COMEDK 2022 Preparation – Tips, Syllabus, Pattern, Mock Test


The COMEDK 2022 is being organized. Candidates must start their preparation early so as to achieve good marks in the Examination. Before starting preparing, candidates must have knowledge of exam pattern of COMEDK UGET and the syllabus of the examination. By understanding it in advance candidates can prepare strategy and follow through it till the examination is conducted. The details regarding the examination such as exam pattern, syllabus and preparation tips are mentioned in this article. Candidates are advised to read the article carefully and prepare accordingly for the entrance examination.

COMEDK 2022 Preparation

An aspirant preparing for COMEDK must practice a lot and be familiar with the exam pattern, marking scheme, and syllabus of the exam first. The preparation tips for COMEDK is given below.

COMEDK 2022 Exam Pattern

Following is the expected Exam Pattern for COMEDK 2022 :

  • Mode of Examination : Online
  • Type : Computer Based Test (CBT)
  • Medium of Exam : english
  • Type of Questions : MCQ Type
  • Total Marks : 180
  • Total No. of Question: 180
  • Total Duration : 3 hours
Sections in Exam Marks
Physics 60
Chemistry 60
Mathematics 60
Total 180

Marking scheme

  • Correct Answer: +1 will be awarded for each correct answer
  • Incorrect Answer: There is no negative marking for wrong answer

Syllabus of COMEDK 2022

The syllabus is being prepared by the COMEDK and will be published on the official website. The syllabus is according to the exam pattern of the examination. The Candidates must note down the syllabus before start preparing for the examination. Below given are some important topics covered in the Question paper:

Mathematics : Logarithmic Series, Differential Equation, Three Dimensional Geometry, Circles, Trigonometry, Co-ordinate Geometry, Vectors, and Calculus, Probability, Co-relation & Regression, Matrices & Determinants, Matrices & Determinants, Matrices & Determinants

Physics : Ray Optics, Alternating Current, Oscillations, Heat & Thermodynamics, Current & Electricity, Units of Measurement, Electromagnetic Induction, Kinetic Energy, thermal and chemical effects of currents, Heat, and Thermodynamic, X-Ray, Wave Optics, Radioactivity, Simple Harmonic Motion , Gravitation, Principals of Communication, EM Waves, Capacitance, Motion in one, two & three dimensions, Elastic Kinetic Theory of Gases and Vector Motions.

Chemistry : Periodic Classification of Elements, Transition of Metals, Solutions, Bio-Molecules, Nuclear Chemistry, Polymers, Chemistry of Carbon Compounds, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics and chemistry in action, Redox Reaction, Chemical Bonding, Coordination Compounds, Alkanes, P Block Elements, Chemical Equilibrium, Alkenes and Alkynes, Chemistry Thermodynamics, Aldehyde Ketone, Gaseous State, S-Block Element, Surface Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Atomic Structure, Mole Concept & Electrochemistry, Coordination Compounds, Solid State.

COMEDK 2022 Mock Test

Candidates also get a chance to practice and increase their influence through the mock test which will be available in the website of COMEDK. Throufh the test candidates can get an iodea of ​​the exam pattern and prepare accordingly. Aspirants have to sign in before appearing in the test. Mock test is basically the practice session which could be taken up before the final examination.

COMEDK 2022 Important Books

Important and good books can enhance your preparation at a great level. Some important recommended books for COMEDK 2022 is given below:

Books Click Here
Physics for Karnataka CET and COMEDK Paperback – 2010 Buy Here
Physics for Karnataka CET and COMEDK Paperback – 2010

By MTG Editorial Board

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10 Years COMEDK Chapterwise Solutions 2015

By MTG Editorial Board

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Karnataka CET/COMEDK-UGET And NEET UG Previous exam papers solved


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MTG COMEDK Chapterwise Solutions (11 Yrs 2015-2005) (Physics,Chemistry,Biology,Mathematics) (English) Buy Here
NCERT Solutions Physics 12th

By Nidhi Goel

Buy Here
NCERT Solutions Chemistry 12th

By Geeta Rastogi

Buy Here
Mathematics for Class 12 by RD Sharma (Set of 2 Volume) (2019-2020 Session)

