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The online registration process for Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Challenge (BMOC) has already begun. With the commencement of registrations, it’s now time for the challenges to begin. Interested players and teams can now register for BMOC at, According to the website, the registration process is expected to remain open till March 27, 2022, This will be the chance for the players to compete and win their tickets to the pro series.

About BMOC

The players after registering for BMOC will be required to play 15 matches with their registered team members over a stipulated time period. Out of the 15 matches, the top 10 are going to be considered for evaluation and scoring. However, in case there is a tie, then parameters such as finishes, survival time, accuracy, etc. are going to be considered. As such, the top 512 teams are going to qualify for the next round. It must be noted that only the 15 matches that are played with the registered team members are going to be considered valid.

How to register?

To register for BMOC, players will need an email ID, phone number, BGMI player character ID, BGMI player IGN and a valid Indian government ID. There is no registration fee since BMOC is a free tournament. The steps to register for BMOC are as follows.

Step 1- Go to the official website of BGMI esports at

Step 2- Scroll down the page and click on the ‘Register Now’ button

Step 3- Enter the email ID

Step 4- An OTP will be sent which needs to be provided

Step 5- Fill in the details and accept the terms and conditions

Step 6- The player will be registered on the website.

Direct Link to Register for BMOC – Click Here

After successful registration, the player must either create a team or join one. It must be noted that only a complete team of 4 to 6 players are going to be eligible for participation in the tournament. Also, the player cannot register with more than one team.


The foremost criterion for participating in BMOC is that the player must be an Indian national. Also, the participants must have a level of 25 and above platinum 5 tier in a BGMI account. Players have to use only their mobiles for playing in the tournament since tablets and emulators are strictly prohibited. Also, external trigger controllers are not allowed. If found to be using, then the team or players will be disqualified.

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