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How to Prepare for NIFT After 12th – NIFT is one of the most competitive examinations and hence one should know about tips and tricks on How to Prepare for NIFT after 12th. About 22000 aspirants appear for the exam every year. For the preparation of NIFT 2022, aspirants must have proper information about the exam so that they can give their maximum output, the exam pattern and syllabus is mentioned on After the NIFT 2022 exam, students are allotted seat into design programs like bachelor of design, Bachelor of Fashion Technology, Master of Fashion Management, and Master of Fashion Technology, Master of Design. Scroll

How to Prepare for NIFT After 12th?

Preparation tips are very important for an exam. This helps a candidate to have a better idea of ​​what they are going to face and helps them to make a plan of action for the exam. It makes the process easier and helps them boost their performance to their fullest potential.

NIFT Preparation Tips – An Overview

Imagine going into a war, without knowing whom you are going to face or starting a new business without knowing any proper path for the business. It would be difficult right? And the odds of you failing will be much higher too. now, what if we reverse the situation? Things might get a little easier as you now know the path you need to follow. In this similar way, aspirants appearing in an exam is similar to the above scenario, and preparation tips for the exam give aspirants a path to follow. Few tips for preparing for the NIFT exam are:

  • The first and foremost tip for the preparation for the exam is not to take the stress and to focus on the examination. If the candidate keeps on practicing hard for the exam without taking much stress, they would for sure have the best outcome.
  • The second important thing for an aspirant is to create a timetable according to their convenience and follow it invariably. The timetable should also include breaks in between to keep the mind fresh.
  • They should also have a proper understanding of the topics and subjects. They should keep the basics clear.
  • They should make shorts notes according to their convenience that might help them in the quick revision.
  • They should know about the exam pattern and the syllabus to avoid confusion. This might also help in knowing the important topics, weightage, etc.
  • Mock tests are the most important thing as they let you test your performance in a similar kind of environment. so keep a good focus on mock tests.

How to Prepare for NIFT 2022 after Class 12th?

The various things you need to keep in mind while preparing for NIFT after the 12th is:

  • Candidates should keep themselves up to date with all the latest fashion news
  • They should keep an eye on whats happening around you and around the world
  • They should know about the brands and the brand ambassadors
  • Have a good knowledge about Maths and Science formulas and brush up your logical thinking ability.
  • polish your vocabulary, drawing skills and interview skills
  • try to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and improve them.

Subject-wise Preparation Strategy to Crack NIFT 2022

The Subject wise preparation for NIFT is as follows:

Preparation for Creative Ability Test, For the preparation of the Creative Ability Test, you should improve on the concepts like space design, concepts of 3-Ds, color interpretation. you should also improve your sketching skills and color theory.

Preparation for English: These questions are designed in such a way so that they can test your reading comprehensions skills. To improve it, you should learn a few new words every day, make your vocabulary better.

Preparation for the Reasoning Sectionn: For the reasoning section, you should focus on topics like coding-decoding, puzzles, etc. answers are always hidden in the question only, so you should have a proper understanding of the question.

Preparation for General Knowledge: You should have a habit of reading newspapers and fashion magazines daily. you should also focus on brand endorsements and daily current affairs.

Preparation for Mathematics: Have a good hold on concepts like probability, permutations, and combinations, number systems, etc. Try to learn short quick tricks to solve questions in less time. practice is the main key criteria for good preparation of this subject.

NIFT 2022 Test Wise Weightage

A candidate needs to know about the exam pattern. Knowing the exam pattern, weightage, etc, make the preparation of the exam a lot easier. NIFT is a pen-paper offline exam. It is a type of MCQ exam. Down below are the various test and weightage for various courses:

Course Test & Weightage
Bachelor of Design CAT – 50%
GAT – 30%
Situation Test – 20%
Master of Design CAT – 40%
GAT – 30%
Group Discussion/ Personal Interview – 30%
Bachelor of Fashion Technology GAT – 100%
Master of Fashion Technology GAT – 70%
Group Discussion/Personal Interview – 30%
Master of Fashion Management GAT – 70%
Group Discussion/ Personal Interview – 30%

Important Books for NIFT 2022 preparation

Knowing about the right book is always important for the preparation of an exam. By knowing right books, candidates can prepare for the exam with full potential

Name of Book Buying link
NIFT, NID and IIFT Entrance Exam Guide by D Mittal Buy here
Guide to NIFT/NID for Group A, B, and C by RP Datsun Buy here
NIFT Mock Test Series 2022-23 Buy here
NIFT: NID/IIFT (Design/Technology/Management Courses) Exam Guide Buy here

About NIFT 2022

NIFT or National Institute of Fashion Technology is the leading fashion education institute. It was established in 1986. NIFT has a vision to provide a learning experience about fashion and keep India forward in the world of fashion. It offers candidates various design programs like bachelor of design, b of Fashion Technology, Master of Fashion Management and Master of Fashion Technology, Master of Design.

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