CUET PG 2022 Test Paper Code PDF (Released)


CUET PG 2022 Test Paper Code have been explained by the NTA. There are 78 different codes, from PGQP01 to PGQP78. When filling up the application form of the CUET PG 2022 exam, you need to select the test paper code you need to appear in. To know which test paper code is of use to you, first decide which course you wish to study from where.

Say for example you wish to study B.Ed from CU Haryana, then you need to select PGQP01. Whereas if you want to study MA from JNU then the paper code will be PGQP05. And so on.

The complete mapping of test paper code versus course and university has been given by NTA in the information brochure. And the same is given here for your quick reference. You can download the PDF and refer it while filling the form.

CUET PG 2022 Test Paper Code

The test paper code mapping tells courses, universities, as well as exam pattern for PGQP01, PGQP02, PGQP03, PGQP04, PGQP05, PGQP06, PGQP07, PGQP08, PGQP09, PGQP10, PGQP11, PGQP12, PGQP15, PGQP16, PGQP14, PGQP16, PGQP14 PGQP18, PGQP19, PGQP20, PGQP21, PGQP22, PGQP23, PGQP24, PGQP25, PGQP26, PGQP27, PGQP28, PGQP29, PGQP30, PGQP31, PGQP32, PGQP33, PGQP34, PGQP35, PGQP36, PGQP37, PGQP38, PGQP39, PGQP40, PGQP41, PGQP42, PGQP43, PGQP44, PGQP45, PGQP46, PGQP47, PGQP48, PGQP49, PGQP50, PGQP51, PGQP52, PGQP53, PGQP54, PGQP55, PGQP56, PGQP57, PGQP58, PGQP59, PGQP60, PGQP61, PGQP62, PGQP63, PGQP64, PGQP65, PGQP66, PGQP67, PGQP68, PGQP69, PGQP70, PGQP71, PGQP72, PGQP73, PGQP74, PGQP75, PGQP76, PGQP77, PGQP78.

CUET PG 2022 Test Paper Code PDF – Download Here

CUET PG 2022 Test Paper Codes

About CUET PG 2022

Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is being introduced for admission into UG/ PG programs in Central and participating Universities for academic session 2022-23. The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) will provide a common platform and equal opportunities to candidates across the country, especially those from North-East and from rural and other remote areas and help to establish better connect with the universities. A single Examination will enable the candidates to cover a wide outreach and be part of the admissions process to various Central Universities.

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