Best Books For IIFT 2022 – For GK, VARC, DILR – Exams 2022


Best books for IIFT 2022 – IIFT is a national-level entrance exam conducted once a year by NTA. It is conducted once a year for admission for MBA(IB) in IIFTs. IIFT is also considered as one of the toughest competitive exam so before going for the preparation of the exam one must gather the best study material. It is true that the selection of the study material makes or breaks the deal. A lot of books for the preparation of IIFT 2022 are available in the market as well as online. Here we have given the links of the books that can be referred for the preparation of each section present in IIFT 2022,

Best Books for IIFT 2022 For Quantative Analysis

In the given below table, you can find best books to prepare for Quantitative Analysis with links to buy them directly online.

Best Books For IIFT 2022 Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability

Here are the best books you may consider for the Reading Comprehension and Verbal ability section.

Best Books For IIFT 2022 For Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

In the given below table find the best study material for Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning with a link attached to buy them directly.

Best Study Material For General Awareness 2022

To prepare best for this section the candidate should read daily newspapers and subscribe to monthly political magazines. The candidate can listen to the daily news on TV or as podcasts. One must be aware of all the current affairs, nation-international affairs, regarding politics, business, history, books etc. For static GK, Manorma Year Book or India Year Book is highly recommended. For newspaper candidates may go for The Hindu, Economic Times, Indian Express, Financial Express etc.

IIFT Syllabus 2022

Check the syllabus given below of IIFT 2022.

Quantitative Analysis: This section includes topics like Percentages, Number System, Arithmetic Progression, HCF & LCM, Compound Interest, Arithmetic Mean, Standard Deviations, Payments Trigonometry, Mensuration etc. IIFT Quantitative analysis is of CAT level.

Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability: This section has total 35 questions. In this section candidates will be asked questions from a 500-600 words, the questions will be direct mostly passage but the speed should be maintained while reading long passages and answering questions. It includes topics like Idioms and phrases, Sentence reconstruction, English proficiency, Fill ups, Odd word out, Reading comprehension, Phrases, Prepositions etc.

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning: Both basic and advance LR are included in this section, but the advance section is not as advance as CAT, Advance LR in this section will be a level easier than in CAT. The question asked in this question are calculation-intensive questions. the candidates must maintain their speed as the calculation can consume lots of time.

General Awareness: For General awareness candidates will have to keep up with daily news through podcast, TV News shows, reading newspapers. Reading yearly magazines will be helpful too.

FAQs on Best Books for IIFT 2022

Q. Is General Awareness equally important for IIFT 2022 as other sections?

Ans Yes all the sections are equally important because of the sectional cutoff system in IIFT entranc exam.

Q. How many questions are asked in IIFT 2022?

Ans 110 questions are expected to be asked.

Q. What are the best books for General Awareness section?

Ans General awareness is all about current affairs, national-international affairs, basically general knowledge, so there is no specific book, but candidates can always prefer year books like India Year book and Manorma year book etc.

Q. Is the difficulty level of data interpretation and logical reasoning of CAT and IIFT the same?

Ans No, the CAT has very advanced level data interpretation while IIFT has both basic and advance level(still not as higher as CAT).

Q. What is the best way to increase speed for IIFT exam?

Ans The best way to increase speed is to practice mock tests and previous year papers.

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