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Best Books for AIHMCT 2022 – For acing the AIHMCT Examination 2022, one needs to keep his/her eyes on latest editions of most popular and best books for AIHMCT 2022, prescribed by renowned educationalists. Most of the students remain confused as to which book would serve a good purpose, for AIHMCT 2022 exam, as well as give them some tips and tricks to present their answer beautifully. Enlisted below are some of the tried and tested books which would surely bring milestones to your journey. Scroll down to check out these amazing volumes along with other important requirements.

Best Books for AIHMCT 2022

Candidates who qualify in the AIHMCT 2022 exam, get admission into the BHM course. The AIHMCT 2022 exam is divided into 5 section, namely which are General Knowledge, English, Hospitality and Tourism, Reasoning and Deduction and Scientific Aptitude & Numerical Ability. The best books for the same are as follows.

Section A: English Language

One of the secularist options in every examination, a candidate dreams to achieve full marks in this section. The question paper may seem difficult without practicing the content given in the following books.

Name of the Book Link for Purchasing
English Grammar in Use Buy Here
High School English Grammar in Composition Buy Here
Practical English Usage Buy Here
The Elements of Style Buy Here
English Grammar for Dummies Buy Here

Section B: General Knowledge

Environmental Testing Component- it is one of those essential sections which aims to test a student’s comprehension about the country/world. One of the finest books to master this subjects are given as follows.

Name of the Book Link for Purchasing
General Knowledge 2021 Buy Here
General Knowledge 2022 Buy Here
Indian Polity Buy Here
Governance in India Buy Here
Newspapers (Choice based)

Section C: Hospitality and Tourism

This section tries to explore the student’s mind in terms of culturality and socio-economic relation understanding. A student with thorough facts about India and its plurality in diversity can be the one in Topper’s List. Add your name in that too by reading the following books.

Name of the Book Link for Purchasing
Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism Buy Here
The Heart of Hospitality Buy Here
Mastering Hospitality Buy Here
Handbook of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Buy Here
Strategic Management for Tourism, Events and Hospitality Buy Here

Section D: Reasoning and Logical Deduction

This semi-mental topic tests the candidate on the basis of thinking and critical skills. A student can easily score best grades in this unit by adopting the enlisted books.

Name of the Book Link for Purchasing
A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning Buy Here
How to Crack the Test of Reasoning Buy Here
Logical and Analytical Reasoning Buy Here
Atlas LSAT Reasoning Guide Buy Here
General Mental Ability and Logical Reasoning Buy Here

Section E: Scientific Aptitude and Numerical Ability

This section aims to build on a mathematical scientist and test candidate’s ability to respond practically. It is pretty hard and consumes a lot of time but the books given below can make it much easier and simpler. Have a look.

Name of the Book Link for Purchasing
Wiley’s Quantitative Aptitude Book Buy Here
Teach yourself Quantitative Aptitude Buy Here
Test of Reasoning and Numerical Ability Buy Here
Reasoning and Aptitude Buy Here

How to Prepare for AIHMCT 2022?

Even after knowing the AIHMCT Examination Pattern, it becomes extremely important for you to take guidance on how to be ready for your upcoming schedules. Given below are the tips and tricks for the candidate to take reference from, following which would result in best performance

  1. It is very important to analyze the syllabus and exam pattern. A topper should always be aware of the recent trends followed in these kinds of tests. Also practice previous year question papers for proper utilization of memorisation.
  2. Try to take frequent breaks for increased productivity. Make shorthand notes and small pictographic representations, mind maps etc for revision and easy learning.
  3. Adopt different learning methods for exploring your mind capacity. Sit in a good posture. Keep changing your study atmosphere for reducing boredom and increasing interest in subjects.
  4. Do not read too many books. Go for easy and quick learning ideas. Give equal time to each and every section. Avoid cramming for a smooth study session.
  5. Always make a TO-DO List a day before starting your preparation. This would boost your day and make you feel constructive.
  6. Isolate yourself from mobile phones, internet etc. Listen to music and play indoor sports for active recall. Stress would ultimately waste your mental being. So, Do some yoga for good posture and health.
  7. Manage your time efficiently and effectively. Time table could be one of the tools that would help you achieve your aims and aspirations. Best of Luck!

AIHMCT Exam Pattern 2022

The students must read and check the exam pattern for the AIHMCT 2022 thoroughly. They are as follows.

Name of Examination: Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Examination

Mode of Examination: The exam is conducted in the offline (pen- paper test)

Duration: The duration of the AIHMCT 2022 exam is 3 hours.

Medium of Conduction: The language of the paper is English.

Total Marks: The total marks for the same are 100.

The Pattern for AIHMCT has been divided into 5 sections These are as follows:

  1. English Language
  2. General Knowledge
  3. Hospitality and Tourism
  4. Reasoning and Logical Deduction
  5. Scientific Aptitude and Numerical Ability

About AIHMCT 2022

Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology is a private college meant for the future of the youth. It conducts different campaigns and competitions for frequent practice. It has been ranked number 2 for its great facilities and ambitions. Its Chairperson is one of the renowned people who closely work with popular associates to bring about a change in the stereotypical thinking of people about this field. A person who admits himself in this grand university builds his place in Atma Nirbhar Bharat.

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