By RD Sharma

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Other books you can refer for preparation are as follows:

  • NCERT Textbooks
  • JEE Main and Advanced Preparation Books
  • HC Verma for Physics
  • JD Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry
  • RD Sharma Objective Mathematics

COMEDK Preparation Tips 2022 For Physics

Physics cannot be cracked without a well-planned preparation structure. Candidates has to have from knowledge of each chapter and topics as they are interconnected and easier to understand. Prepare your own notes while you prepare for the exam that would be easier for the preparation. Learn the formulas through their derivation while writing them. This will help you to understand better. Practice as many questions as you can from the chapters in the syllabus. Pay attention to Thermodynamics and Electrostatics as they are quite scoring in nature. Don’t prescribe to multiple books refer to NCERT which would be beneficial for you. Solve previous year question paper where you can clear your tougher areas for preparation.

COMEDK Preparation Tips 2022 For Chemistry

Chemistry is all about rules, reactions, laws and equations which might seem difficult but which is not. But if prepared properly, it can get you more marks than any other sections, as it majorly requires good application skill from you. Clear your basis by referring to NCERT books. Makes notes and follow accordingly. It will help you in memorizing them better. Have proper knowledge of theory as well. , For Organic Chemistry, try to understand the reactions instead of memorizing them. For Inorganic Chemistry, study on a regular basis, otherwise you will forget. Be attentive and patient while studying Chemistry.

COMEDK Preparation Tips 2022 For Mathematics

Mathematics is all about practice. If you have a good hold over the basics and good analytical and calculation skills. Memorizing each formula is key to score good in mathematics. Refer NCERT Mathematics book to understand the theory behind every concept. Learn theformua nor the steps of solving it which can lead to confusion and create problem while solving. Concentrate on weaker areas and practice them more often than your strengths. Focus on Probability and Matrices and Determinats which are scoring topics among the mathematics.

Preparation Tips for COMEDK 2022

Candidates must prepare with the best resources and tips to pass the COMEDK 2022 Entrance exam. Some preparation tips are given below for candidates to follow:

  • Note Down the Syllabus- Note down the complete syllabus before start preparing. IT will help you to manage the preparation for the reexamination. The syllabus shall contain all the topics that will be covered in the examination.
  • Make Notes- Note making is important to prepare for the examination. Make notes of the formulas, difficult topics from each subject and try to read or practice them daily. THis will help you to learn the difficult topics from the syllabus.
  • Solve previous year question papers- Practice Mock Tests available on COMEDK official website and solve previous year question paper. This will help you to know more about the nature of exam, questions and difficulty level of the examination. Candidates must solve the previous year question papers to build up speed and accuracy according to the time allotted to complete the examination.
  • Study General concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Clear your basic concepts. Refer to CBSE books. Solve Numerical and deviations problems for physics and Mathematics.It is essential to go through your textbooks and mark the important points in theory, important formulas and their basic applications. Refer to your 12th class and existing syllabus.
  • Iimportant topic’s notes– At last make notes of the important topics from each subject, however, every topic is important from the examination point of view. Although making a list of formulas of the topics that are don’t easily remembered by you will help you for the last-minute revision.
  • Practicing weaker subject- Give more time on practicing the weaker subject and make proper notes, highlighting the important topics which need to be focused.
  • Revision- Revision is the most important thing to do after covering the whole syllabus. If you do not revise what you have studied earlier then you will forget everything on the day of examination. It is important to revise each and every topic from the syllabus whether it is difficult or easy.
  • Above all, you don’t need to be stressed. Keep calm and study smartly.


COMEDK is the “Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka” – is entrusted the responsibility to organize testing procedures to determine the merit of aspiring students in an effective, fair, transparent and non-exploitative procedure by KPCF (Karnataka Professional Colleges Foundation – Medical & Dental) and KUPECA (Karnataka Unaided Private Engineering Colleges Association). It has been conducting the annual entrance exam for Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in the member institutions and has also been organizing a single window centralized counseling process over the last 15 years. COMEDK has been assigned the task of organizing a common entrance test for the academic year 2022- 2023.

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