GATE 2022 Question Paper with Solutions (Released by IIT KGP)


GATE 2022 Question Paper – IIT Kharagpur has released the official GATE question paper 2022. The question paper are available with the answer key and the response sheet. These are all available under the login, ie GOAPS. Candidates can download the question paper of GATE 2022 with the answer key from the link below. To do so, candidates need to enter enrollment number / e-mail id and password. It should be noted that under the login, candidates can check GATE 2022 question paper for their subject paper only. With the help of the answer key, response sheet, and GATE question paper candidates can calculate score. Know more details on GATE 2022 question paper from this page.

GATE 2022 Question Paper

Direct Link To Download, Click Here to download question paper or GATE 2022.

GATE 2022 Memory Based Question and Answers

This year two new subject papers are introduced ie Geomatics Engineering and Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Below given are the memory based question papers for GATE

How to Download GATE 2022 Question Paper?

The GATE question paper 2022 is available in pdf format with GATE 2022 response sheet and answer key, on the official website. Candidates can download it by following the steps mentioned below.

1st Step: Go to the official website ie .

2nd Step: Now click on the Old Question Papers tab.

3rd Step: From here candidates can select the year and subject of the question paper. In this case, you can select the year 2022 and the subject you appeared in for the exam.

4th Step: Finally click on “click here to download paper” and download the question paper for reference.

Significance of GATE 2022 Question Paper

The candidates can know the significance of the GATE 2022 question paper from the points mentioned below:

  • The question paper released by the authorities can be used to know the exact questions asked in the exam.
  • They can also use the question paper and answer key together to calculate their exam score and analyze their performance by checking the number of correct and incorrect answers.
  • These question papers are useful for future aspirants as it will help them in getting acquired with pattern of exam and type of questions usually asked.

GATE 2022 Question Paper Pattern

Check the question paper pattern of GATE 2022 from below.

Examination mode: Computer Based Test

Duration: Candidates are given 3 hours to complete the question paper.

Type of Questions: Multiple choice questions(MCQ), Multiple Select Question(MSQ), Numerical Answer type(NAT)

Number of questions: 10 (GA)+ 55 (subject)= Total 65 questions

Section in question paper: General Aptitude+ Candidates selected subject.

Questions for testing these abilities: Recall, Comprehension, application, analysis & synthesis

Marking Scheme: Each question carries one mark and two marks.

Total marks: The test is of total of 100 marks

Negative Marking: Check the marking system from below table.

  • Questions will carry 01 or 02 marks.
MCQ negative marking
1 mark MCQ 1/3 marks deducted for wrong answer
2 mark MCQs 2/3 marks deducted for wrong answer

Distribution of questions:

Paper code General Aptitude marks Subject marks
AE, AG, BM, BT, CE, CH, CS, CY, EC, EE, ES, EY, IN, MA, ME, MN, MT, NM, PE, PH, PI, TF, ST 15 85
AR (Part A+ Part B1: architecture or B2: planning) 15 60+25
GE {Part A+ Part B (section I or section II)} 15 55+30
GG [Part A+ Part B (section 1: Geology or section 2: Geophysics)] 15 25+60
XE (Section A+ Any two sections) 15 15+(2×35)
XH (section B1+ any one section) 15 25+60
XL (section P + any two sections) 15 25+(2×30)

Structure of GATE Question Paper

Check the structure of GATE question paper for different subjects from below.

  • The first section of the question paper will consist of General Aptitude question.
  • The second section of question paper will consist of questions from the Subject opted by candidates.
  • The first 10 questions will be from General Aptitude(GA), rest questions will be from particular subject.
  • Each Question from GA section will be Multiple choice question in other words each question will have four option.
  • In subject opted by candidates, questions will be Multiple choice question, Multiple selective question and numerical answer type questions.

GATE 2022 Answer Key

IIT Kharagpur will release GATE 2022 question paper along with the answer key. Candidates can download the provisional answer key in pdf format from the official website to cross check their answers. Candidates can also use the answer key to challenge/contest any answer in case they find it wrong.

Unofficial answer key: The official answer key will be released by the exam conducting body, but on the same day after the completion of examination of many teachers, subject experts, coaching institutes like made easy, Unacademy, Gate forum, The gate academy etc releases memory based answers. Candidates who appeared in the exam tell what questions were asked in the exam to the coaching institutes and the answer key is released based on that. This type of GATE 2022 answer key is called memory based answer key.

Unofficial Question Paper: The official question paper will be released by IIT Kharagapur but various Gate coaching institutes and teachers will release the question paper for each subject based on the questions remembered by students from the examination. These unofficial question paper will be released on the same day of the examination for candidates to check their answers.

The official GATE answer key is of two types:

  • Provisional answer key: IITKgp will release the provisional answer key after the exam for candidates to check their answer and raise objections if any.
  • Final answer key: The objections submitted against the provisional answer key are checked and if any valid challenge occurs, changes are made in the answer key accordingly and the updated answer key is uploaded as the final answer key before the result. It must be noted that the final answer cannot be challenged further.

FAQs on GATE 2022 Question Paper

Ques: How can I calculate marks using GATE 2022 Question paper?

Ans: In order to calculate the marks, first of all download the question paper along with the answer key from the official website. Now, cross check all the questions and answers and finally calculate the score as per the marking scheme.

Ques: How can I get GATE 2022 question paper?

Ans: You can download GATE 2022 question paper from

Ques: What type of questions are asked in GATE 2022 question paper?

Ans: There will be Multiple choice questions, Multiple selective questions and Numerical answer type questions in the exam.

Ques: What is the significance of GATE 2022 question paper?

Ans: Candidates can use the official GATE 2022 question paper to know the exact questions asked in the exam. They can also use the paper to calculate their probable score.

Ques: What will be the mode of conduction of GATE 2022?

Ans: GATE 2022 will be conducted as computer based test.

Ques: In what format will the GATE 2022 question paper be available?

Ans: Candidates can download the question paper in pdf format.

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