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Best Books for IIMC Entrance Exam 2022: IIMC entrance exam is a national-level examination conducted for admission to the Post Graduate Diploma Course. There will be two separate entrance tests (as per the courses) containing 100 MCQ questions on General Knowledge and General Aptitude including a few general questions from the field of Media and Communication. In order to get the best results, students should make sure that they use the best study material for reference during their preparation period. The decision can be based on the publishing house, author and recommendations from experts and previous years’ toppers. The candidate should also make sure that whichever book they choose must comprehensively cover the entire syllabus of the exam. Read this article for an exhaustive list of the best books for IIMC Entrance Exam 2022 preparation,

Best Books for IIMC Entrance Exam 2022

Check out the following list of books to choose from for your IIMC Entrance Exam 2022 preparation:

Book Link
Mass Communication: Principles & Concepts Buy Here
Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) Entrance Exam Buy Here
How to Crack IIMC Entrance Exam Buy Here
Success Master: Journalism &
Mass Communication Entrance Examinations
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Quantitative Aptitude Buy Here
General Knowledge 2022 Buy Here
Journalism & Mass Communication Entrance Exam Guide
(Popular Master Guide) Paperback
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How to Select Best Books for IIMC Entrance Exam 2022?

Selecting which books to prepare from is a personal choice and will vary from student to student depending on their style of studying. A few tips on how to select the most suitable books are given below:

  • Update: Students must check the year of publication or “edition” of the book before making a purchase. This is to ensure that you read the latest content related to the exam.
  • Authors: As mentioned earlier, each author has his or his own style of presenting the same content. You have to choose a book by the author you like most to read. In general, you can safely browse books from well-known and independent authors and publishers.
  • Curriculum: Before you buy the books, you need to check the table of contents. You need to make sure that the book covers all the topics of the exam and that the specified content is relevant.
  • Practice Sheets: You can buy another book to solve the practice sheets, but there are always additional benefits if your textbook contains some additional sample sheets. So, look for a book that contains pattern paper or sample paper.

IIMC Entrance Exam 2022 Syllabus

Depending on the course that the candidates are applying for, they can refer to the following syllabus while preparing for the IIMC 2022 Entrance Exam:


  • Analytical and Comprehension Skills
  • General Awareness
  • Sensitivity and Social Issues
  • Language capability including oral and writing skills
  • Ethics and Values
  • Aptitude and mental make-up

Advertising and Public Relations

  • Language Capability
  • Brand Awareness
  • General Awareness regarding Development and Public Issues
  • Social Consciousness
  • Lateral Thinking Capabilities
  • Analytical and Comprehension Skills

IIMC 2022 Exam Marking Scheme

The IIMC 2022 Exam will be conducted in the form of two papers. Two hours will be allotted to the students to solve 100 questions. The computer-based test comprises Multiple Choice Questions.

  • For applicants of Four (4) Courses other than Regional Language journalism courses: English or Hindi
  • Regional Language and PG Diploma courses: Journalism (Odia, Marathi, Malayalam and Urdu): Questions will be in respective regional language

How to Prepare for IIMC 2022 Entrance Exam?

A good preparation strategy goes a long way in enhancing the final scores of a candidate. Some tips regarding preparation for IIMC 2022 exam are given below:

  • Create a schedule: First, candidates must create an appropriate schedule to follow up to the day before the exam. They should plan in advance which topics are to be covered in which weeks and ensure that they cover the study material on time.
  • Past Question Papers: Practice as much as possible from the problems from the previous year. This speeds up problem solving and prepares you for the exam. It gives the students a taste of how the real exam will be like and helps them identify their areas of improvement.
  • Watch YouTube Video: If you don’t know the topic, watch YouTube Videos. In this way, you can get rid of any questions you may have during your research. There are plenty of good YouTube channels available. Sometimes, audio/visual memory can prove to be much more effective than reading from textbooks.
  • Pay attention to other activities in addition to studying: In addition to studying, pay attention to other activities such as sleeping on time and eating properly. The students must remember that their health is of utmost importance. They also need to pursue other recreational activities since studying in a constant state of anxiety will not give optimum results.
  • Review: Another tip to help you prepare is that each topic needs to be reviewed again before the exam date. This is a great way to learn important concepts and topics. The frequency of revision can be decided by the student beforehand.

FAQs on Best Books for IIMC Entance Exam 2022

1. What is the best book for IIMC 2022 preparation?

The best suitable book for preparation differs from one candidate to another. One can try exploring different books by prominent authors like SR Maheshwari and Laxmikanth.

2. What should I study for the IIMC 2022 Exam?

The candidate should have fluency in the language that they are choosing their course in, apart from its grammar, structure and nuances.

3. How to select the best books for IIMC 2022 Exam?

The best book can be selected on the basis of the edition, author, publishing house, content coverage and previous question papers.

4. How to prepare for IIMC 2022 Exam?

Make a schedule with ample time for rest and sleep, religiously practice question papers regularly and allot enough time for revision of earlier concepts. Watch YouTube videos for concepts which seem difficult to understand directly through the book.

5. What type of questions are there in the IIMC 2022 Exam?

IIMC 2022 Exam is an objective type paper containing Multiple Choice Questions.

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