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Best Books for PPBNET 2022 – BFUHS offers admission into Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Course after conducting PPBNET 2022. The question paper contains multiple choice type questions (MCQs). The exam will be held in offline mode. The candidates who wish to prepare for this exam need to be well prepared. The perfect preparation starts with the right selection of books. In order to prepare for PPBNET 2022, the candidates should buy only a specific and limited amount of books that will be helpful for them. You can either buy the books for General Nursing and Midwifery which would contain all the relevant topics in one book or you could also buy separate books for each topic to get a better understanding of them. Check the best books for PPBNET 2022 from this page.

Best Books for PPBNET 2022

PPBNET 2022 will contain questions from General Nursing and Midwifery. Finding books that relate to every subtopic from these subjects will prove to be the best for all the aspiring candidates. Following are some books that you might need for good results in PPBNET 2022.

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Prakhar Quick Review for GNM 1st Year (4 Books Set) English Ver Check Price Here
A Text Book of NURSING FOUNDATION For GNM First Year Check Price Here
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A TEXT BOOK OF Midwifery & Gynecological Nursing For GNM Third Year Check Price Here
Text Book For Third Year GNM Community Health Nursing-II Check Price Here

Relevance of Books While Preparing for PPBNET 2022

The right preparation can only be started once you have the right study material. The candidates who wish to give PPBNET 2022 need to have books for every topic that is there in the exam. You need to find books which can prove to be useful for you. A book that covers each and every topic, explains every important keyword, and has the basic, as well as complex questions, is what every student needs to prepare well for the exam.

It is very crucial that you keep the quality of the books you buy. Just buying unnecessary and lots of books wouldn’t help you at all. You should buy a limited amount of books, and only the ones which can truly help you study. For PPBNET 2022, you should focus on books related to topics from General Nursing and Midwifery. You can either buy books having all topics in one or separate books for every topic you wish to study deeply.

Significance of Best Books for PPBNET 2022

Having the right book in hand is always better than having too many which are of no use. The more books you have, the less you are likely to study from the best one. You will just be confused between what to study and what not to study. You would try completing the syllabus from every book and yet end up with nothing.

That is why it is very important that you have the books in hand which are the best for you. The books mentioned above are not only good but verified to prepare for Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Exam preparation. These books contain good content, conceptual questions, and a lot of practice questions for you to understand every topic carefully. So gear up, and start studying for PPBNET 2022 from these books.

Examination Pattern for PPBNET 2022

Exam Pattern is a significant part of the Examination. If you do not know how many questions you have to attempt, and what marks they carry, you’d never know how much deep you need to understand the topic and learn about it to be prepared for the Exam. Following is the Examination Pattern for PPBNET 2022.

  • PPBNET 2022 will be conducted in offline mode.
  • The question paper will be multiple choice type.
  • The Examination will be held in English Language only.
  • Candidates will have to mark the answer of their choice in the OMR sheet.
  • There will be no negative marking for incorrect answers in PPBNET 2022.

Important Preparation Tips for PPBNET 2022

Good preparation leads to the best results. Here are some important preparation tips for PPBNET 2022 which every candidate appearing for the Examination must follow.

  • Deep reading: It is necessary that all candidates study the topics and read every line from the book, study resource thoroughly. Just going through pages and looking at headings wouldn’t help. You need to understand that Multiple choice questions are based on every detail mentioned in any topic.
  • Helping a fellow aspirant: You can also help any other candidate of the same or similar exam study. This will help you in clearing your concepts and revising the syllabus again.
  • Taking short breaks: Every candidate should take short breaks of 5 to 10 minutes between every 2 hours of study. This will help you refresh your mind. Concepts will also be learned like this easily without stress.
  • Revising the Syllabus: PPBNET 2022 has a vast syllabus which needs to be announced every once in a while. Even after you have completed a particular topic, you need to keep revising it either by doing questions or going through quick notes.

FAQs on Best Books for PPBNET 2022

Q.1 Should I be buying a lot of books for preparation for PPBNET 2022?

Ans. No, buy only those books which are required for the Exam. Just collecting extra books would make you feel more burdened.

Q.2 Which books are the best for the preparation of PPBNET 2022?

Ans. General Nursing and Midwifery Entrance Examination, B.Sc (Nursing) books are good for the preparation of PPBNET 2022.

Q.3 Does buying the best books help me in giving the exam?

Ans. With the right book, the burden on yourself will be reduced. It will also greatly reduce the need to buy other books.

Q.4 What type of questions are asked in the exam?

Ans. In the test, there are multiple-choice questions.

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