT Bombay this year.


What is GATE COAP 2022? – COAP is a common portal for all institutes, PSUs, and GATE aspirants. Here, institutes and PSUs make offers to the GATE qualified candidates and candidates submit their preferences.

COAP Official Website,

Participating Institutes and PUS: Only IITs, IISC Bangalore, and PSUs are part of COAP. The details regarding these is given towards the end of this page.

Process of GATE 2022 COAP: Candidates first have to register for COAP and then submit choice for admission or job offer. Next, the candidates need to accept, freese, wait, or reject the offer. The offer is made based on GATE 2022 result,

GATE COAP 2022 Dates

The schedule of GATE 2022 COAP 2022 is announced only at Candidates can check it from here:

GATE COAP Rounds View Offer and Submit Option
Starts From
Last Date to Submit Options
Round 1 20 May 2022 22 May 2022
Round 2 27 May 2022 29 May 2022
Round 3 03 Jun 2022 05 Jun 2022
Round 4 10 Jun 2022 12 Jun 2022
Round 5 17 Jun 2022 19 Jun 2022

An Additional rounds are also held in COAP. It is held to fill seats which remain vacant event all the 5 rounds of counseling. The schedule for these rounds are released separately and is as given below.

GATE COAP Rounds View Offer and Submit Option
Starts From
Last Date to Submit Options
Round A 20 May 2022 22 May 2022
Round B 27 May 2022 29 May 2022
Round C 03 Jun 2022 05 Jun 2022
Round D 10 Jun 2022 12 Jun 2022
Round E 17 Jun 2022 19 Jun 2022

GATE 2022 COAP 2022 Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility for COAP is very simple and precised. Candidates just need to fulfill these two criteria:

Qualifying Exam: Candidate must have qualified GATE exam.

  • The GATE exam should have been qualified either in 2022 or 2021 or 2022,
  • This is because GATE scorecard is only valid for 3 years,

Nationality – Another important factor is that the candidate should be a national of India,

These are the only criteria which the candidates need to fulfill.

GATE COAP 2022 Process Explained in Flow Chart

GATE COAP 2022 registration and preference filling flow chart:

GATE COAP 2022 offer acceptance and round wise flow chart:

GATE COAP 2022 Registration Guidelines

To participate in COAP, candidates have to register first. Only after registration, the eligible candidates can submit choices for the exam. All you need to know about it, is as follows:

GATE COAP 2022 Registration: The registration for COAP 2022 opens online, at, To register, candidates need to enter following details:

  • GATE Registration Number – if there are multiple, then give both.
  • GATE Paper Code
  • GATE Score – if there are multiple, then give both
  • Name – as used during GATE registration
  • Date of Birth
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number

After submitting the detail, candidates receive login details via sms / e-mail. Through these, candidates can login and submit preference. Candidate must note that they shall only be able to register if the name entered is the same as in the scorecard,

Selecting of Offered / Preference via GATE COAP 2022

Only those GATE qualifiers can view, accept, reject, etc the offer, who have registered under COAP. The details regarding the offer / preference are as follows:

Types of Offer: There are two types of offers under COAP. One is admission offer and another recruitment offer, Admission offer is made by the IITs and IISc. Whereas, the recruitment offer is made by the PSUs.

How to Select Offer: Under the dashboard, candidates will be able to all the possible offered, valid for their score and rank. Candidates need to select the offers.

  • Candidates can only select 1 offer at a time.
  • The institutes / PUS uploads the offer on the same day when the round starts.

Candidates can either ‘accept and freeze’ or ‘retain and wait’ or ‘reject and wait’ an offer. These terms have been explained in detail below.

GATE COAP 2022 Offer Options

The options which candidate have regarding the GATE COAP 2022 offer are as explained below

Option 1: Accept and Freeze – This option has to be chosen if the candidate is satisfied with the option he selects and does not want to be considered for any other higher preference (if any) in the upcoming rounds. Once this option is selected, the candidate will not be considered for other rounds of admission or recruitment in the participating institutes and PSUs.

Option 2: Retain and Wait – A candidate can choose this option to indicate his/her partial acceptance to any of the available offers and would like to be considered for any higher offers (if any) in the upcoming rounds. The candidate will not be considered for the offers he/she has rejected. However, if any higher preferred offer is made in the next round, then the existing ‘Retain and Wait’ offer will be released. However, a candidate can choose “Retain and Wait” on the same offer (same institute and same program) only twice. Nevertheless, the candidate will be considered for other higher preferences, if any, in the subsequent round(s) of admission offered in the participating academic Institutes and PSUs.

