CA Final Topper Interview – S. Agathiswaran


Know the secret of his success: The interview of CA final 2017 2nd Rank Holder S. Agathiswaran

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The CA Final Exam results were declared a day ago, putting an end to the anticipation and anxiousness regarding the result among 1,32,007 candidates who were participants in the Examination. Out of these many students in the tough competition, Agathiswaran S from Vellore, Tamil Nadu, became the 2nd Rank holder in the CA Final Examinations held this year. It is certainly never easy to top in CA exams. To achieve this, hard work is a part of success story. Moreover, this isnt the first time he has achieved such a feat. In the Chartered Accountants Intermediate Examinations (IPC) held in May/June 2014, Agathiswaran S secured the 3rd rank. If you are curious and want to know the story behind his success, here we have an interview of the man himself.

About CA Final Rank 2, S. Agathiswaran

Class 12th Score 94%
CA SCORE 602/800
CA Rank 2

Q. How are you feeling after acing this year’s CA FINALS?

Ans. It feels great and I am very happy at this moment.

Q. Is this your first attempt? What was your strategy?

Ans. Yes. This is my first attempt.

My strategy was to go through the entire syllabus and be thorough with the ICAI materials. It is important not to waste time and to completely stay away from distractions like social networking especially during the study holidays.

Q. Please share a bit about your family?

Ans. My dad is a Chartered accountant and my mother’s name is karpagavalli and she is a homemaker. I also have a sister.

Q. What or who was your inspiration?

Ans. I would say Cristiano Ronaldo was a big inspiration for me because of his hard work and desire for success.

Q. Let’s talk about your academic background.

Ans. I studied from – ida scudder school. My Class 12th score- 94%

Q. What made you choose CA as a career option?

Ans. I always had an interest in Accounting and Income tax. That was the main reason. Also i never like science much.

Q. How did you normally balance studying with your social life?

Ans. It was pretty difficult. But I guess i somehow managed it.


Q. When did you start preparing for this exam? Did you appear in CPT as well? On an average, how many hours a day did you study?

Ans. I came through CPT route. I started my preparations pretty early. I would read everyday for say 2 hours during my articles.

During the study holidays it would be around 13-15 hours every day.

Q. How did you prepare for each subject?

Ans. The preparation has to be systematic and in a planned manner. The entire syllabus in each subject has to be studied and practice manual of ca institute is very helpful in testing ourselves.

Q. Which was the most difficult topic while preparing for CA and how did you crack it?

Ans. For me ISCA paper was the most difficult. To clear it, I took short notes from the study material and would revise from those short notes. Revising multiple times was the key in clearing this paper.

Q. Where did you undergo your Articleship Training?

Ans. I underwent articleship training in vellore.

Q. How important do you think Articleship Training is from examination perspective? how did that help you in your exam ?

Ans. It gives us confidence and a practical view of how things happen in real life. Also we get to learn a lot about DT and Corporate law which is very handy in preparing for the CA final exams.

Q.Which books did you use to prepare for this exam?

Ans. ICAI study material, practice manual, RTP, Suggested Answers and Mock test papers.

Q. What are the most important topics for CA FINAL preparation that you think an aspirant should focus on?

Ans. I would say all topics are important.

Q.According to you, how was the exam? Was it tough or was it easy?

Ans. It was mixed Direct and Indirect taxes was lengthy. FR and SFM were relatively easy.

Q. ICAI has introduced a new scheme. What are your thoughts on that?

Ans. I have not really gone through the new scheme. So i cannot say anything about that.


Q. What are your future plans now?

Ans. I would like to get into corporate banking.

Q. Any last minute tip for the future aspirants.

Ans. Do your best. Work hard. Do not waste time.

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