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Best Books for PMNET 2022 – Punjab Master of Sciences (Nursing) Entrance Test (PMNET) is conducted for candidates who are interested in taking admission to M.Sc (Nursing) courses in various colleges of the state of Punjab. The questions asked in the PMNET are usually from Nursing and General Knowledge or Trends in Nursing subjects.

Candidates who are aiming for this exam must prepare for this entrance by choosing the study material wisely. A good book not only help candidates in clearing their doubts but also delivers in depth knowledge of concepts in easy language which can help candidates in boosting their PMNET score. Books with easy language, detailed concept, practice papers, colorful diagrams and flowcharts should be preferred. Most of the students waste their time in choosing the right book to study and often end upgetting confused. So on this page, we have listed some of the best books available for PMNET 2022 that will give candidates a clear idea about how to choose the right standard study material to ace the exam.

Best Books for PMNET 2022

Right study material and quality books play an important role in the preparation for any exam. Books not only help in understanding concept in a simplified manner but also gives an idea about questions asked in the examination, approach to solving the question paper, and exam pattern. Check some of the below-mentioned books which can help you in cracking PMNET 2022.

How to Select Best Books for PMNET 2022?

Candidates often get confused when it comes to choosing the right books for the preparation of any exam. Selecting books and study material is one of the most crucial decision one has to make before starting the preparation. Using standard books not only helps you in understanding concepts but also ensures your win in the exam.

Check the Factors to select Right PMNET preparation books below.

  • Content of book: Candidates must refer to the reviews of the PMNET books to know how easy it would be to read and understand the concepts from those books. Check the quality of language, syllabus covered and ease of understanding before choosing a particular book to study.
  • Edition of the book: Consider the latest edition of the book for each subject. Older editions usually contain outdated content which is no longer required for the preparation of the exam.
  • Detailed concept: The books must contain all the basic concepts. The concept should be written in such a manner that the candidates can understand them easily. Choose a book which has concepts explained in the form of flowcharts and diagrams as they are more clear and simple to comprehend.
  • Easy language: The books that are published in simple language are easy to learn. It saves a lot of preparation time and helps candidates in grasping the important topics easily.
  • Practice papers: Books with lot of practice papers should be preferred as these books do not help in concept learning but also help during the revision point. The practice test given in this books are relevant to the test and will give a clear idea about the question and exam type.

PMNET 2022 Exam Pattern

All the candidates are advised to be well aware of the PMNET exam pattern. It will help candidates in knowing the marking scheme along with the duration of the exam, number of questions and nature of questions. Check below to know the exam pattern.

  • There will be a total of 200 MCQs and candidates need to answer them on the OMR response sheet.
  • The exam will be held in offline mode.
  • The exam will be of total of 800 marks.
  • Questions will be asked from Nursing and Trends in Nursing / General Knowledge.
  • There will be no negative marking. However, if a candidate has not darkened the fifth oval in case of unattempted answer then one mark will be deducted.
  • For every correct response 4 marks will be awarded.

Preparation Tips for PMNET 2022

With Right strategy and planning, one can certainly boost their score in the exam. So here are some tips to ace the PMNET 2022 examination.

  • Know the syllabus: Before starting the preparation, explore and understand the syllabus. You should know about the topics you need to study for the exam. Make the list of all the subjects and start giving priority based on the weightage of the syllabus. Knowing the syllabus beforehand will ensure that you do not miss any topic for the exam and will also help in organizing your studies well.
  • Understand the concepts: Understanding the concept is more important than memorizing because it is difficult to retain all the information learn till the day of the exams. So, it is important to understand the concept for better retention of the topics learned. Learning concepts will help you in solving complex questions easily and you will be able to analyze the questions with a better understanding.
  • Make a study plan: A study plan is an effective way to help you navigate through the exam syllabus in an organized manner. Having a study plan in hand will allow you to have productive and systematic study sessions and a lot of your time will be saved from getting wasted. Instead of focusing for long hours, study for short period and take a small break, repeat this for 4-5 times a day for effective studies.
  • Stay consistent: Being consistent is one of the most important thing for success in any exam. Consistent efforts will develop discipline and self-control which will help you in achieving your daily goals without any distractions. Consistency will lead you to progress, and you can track your improvement in preparation more clearly
  • Practice mock papers: Practicing previous year papers or mock papers is a great way to check your preparation level. This would also allow you to practice within the given time limit and build your speed and accuracy. Regular practice will help you in analyzing your mistakes and will also give you an idea about the exam pattern.

FAQs on Best Books for PMNET 2022

Ques: Is it difficult to prepare for PMNET?

Ans: No, it’s not that difficult to prepare for the exam but one must stay consistent and study regularly to ace the PMNET exam.

Ques: How do I select the best books to study for PMNET?

Ans: In order to select books for this exam, candidates need to make sure that the books are simple to understand and have detailed concepts. Also, the book must have enough questions and practice papers for revision.

Ques: What type of questions are asked in the exam?

Ans: The questions asked are objective. MCQs need to be answered on the OMR response sheet.

Ques: What are the subjects from which questions are asked in the exam?

Ans: Questions are asked from Nursing and general knowledge/ trends in nursing.

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