CTET Result 2022 also on hold due to elections? When to expect CBSE result delayed by 3 weeks?


The dilemma surrounding the CTET result 2022 is not getting any clarification citing the non-availability of any reason by the CBSE board. The result of the CTET 2022 examination was expected to be released by the end of the second week of February 2022. The Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) 2022 examination was held from December 16, 2022, to January 13, 2022. However, even after 3 weeks past the expected result there is no update regarding its release. Candidates who are eagerly awaiting the result for the CTET 2022 on the official website, ctet.nic.in,

CTET Result 2022 Update

With exams being over in the second week of January 2022, the experts were speculating that the result shall be released in the second week of February 2022. However, even after 3 weeks, the board did not have the audacity of posting a single update regarding the same. This non-availability of any tentative result date is not becoming the root cause of the frustration amongst the candidates. Several Twitter protests have been held as of now bearing no result as the board is in no mood to entertain the queries of the candidates. The anxiousness amongst the candidates can be ascertained from the fact that as of today, the official website has a total of 54 million visitors.

Reportedly, CBSE is going to announce the results for CBSE Term 1 board exam today. It can be said here that the board is in process of declaring the results as soon as possible. CTET results, similarly, can be expected soon.

Delay in the Release of CTET Result 2022

Several reasons have cropped up citing this unusual delay in the CTET result 2022. As per some observers, elections in the legislative assemblies of 5 states have caused a delay in the release of the result. While another group of experts is quoting that this might be due to the latest administrative shuffle within the board and the impact of normalization. CBSE board has recently gone through a lot of internal restructuring with the change in the chairperson of the board. The failure of the board’s part in devising a correct normalization formula is one of the key reasons for the delay in the result.

In addition to the CTET result, the board has also failed to release the CBSE board Term 1 result that is pending for the last month. This immense pressure is also one of the leading causes that have hampered the working policy of the board.

CTET Result Release Date

As of now, the elections of the major state is going to be over. Hence, speculations are high that the result shall be released anytime after March 10, 2022. Candidates are advised to keep an eye on the official website as the result can be released anytime.

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