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Best Books for IRMASAT 2022 – IRMA Anand will conduct the IRMASAT 2022 from February 15 – 28, 2022. Knowing the correct book is very important for the preparation of IRMASAT 2022. The candidates can choose from the variety of books that are available online as well as in the market. Before choosing the right books for IRMASAT 2022 the candidates should familiarize themselves with the syllabus. In this article, the candidates can find the information based on the IRMASAT books, IRMASAT exam pattern, etc.

Best Books for IRMASAT 2022

The candidates can refer to these four books mentioned in the below table. The Manorama Yearbook 2022 is a very good book in which all the current affairs are properly covered. It contains topics like Geography, Economics, Politics, Science, etc. The Competition Success Review helps the students to prepare for the IRMASAT exam for the current affairs as well as it also prepares one for the personal interview. The Yojana Magazine consists of the topics which are already there in the newspaper and it covers all the economic and the social issues like education, women, etc. and you will also improve your vocabulary. The Kurukshetra Magazine contains topics from rural development, government schemes, etc., and gives the government’s point of view.

IRMASAT 2022 Exam Pattern

IRMASAT 2022 exam pattern is divided into parts – Written Ability Test and Personal Interview. In the written ability test candidates will be asked to write 200-300 words on a topic based on “Issues of Social Concern”. Then the candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of their performance in WAT. On the same day, the shortlisted candidates will have to appear for a personal interview.

How to Prepare for IRMASAT 2022

The candidates can refer to some of the preparation tips given below for IRMASAT 2022 –

For IRMA Written Ability Test –

  • Do brush up your information related to present government schemes concerning health, credit, microfinance, education, agriculture, etc.
  • You can read from the newspapers like the Hindu, the economist, etc. which will be very good for your general knowledge.
  • Go through sustainable development goals, recent news, environment change, etc.
  • Read some good English books and English newspapers and mark the words which you are unable to understand and find the meaning of those words.
  • Solve previous year’s question papers to have a glimpse of the paper.

For Personal Interview –

For the personal interview, they may ask you for a quiz so you have to prepare for the current affairs really well for it.

  • They may quiz on several topics like education background, current affairs, burning topics, government schemes, rural initiatives, etc.
  • A large part of the questions covered in the interview pertains to agriculture issues such as the green revolution, minimum support prices, subsidies and incentives, the yellow revolution as well as budget allocations for agriculture.
  • Apart from discussing agriculture, PI focuses on the cooperative movement in India, including the white revolution, the Amul story, dairy farming issues, the major cooperatives, and milk production statistics.
  • The interviewer may ask about irrigation issues, firm mechanization, credit availability, and so on.
  • Books like India Manorama Yearbook and Good magazines like Yojana, Kurukshetra will be more than handy.
  • A booklet called “Patiyogita Darpan” covers all these topics in more detail, so students are encouraged to read it before their examination
  • You should also read daily English newspapers for this.
  • You can also prepare yourself for the important recent events like budget, economic survey, so on can be asked as well as your opinions.

FAQs about Best Books for IRMASAT 2022

How many sections are there in IRMASAT 2022 exam?

There is only one section in the IRMASAT 2022 Exam – Issues of Social Concern.

Can you suggest some books for the preparation of the Issues of social concern section in the IRMASAT 2022 Exam?

Some books for the Issues of social concern section in the IRMASAT 2022 Exam are Competition Success Review, Yojana Magazine, Manorama Yearbook 2022, etc.

Is it right to read multiple books for the IRMASAT 2022 exam?

Yes, for the issues of social concern you can read from a variety of books.

What is the number of questions in the IRMASAT 2022 exam?

The number of questions in the IRMASAT 2022 Exam is 27 questions.

What is the duration of the IRMASAT 2022 exam?

The duration of the IRMASAT 2022 Exam is 30 minutes.

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