CBSE Class 12th Term 1 Results 2022: Date, Time, Official Website Latest News


After the recent announcement of CBSE Class 10 term 1 results, students are expecting the Class 12 results to come out soon. The board has released the results of CTET, Class 10 term 1 exams back to back. Next, class 12 results for term 1 are to be announced. For class 10 term 1 results, however, the board did not declare on its results portal like it usually does. Instead, the results were sent to the respective school administration.

In addition, as per several reports, including one by NDTVthere is a small possibility of marksheets releasing today, March 15, 2022, Although no official statement corroborates with this speculation, a CBSE spokesperson gave a two-worded response, “will inform“, as repeated by NDTV. While such speculations are making the rounds, students are asking another persistent question – will the Class 12 term 1 result be announced online? Here are all the latest news reports!

CBSE Class 10th term 1 not announced online

Recently, CBSE announced the Class 10 term 1 2022 results, oddly enough, not on the official website, In fact, marksheets were sent to the respected schools, and students were instructed to contact their school administration. Reportedly, principal of a certain school received the following mail –

Dear Principal, please find enclosed performance of term 1 examination for session 2021-22 of school code for class 10 in attachment.

Although results were announced on March 11, 2022, students were not given any clear direction. This invariably created confusion among students who were ardently waiting for their marksheets.

Will Class 12 term 1 results be announced online?

Several news reports are claiming the result date for Class 12 term 1 exams to be announced within a few days. Considering the result situation with Class 10 students, one can consider two possibilities – 1. Marksheets being released online, on and cbse.nic.inand 2. Marksheets being set to schools (as done in case of Class 10).

Interestingly, last year, CBSE had directly released the marksheets online for both Class 10 and 12. So, students were taken by surprise when CBSE decided against this format in 2022.

As of now, CBSE has not provided any confirmation on the format for Class 12 term 1 result announcement. Even the exact date and time for the result announcement have not been disclosed. So, all students can do is just wait and watch for the final result.

Controversy with Class 10, 12 question papers

In addition to doubts about result, students have also been worried about the controversial questions asked in the term 1 exams. Even a passage in the Class 10 English paper was misogynistic and hence, had to be entirely removed. However, for this passage, students shall get full marks. Problems with the sociology paper have also created complications in the CBSE Class 12 term 1 exams. In this case, students are concerned whether the board shall reward them full marks against the controversial questions.

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