Option 3: Reject and Wait – Candidates can select this option if he/she is not willing to accept any offer in the current round. Such candidates will be considered for higher preferences (if any) in the next rounds. Candidates should know the offers they rejected will not come up in the next rounds for them as they have already rejected the offer.

  • After selecting their option, candidates must click on the “Submit” option. Failing to click on submit will result in declaration that the candidate has not participated in COAP 2022.

For candidates who have accepted and frozen the offer they liked must visit the official website of that institute/organization. There they have to visit the admission portal / joining procedure to take the process further. This process has to be completed within the due date specified by the institute / organization.

Candidates must visit the COAP portal until they ‘Accept and Freeze’ an offer. If they do not do so, it will be considered that the candidate has rejected all the offers. However, if the candidates have given higher preferences then he/she will be considered for the same in the next rounds.

GATE COAP 2022 Decisive Round of offer Options

In the last round of main rounds and all additional rounds, registered candidates will be provided with only two options of “Accept and Freeze” or “Reject”.

Option 1: Accept and Freeze – In the final round, candidates can select this option to indicate that they are satisfied with the offer and are willing to take the admission.joining process further. Click on “Submit” is again mandatory else the offer will be considered as “rejected by the candidate”. After submitting the option, the candidate has to visit the official website of the institute / organization and follow the procedure to join.

Option 2: Reject – If the candidate selects this then it means that all the offers have been rejected by the candidate. They must submit this option too. If candidates do not submit the reject option then it will automatically mean that all the offers have been rejected by the candidate.

The entire process of offers, and choosing of offers is only done on the official website of COAP. Candidates cannot choose these offers anywhere else.

GATE COAP 2022 Rounds and Valid Offer Options

As we already informed, there are multiple round under COAP and so are the options for offer. However, not in all the round, all the offer options are valid. The offer options, which are open in each round are as follows:

CAOP Rounds Accept & Freeze Retain & Wait Reject & Wait
Round 1 The The The
Round 2 The The The
Round 3 The / Not Possible The
Round 4 The / Not Possible The
Round 5 The Not The

What does / Not Possible means? – If a candidate has already used the ‘retain and wait’ option, twice on the same offer, then they cannot use it again. However, if a candidate has not done so, they may avail this option.

Status of Offers in the Additional Rounds of GATE COAP 2022:

COAP Rounds Accept & Freeze Retain & Wait Reject & Wait
Round A The Not The
Round B The Not The
Round C The Not The
Round D The Not The
Round E The Not *
Possible* – Only for those IITs which would like to continue beyond Round D

What to do After Accepting an Offer?

After selecting an offer, the candidates need to visit the institute or the website. Their, the further process for admission shall be informed. Next, the candidates need submit the needed documents and fulfill the needed formalities.

GATE COAP 2022 Participating Institutes

Over the years, more than 20 institutes and one PSU have come together to conduct the COAP for the candidates. The list of the participating institutes for COAP 2022 is provided below.

  • IISc Bangalore
  • IIT Bhilai
  • IIT Bhubaneswar
  • IIT Bombay
  • IIT Delhi
  • IIT Dharwad
  • IIT Goa
  • IIT Guwahati
  • IIT Hyderabad
  • IIT Indore
  • IIT ISM Dhanbad
  • IIT Jammu
  • IIT Jodhpur
  • IIT Kanpur
  • IIT Kharagpur
  • IIT Madras
  • IIT Mandi
  • IIT Palakkad
  • IIT Patna
  • IIT Roorkee
  • IIT Ropar
  • IIT Tirupati

The PSU that is also a part of the COAP 2022 is NPCIL – Nuclear Power Corporation of India.

Contact Details,

e-mail address, [email protected]

FAQs on GATE COAP 2022

Qs. What is GATE COAP 2022?

Ans. It is a common platform from where candidates can view and select offers for M.Tech admission and PSU recruitment.

Qs. What is COAP after gate?

Ans. COAP or Common Offer Acceptance Portal is a common platform for a GATE-qualified candidate to make the preferred choice for M. Tech admission in participating IITs/ PSU offers.

Qs. How many rounds are there under COAP 2022?

Ans. In total, there are 5 rounds under GATE COAP 2022. In addition to this, there are 5 more additional rounds.

Qs. Can I get admission in IIT through GATE?

Ans. Admission in IITs will be through Common Offer Acceptance Portal (GATE COAP). Those candidates who meet the GATE cutoff for IITs will have higher chances of admission

Ques. Which branch is good for GATE?

Ans. Electrical or mechanical, IT, poductions, chemical, etc are among the most popular branches. However, it depends on the interest of the candidates a lot.

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