CG PPT 2022 Syllabus


CG PPT 2022 Syllabus: The Chhattisgarh Professional Examinations Board (CGPEB) will release the CG PPT Syllabus on the official website in July, tentatively. The Chhattisgarh Pre-Polytechnic Test (CG PPT 2022) is a state-level entrance exam which is organized by the Chhattisgarh Pre-Examinations Board, Raipur (CG Vyapam) for admission of eligible students into Diploma Engineering courses. The exam is conducted once every year. The CG PPT 2022 Syllabus released by CG Vyapam this year may be similar to that of the previous year. It is mainly divided into two subjects – Science and Maths. The CG PPT 2022 syllabus will be from class 10th, Read the complete article given below to know the entire syllabus and other details related to it. Once released, you will be able to find it on the official website where it will be available in both English and Hindi.

CG PPT 2022 Syllabus

The syllabus for CG PPT 2022 has not been released yet. The syllabus this year is expected to be the same as that of the last year.

Latest – The syllabus has not been released yet, but once released candidates can check it on the official website,

CG PPT 2022 Syllabus Overview

Since, this year’s syllabus has not yet been released, you can refer to the previous year’s syllabus given below that will most probably remain unchanged. It is important for the candidates to be aware of the genuine syllabus for the exam. This is required so that they can begin their preparation timely. Candidates should make sure to cover all the topics and sub-topics given under the syllabus in order to score well.

Given below is the syllabus for CG PPT 2021 exam:

Syllabus of Science

Topic Sub-Topics
General Properties of Matter and Sound Measurement, Force, and Motion
Work & Energy
Waves and Sound
Matter – Structure & Behavior Matter – Nature and Behavior
Structure of Atom
Light, Electricity & Magnetism Light
Electricity and its Effects
Magnetic Effect of Current
Classification of Elements, Chemical Bonding, Reaction, and Some Important Compound Periodic Classification of Elements
Chemical Reactions
Chemical Bonding
Rate of Chemical Reaction and Chemical Equilibrium
Some Important Chemical Compounds
Natural Resources Metals
Coal and Petroleum
Sources of Energy
Our Environment Biosphere

Syllabus of Maths

Topic Sub-Topics
Algebra Rational Number and Expressions
Ratio and Proportion
Quadratic Equations
Arithmetic Series
Linear Equation
Trigonometry Trigonometry Ratios
Trigonometric Equations
Measurement of angle in different system degrees, grades and radians.
Relation between arc, radius and central angle
Trignometrical Identities
Problems on Height and Distance
Geometry Fundamental Concepts
Different Theorems and/or Axioms and their Converse
Co-ordinate Geometry Distance, Section & Mid-Section Formula
Area of ​​Triangle
Centroid and Incentre of Triangle
Condition for Three Collinear Points
Mensuration Area of ​​Triangle and Rectangle
Area and Circumference of Circle and its sector, length of arc of circle
Surface Area and Volume of cube, cuboids, Prism, Cylinder, Cone & Sphere
Statistics Statistics & its Definition,
Collection & Presentation of Data
Arranging data in ascending and descending order, cumulative frequencies, class-limits
Graphical Representation of Statistical Data
Problem-based on mean, mode, median & pie chart
Probability (based on single-event only)
computer Introduction to computer, its working, basic structure and components
mathematical knowledge
binary digit system

Latest – You can read about the subject-wise syllabus by clicking here

CG PPT 2022 Exam Pattern

Students giving the exam CG PPT 2022 should know the exam pattern of this state level entrance exam in order to qualify. Given below is the exam pattern overview of the same as per last year’s data.

  • Mode of the examination – The CG PPT 2022 exam will be held in an offline mode (pen-and-paper based.)
  • Duration of the exam – Total duration of the exam is 3 hours.
  • Exam Language – The exam can be given in either Hindi or English language.
  • Marking scheme – One mark is rewarded for every correct answer, and there is no negative marking for wrong answers.
  • Total questions – Total number of questions is 150, based on objective type questions (MCQ’s), divided into three subjects as shown in the table below:

CG PPT 2022 Important Books

For the preparation of CG PPT 2022, you can study from the given books:

Book Author Purchase Link
Chhattisgarh PPT Pre Polytechnic Guide 2021 Hindi Arihant Click Here
CG PPT Chhattisgarh Polytechnic Preparation Book 2021 Close Campus Click here
CG Vyapam PPT Preparation Book 2021 ExamInspect Click here
CG PPT Chhattisgarh Polytechnic Mock Test2021 ExamInspect Click Here

How to prepare for CG PPT 2022 Exam

  • Make a study plan/strategy – Go through the entire syllabus and make sure you cover all your topics with proper time management. Make a time table and a fixed schedule and follow them honestly.
  • Make notes – Make notes while studying. You can do it in free style, using charts, hand made diagrams, flow charts, etc. Highlight important and repetitive questions and answers.
  • Revise thoroughly – This is a very important step which is most of the times skipped by the students. Revising thoroughly helps to retain and remember. It also helps us stay consistent with already learned topics.
  • Online videos – Watch online videos but do not substitute it with reading the text books. Both should be practiced side by side.
  • Solve previous year’s question papers – Highlight repetitive or frequently asked questions in old question papers. Set your time and solve the old CG PPT papers for more practice. Remember, practice is the key.
  • Do not over exert yourself with pressure – When you are in study mode, make sure that is your only focus. But do not sit for more than two hours at a stretch. Take small breaks in between.
  • Sleep well – Make sure you are getting adequate amount of sleep and water intake. You need to relax your body from time to time.

FAQs on CG PPT 2022 Syllabus

Ques: Can I appear for the CG PPT 2022 exam twice a year?

Ans: No, the exam will be held only once a year, therefore, you can appear only once.

Ques: Has the syllabus for CG PPT 2022 released?

Ans: No, the syllabus has not been officially released yet. Once released, we will update it here in this article itself.

Ques: Will there be negative marking in the exam?

Ans: No, there won’t be any negative marking present.

Ques: Is the CG PPT 2022 examination only held in English?

Ans: No, CG PPT 2022 examination is conducted in both English and Hindi language.

Ques: How do I prepare for CG PPT 2022 examination?

Ans: Go through the syllabus and check previous year’s papers to have a better understanding of the exam pattern. You can also refer to the books mentioned above for preparation.

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